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Title (click for info) Author Date Rating S W H L Size Game
Anna to the Rescue The Independent Thief (NightRanger) 2011.07.16 H 75.2MB Thief 2
Arena Zygoptera 2006.12.04 H 11.7MB Shock 2
Art of Thievery, The Richard Cull (RiCh) 2001.12.08 9.25 W H 5.5MB Thief 2
Bloodsport Metalhead 2001.02.19 7.25 H 27.7MB Thief 2
Bloodstone Prison Kung Fu Gecko (Garett Choy) 1999.11.27 9.83 R H 2.3MB Thief 1
Book of Prophecy part 2: The Hidden City Schattengilde 2009.02.23 H L 38.5MB Thief 2
Brawl in the Tombs, A John D. 2008.02.09 H 48.9MB Thief 2
Broken Triad Eshaktaar (Renzo Thönen) 2008.05.31 W H L 53.9MB Thief 2
Circle of Stone and Shadow pt 2: Mission X Team CoSaS 2008.10.01 W H L 319MB Thief 2
Crom's Blade Baddcog / Schwaa (J. Knez) 2001.11.11 8.25 W H 12.6MB Thief 2
Cryptic Realms Szabó Csaba (Sensut) 2012.09.24 H 95.9MB Thief 2
Debt Repaid, A Jason Otto (Ottoj55) 2007.01.23 S W H L 27.2MB Thief 2
Embracing the Enemy Kung Fu Gecko (Garett Choy) 2000.12.20 8.38 H 7MB Thief 2
Emilie Victor Gaëtane 2004.08.06 W H L 4.2MB Thief 2
Fate of the Art Gregorius 2004.02.29 6.4 H 6.2MB Thief 2
Forgotten Forest 2 Timon 2006.02.05 W H L 20MB Thief 2
Freedom for Nepumuk Dennis 2003.08.20 W H 12.7MB Thief 2
Keeper of the Prophecies Episodes 5 - 9 frobber (Ken Ramsley) 2005.07.29 H L 122.3MB Thief 2
Manhunt TheHardyBoyz 2008.12.08 H 2.3MB Thief 2
Night in Rocksbourg: Ink and Dust, A DrK (Kubiac) 2008.05.12 S H 160.9MB Thief 2
Ominous Bequest Eshaktaar (Renzo Thönen) 2008.05.14 10.5 W H L 19.5MB Thief 2
Out for Revenge Istvan Varga 2004.05.27 S H L 9.5MB Thief 2
Saint of Redmound, The Maria Ström (Morrgan) 2001.05.13 9 S H L 3MB Thief 1
Seeds of Doubt Duncan "The Deceiver" Cooke 2001.04.27 7.5 H 4.9MB Thief Gold
Smuggler's Request, A Richard Cull (RiCh) 2001.01.16 9 R W H L 4.6MB Thief 2
Soulforge Revisited Freddy Fox 2011.07.27 H L 5.4MB Thief 2
Stronghold JohnEric 2010.04.30 6.63 H 6.8MB Thief 2
Sun Within and the Sun Without, The Qolelis 2010.03.06 W H 15.7MB Thief 2
Taffer's Tower, The Tom N Harris (Telliamed) 2002.08.20 H 3.8MB Thief 2
Thief's Holiday 2004, A Yandros (Russ Robbins) 2005.01.02 H 16MB Thief 2
Unholy Vivid Innocence Ali Pouladi (Haplo) 2010.02.13 H L 12.1MB Thief 2
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