A Smuggler’s Request


Notes Regarding This FM:  This walkthrough is for the “Hard” difficulty setting but it also includes notes on things that are different for “Expert” and “Easy”, including loot differences, which are noted in blue for Expert and red for Easy. The running loot total, however, is for “Hard”.  The mission map is essentially the same on all settings, and the major differences for Easy and Hard are noted but there may be other changes in the number of guards, equipment, etc. that are not mentioned.  A notable difference on Expert is that quite a bit of sneaking is required, as you are unable to blackjack any bluecoat guards. Be very, very stingy with your equipment at the beginning of this game on all difficulty settings or you will find yourself unable to get through the Guardhouse later on. Use water or moss arrows only when absolutely forced to. All locked doors, chests, etc. that require keys are noted. Everything else is either open or can be unlocked with your picks.

Quinn’s House:

You start in an attic. Read the book to get your objectives (they differ a certain amount on each difficulty setting) then open the floor hatch and jump down. Walk downstairs to the room with the round table, where you will find four moss arrows and four water arrows. In that same room, up in the rafters, there is a black chest, Secret #1, which contains a scouting orb. You can get it by standing on one of the couches, then jumping up until you can see the chest and clicking on it. Head into the next room and frob a torch to open the floor hatch.

Jump into the water, swim north underwater and surface near the waterfront, where a guard patrols back and forth. Mantle up onto the side and sit still in the dark. When the guard is near the archer’s guardroom, mantle up, grab the purse (+100g) from the guard on the dock and go up to Quinn’s front door. Frob the doormat; underneath is hidden “Quinn’s House Key” which unlocks the front door. Go back to the far end of the dock (pick the arrow from the archer in the hut if you like), pick open the west door, and wait for the guard to patrol up to this end and start back. Sneak along to the storeroom at the far end, climb up the ladder, and on the table in the room above you’ll find a book to read, 2 gold coin stacks (+50g. = 150) on the table and one on the floor behind the table leg (+25g. = 175) (There are only 2 (+50g) on Expert and there are 4 (+100g) on Easy).

The Upper City:

Open the floor hatch, check out the window to make sure the patrolling guard is well clear, and drop down through. Hide in the shadows to the north, in the corner of the square behind the sewer hatch. When the patrolling guard is elsewhere, open the sewer cover. Climb down, walk north, then west, and you’ll find a pile of old bones over in a corner. Beside the skull there’s a necklace (+200g. = 375) that registers as Secret #2.  Return to the streets, sneak along behind the guards at the fire (one of the guards has a healing potion on his belt) and through to the next area. There is a gas arrow up in the rafters here (Not present on Expert); come back to get it later after you’ve found your rope arrows, or pile up the boxes that you’ll find in the next street to reach it now.

Through the archway to the east, there is an archer on a platform to your right and a guard patrolling the street. You can take out the torches, if you need to, but it can be done without wasting your precious water arrows on this. Position yourself in the shadows so that you can see the archer. Wait until the patrolling guard has moved away up to the far end of his patrol and the archer has his back to you, then dart through and over into the corner right beside the ladder to the archer’s platform. It’s dark here and you’re safely hidden. You can climb the ladder when his back is turned, but the only things up here are his arrow and a couple of flares, so it’s probably not worth the trouble. Wait until the archer and the patrolling guard have their backs turned to you again and creep down the street and hide in the shadows. Once the patrolling guard has passed you, heading back towards the archer, continue along the street, turn right at the corner, and you’ll be standing on the edge of another town square that has a Tavern in the northeast corner.

You need to get in there, but the door is locked, so you’ll have to come back with the key. On “Hard” there are four guards that patrol through here and you can sit in the shadows right at the edge. Wait until the last man walks by, BJ him and drag him out of the way, and then wait for them to come around again and repeat. This allows you to take them all out with no alerts. Of course, this does not apply on Expert, as you can’t blackjack any of the street guards, so you have to sneak through. One of them has a purse (+100g. = 475). If you like, you can go down the sewer grate and open the gate into the last sewer area. There is nothing of value down here, but if you left the archer standing, you can use this as a way past him back to the other area to get your gas arrow later.

Tavern Key:

Continue out the archway across from the Tavern (W) and hug the right-hand wall around the courtyard to avoid being seen by an archer up on a balcony to the right. Walk west into the next street where you’ll find a couple of water arrows sitting on a window ledge to your left. Get them and use one to put out the torch that you can see ahead of you.  (Note:  You might want to Save before firing water arrows at any torches throughout the mission – most of them you have to hit “spot on” to extinguish.)  (The next few sentences do not apply on Easy, as there is only one guard here and no lightning.) Sneak up to the end of the street and listen to the guards’ conversation about the torch. Wait for the female guard to run up to light the torch and BJ her before she does. (On Expert, you need to get to the well at the far end and climb down it before she relights the torch.)  Make sure you save here. Start sneaking down the left-hand wall. Edge forward until you trigger the lightning flash and then back up quickly. If you’re careful, you can do it without being spotted by the guard that is down by the sewer entrance. (You can also back along the wall to trigger the flash, then immediately run forward.)  After that, you can sneak back down around behind him and climb down into the sewers.

Straight ahead is an area occupied by some spiders, including a big green one (not present on Easy) that is perched the center pedestal.  He’s guarding the “Tavern key” and a sword that might come in useful. Once you have them, wade through the south sewer tunnel and into a room at the far end. This is where your weapons were supposed to be left for you. Read the book on the table and pick up the rope arrows sitting beside it.  Use one to get up into the rafters, move down to the far end, read the note on the wall (you must do this to trigger the new objectives). Darn! You’re not out of the woods yet. Your equipment has been “relocated” by the Captain of the Guard. Now you have been challenged to get into the guardhouse and retrieve your goods. No problem for a master thief, right?  Pick up a couple of undamaged broadheads lying on the ledge then get back down to the floor.

Open the gate with the lever to the right, turn to the left, and follow the route you took earlier to the square where the guards are standing by a fire. In the next courtyard, rope arrow up and get a gas arrow (not present on Expert) on the way back through. Rope arrow up to the platform across from the archer in the next area, slash the banner, go in but do NOT open the chest by frobbing it. Apply your lockpicks instead, and you will get an invisibility potion. This is Secret #3. (If you simply open the chest, instead of picking it, it is unlocked and it will open -- but the game will not register the invisibility potion. Many thanks to Ponterbee for figuring this out.)  (On Expert, it’s probably best to get this Secret after you’ve retrieved your equipment and have lots of water arrows.)

 Make your way to the Tavern door and unlock it with the key you found in the sewers. Go in and collect 6 gold coinstacks (+150g. = 625) (5 on Expert) and 2 sets of lucky coins (+40g. = 665) from the gaming tables. You’ll also find 3 gold wine bottles (+150g. = 815) (4 on Easy, 2 on Expert) (one bottle on a table (not on Expert) and 2 (3) in a safe behind the bar.  Leave through the back door, hide behind the boxes, and listen to the girl and a guard have a conversation. Grab the girl’s purse (+100g. = 915) and climb the box stack, which will allow you to reach the window shutters. Open them and sneak into the top floor of the Tavern. You heard glass smash up here while you were downstairs so be cautious, as there must be someone around. It turns out to be two thieves who are not as accomplished at the profession as you are. Listen to their conversation and then go over to the west wall and slash the north tapestry. Behind it is a button that opens the glass door near the thieves. Creep by them (you can BJ them on Expert, if you like. The ban on blackjacking only applies to the bluecoat guards on the streets) and into the bedroom. Slash the wall tapestry and open the wall safe behind it to trigger Secret #4. Inside, you’ll find two gold nuggets (+100g. = 1015).

Return to the other room, unlock the metal door with the “Tavern Key” and pick a purse (+100g. = 1115) from one of the patrolling guards. When they’re both far enough away, dart out and pick open the door to the right, which leads into the guardhouse.

The Guardhouse:

Take the stairs down and you’ll find an elevator. Send it up and look in the bones underneath it for a ring (+100g. = 1215) which is Secret #5. Bring the elevator back down and ride it up to a square room with an open window. Climb out the window, walk across the walkway, and mantle up onto the far side. (There’s a box here to help with the climbing, if necessary.) There is a guard patrolling back and forth in a hallway to your right. Take his purse (+100g. = 1315) and there’s an orb and a healing potion on the table at the far end. Down below you is an archer in a small room. You can drop down and open the chest to get a noisemaker arrow if you like, but then you have to go back around, in the guardhouse door, and back up the elevator. If you didn’t go down into the archer’s room, then walk back across the walkway and mantle back up into the window into the elevator room.

Walk through the doorway and into a hall with a hole in the floor. Down below, the floor is tile, but you can crouch and slide off the edge and land silently, so there is no need to waste a moss arrow here. (Again, thanks to Ponterbee for this bit of information.) There is a shelf on the wall with three water arrows. Grab those (you can sneak out and BJ the archer if you want to make sure he won’t bother you for the next part) and go to the doorway. (The guards in the guardhouse are not bluecoats so you are allowed to blackjack them even on Expert, if you so choose.) This room has two guards (only one on Easy) stationed near a gate at the far end. There is a torch on each side wall. Put them both out, sneak down the side and BJ the guard, then do the same on the other side. Open the gate and shoot a moss arrow onto the tile floor between the carpet in this room and the hall carpet. Use two water arrows to put out the torches across the hall. Two guards patrol out of the door across the hallway, so watch out for them. One of them is wearing a purse (+100g. = 1415). If the guards inside the room alert when you put out the torches (which they do fairly often), then just quietly back up into the far end of the gate room and wait for them to settle down.

Walk east into the bunkroom, which you’ll find is a good spot to ambush the patrolling guards and get rid of them. There are eight chests in this room. Numbered clockwise from your left with your back to the door through which you entered, you’ll find water arrows in Chest #4, a speed potion in Chest #5, a moss arrow in Chest #6, and a noisemaker arrow in Chest #8 (the one on your immediate right with your back facing the door through which you entered). Climb up on the bunk in the back corner, behind Chest #6, and you’ll see a small hole in the ceiling beam. You may have to jump to see the purse (+100g. = 1515), which is Secret #6.

Jump off the bunk and walk over to the north door. Open it, douse both the torches outside, then sneak up the right side of the hall. Creep behind the guard and BJ him. Stay in the dark here (saving here is a really good idea) and shoot a noisemaker arrow into the corner down by the door at the far end of the hall, which leads into a dining room where there are four guards at a table. Usually they will all come out into the hallway and  sometimes a guard from the next hallway will join them. Wait until you have three or four of them bunched together and use the gas arrow you found. (On Expert, you won’t have the gas arrow, so you’ll have to blackjack them.) When everyone settles down, go move the bodies and use the noisemaker arrow again to lure anyone left in that area. Then go into the dining room where there are two plates (+20g. = 1535).

Head through the west door into a kitchen area where a golden child is standing with its back to you. (Try not to alert this little pest, as he’ll follow you all over the place, making things difficult.) On each side of the child, below the counter, there is an open cupboard with boxes in it. Move the boxes in the left one and look for a lever. Pull it to open Secret #7, which is a hole in the wall in the other cupboard behind the boxes where you’ll acquire 2 gold coinstacks (+50g. = 1585) (1 on Expert), a silver coinstack (+12g. = 1597) (2 on Easy), and 2 copper coinstacks (+10g. = 1607). Check the top of the tall shelves for 2 gold wine bottles (+40g. = 1647). (There’s only 1 bottle on Expert.) In the next room, which is also part of the kitchen area, there’s a vase sitting on the shelves (+30g. = 1677) and a servant tending the fire. You can pick up a healing fruit from the kitchen table on your way through.

The Guardhouse Jail:

Go out the east door and along to the prison door on the left. (There may be a guard here, if he didn’t end up coming out to investigate the noise in the other room. If there is, then you may have to douse the torches here.) You can get into the prison without putting out these torches if you time it carefully. There is deep shadow inside the door, but there is also a Watcher and a guard patrolling (Not present on Easy). If you open the door when the guard is around the far side of the room and move into the shadows off to the left quickly enough, the Watcher may go yellow but shouldn’t go off. Lean around the corner to the right and put out the torch at the top of the stairs.

Wait until the guard is at the back again and creep up the stairs to the top. Get around behind the corner post to keep out of the Watcher’s view. Wait until the Watcher is turned to the far side of the room and then make your way down to the far end, staying up against the railing. Go around to the center, underneath the Watcher, and shut it off. Turn to face the east, and you’ll see two rows of levers. Pull the far left one on the top row and a cell door will open. As you head over to it, you’ll notice the gate to the Evidence Lockup room with a note beside it saying the lever to open the gate has been disconnected during the night due to thefts. (This note does not exist on Easy.) Inside the open cell, there’s a chest with a note in it. (No note is present on Easy.) As you enter the cell, the door will slam shut behind you. Read the note and you’ll find out that Captain Ash thinks he’s outsmarted you. Not quite, though! The grate over the window opening can be picked open, but the next part isn’t easy, so save here.

Slide carefully down onto the narrow ledge just below the window and make your way along it, hiding in shadows to avoid being seen by the Watchers, until you get to a locked window on your right. (You have to go quite a long way around the building before you come to it, and you will pass several regular glass windows.) Climb in through it and flip all the switches to shut off the Watchers. Push all the buttons on the opposite control panel and this will open the Evidence Lockers, which you will come to later in the mission.

Climb back out onto the ledge and continue to the far end. There is a balcony directly across from you. Shoot a moss arrow onto the balcony, put out the torch, and jump over.  Inside, you’ll find Captain Ash standing in front of the fireplace. On Hard and Expert, you need to knock him out. If you are playing on Easy, you need to kill him to fulfill one of your objectives. Push the button behind the head of the bed to open a wall safe over the bed that contains the “Guardhouse Master Key” and the “Lift and Cell Key.” (On Easy, you will only find the “Guardhouse Master Key”.) Get candlesticks (+200g. = 1877), and a bottle of fine wine (+50g. = 1927), then pick up Captain Ash (not necessary on Easy) and go out the door and up the hall to the library. There is a mask on display (+50g. = 1977). (Not present on Expert)  (The hiding place referred to in the next sentence does not exist on Easy.) Frob a book low on the bookshelves in the SW corner to open a hidden cupboard. Inside, there’s a mask (+50g. = 2027).  Use the “Guardhouse Master Key” to open the door, (on Easy, skip the next section and head straight to the Weapons room) pick up Captain Ash, and go out the metal door in front of you. You can either go left and back down through the Tavern or right and drop down to the street.  Head back to the sewer where you encountered the lightning flash – another guard will have appeared in the archway on your way to the sewer. (You can also go back through the gate that you opened, near the docks, when you were looking for your equipment.) Once you’re back down in the sewer with the spiders, climb the ladder and drop Captain Ash.

The Captain’s Logbook:

Go back to the Guardhouse, unlock the Weapons room door, and go in and collect your supplies. (Whew! That’s a big relief in this one!) Make sure you don’t overlook the slowfall potion that is on the floor between the rows of shelves and when you’re done restocking your equipment, return to the jail.

Easy Only: Check the cells on the main floor and you’ll see one is occupied. Go upstairs to the control console, flip the lever to open that cell, then go back downstairs and kill the man inside. This is the Ship’s Captain and killing him completes one of your objectives. Walk back upstairs and over to the gate into the Evidence Room. Flip the lever to the left to open the gate then carefully move to the next door without being spotted by the Watcher inside. Flip the lever to open this gate, dart across the room to the Watcher Control switch and shut it off. Now you can check out the Lockers and inside you’ll find 2 gold coinstacks (+50g.), 2 copper coinstacks (+10g.), a gold nugget (+100g.) and the Captain’s Log book, which completes another objective.
Head back into the jail cell with the window that opens out onto the ledge and use the slowfall potion to get down into the courtyard below. Flip the lever to open the hatches in the gallows, jump down inside and pick up a purse (+100g.) which is Secret #8. Walk south across the courtyard, flip a lever to open the gate to the street, and go to the Tavern’s back door. Head through the Tavern, out the other side, and back to Captain Quinn’s house on the waterfront. Use “Quinn’s Door” key to unlock the door, enter, and the mission will end.  2324/2324     8/8 secrets

On Hard and Expert, stay on the main floor and go around to the back. There is a door here that unlocks with the “Lift and Cell Key.”  Open it, deal with the patrolling guards, and go down the hallway to the doorway on the left that is surrounded by skulls. Frob the skull that lights up to open the door. Inside the room, frob the skull mounted over the head of the bed to open a secret door on the other side of the room then go down the passageway to the ladder at the end. Climb it to the top then turn around and jump across to the passageway opposite.

Follow this to the end room, climb the ladder and flip a wall switch to open a hatch in the floor. Drop down quietly into the room below, quickly turn off the Watcher with the wall switch, and deal with the guard. This is the Evidence Locker room and in the lockers you will find 2 gold coinstacks (+50g. = 2077), 2 copper coinstacks (+10g. = 2087), a gold nugget (+100g. = 2187), and the Captain’s logbook. Return to the spot where you jumped across from the top of the ladder and frob a skull to open a secret door. On the other side, you’ll be above a room occupied by a couple of zombies. (It can be a little difficult to get back up out of this room sometimes, so you might want to save before you hop down.) On the floor there is a purse (+100g. = 2287), which is Secret #8.  Climb out on the far side of this room, frob another skull, and climb the ladder.

The Vault:

You’ll end up in the rafters of a large room. Douse the lights, rope arrow down to the floor, deal with the patrolling guard, and pick open the metal door on the east wall that leads into a room where a guard is standing watch. He has the “Safe Room key”. Grab it and read the clues on the wall that help you figure out the safe combination:
        Count the Mechanical devices in the courtyard. (3 Watchers + 2 turrets = 5)
        How many cameras? (Watchers = 3)
        The amount of innocent people in the cells  (0)
        Count the cells and halve that number =  (6)
Punch in the number to open the vault door and go clean it out. It contains 2 silver nuggets (+100g. = 2387), a necklace (+200g. = 2587) (not present on Expert), a tiara (+125g. = 2712), and a gem (+100g. = 2812). This completes the objective to rob the guardhouse safe.  

Unlock the south door with the “Safe Room key” and go down a set of stairs. Unlock the door at the bottom with the “Lift + Cell Key”, head over to the gallows, and pull the lever. Drop down through one of the holes and pick up a purse (+100g. = 2912), which is Secret #9.

Captain’s Information Scroll:

Walk back up the stairs to the vault room level and unlock the south door with the “Safe Room key”.  Peek around the corner and you’ll see a guard standing in the far corner, so you need to put out the torch before you walk in. Cross the room and go through the door on the other wall and into a room with an elevator. The button to bring the elevator up to this level is broken, so you need to use a broadhead and hit the “Up” button on the lower level and ride it down to another cell area. (This part can be a little tricky.  Sometimes it’s hard to get down without alerting the guards, but you can if you time it right. It’s a good idea to wait a few minutes before riding the elevator down, as sometimes the noise of the arrow hitting the button alerts the guards. Using a moss arrow instead of a broadhead will avoid this but it’s a bit harder to hit the button. You can also rope arrow down, but you’ll take damage. Another option is to use the slowfall potion you found earlier, but put a moss arrow down first, as you will land on the metal elevator platform. You also might take a few points of damage this way, depending on how you land.)  

Walk past the cells, down the stairs at the end, and turn left into a storage room. Rope arrow up into the rafters and crawl through a hole in the east wall. You will end up in the rafters above a torture room. Rope arrow down and open the grated doorway in the east wall. Walk down the hall to the door at the far end. (The guy behind the desk is really fast. If you have a gas arrow, using one on him is a good idea.) Take the scroll he has, which contains the combination to the ship’s locks, and the objective to take any information the captain has given his torturers will be completed. Return to the torture room and flip the wall switch to open the door.

Expert: The man writhing on the rack is the Captain of the ship. You need to knock him out, pick him up and take him all the way back to Quinn’s house, where you began the mission. Once you’ve completed this, return to the guardhouse and find the “Delivery/Lift room”.
Hard: Return to the elevator, ride it up, walk back through the rooms to the stairs and go down one flight.

Go through the jail, through the dining room to the next hallway, turn right and you’ll be at the “Delivery/Lift room.”  Unlock it with the “Lift and Cell” key, enter and ride the elevator down.

Lower City:

(Expert: Remember that you can’t blackjack the bluecoat guards patrolling the streets now that you’re back out in the city again.) Walk far enough along the passageway to trigger a conversation between a girl and a guard, then wait in the shadows until they walk back past you and help yourself to the girl’s purse (+30g. = 2942). The guard is wearing one of those awful hardhats that makes it impossible to blackjack him. If you want to get rid of them, you can sometimes get both of them with one frogbeast egg when they are standing near the elevator, or you can use a gas arrow. Walk all the way down the tunnel to the square, watching out for guards (three patrol through this area, one with a lantern), then turn around and look over the doorway through which you came. There is a chest on the roof above it which is Secret #10, but it doesn’t register properly. (RiCh has confirmed this, so the stats will always show you short one secret.) Rope arrow up and inside you’ll find a purse (+100g. = 3042).

Leave the square through the north exit and follow the street to a spot with wooden beams overhead. Rope arrow up onto the first beam, crawl through the window to the west, and drop down into a warehouse. Over in the SW corner, there’s a chest that contains a rope arrow and a gold nugget (+100g. = 3142). Open the door at the top of the stairs, wait until the way is clear, then turn left. You’ll come to another set of overhead beams. Rope arrow up on top of them and walk south, over top of a gate where two guards are carrying on a conversation. When they’ve finished talking, the guard on your side of the gate will walk off. After he’s moved away, slide back down to the street, cross the next square to the south side, and go through an archway. Walk down the stairs into the sewers, follow them to the end, then rope arrow up and climb over the gate at the west end.

Swim north to the east dock, which has a ladder on the side. Underneath this dock, in a little hole just above water level in the middle deck post, you’ll see a healing potion hidden in a small hole. Grab it and then climb the ladder to the dock, watching out for the guard carrying the lantern.  Hop across the floating crates to the other pier. Make your way over to Storage Hut #4 and inside you’ll find a drunken guard who is wearing the “Bridge” key. There is also a secret floor compartment in the floor, behind the guard, which holds a breath potion.

Get back over to the other pier and walk up the stairs to the east of it, but crouch as you get near the top as there are more guards with lanterns patrolling up here. When you get the chance, sneak south to a house, jump up on the stone wall, and walk around behind it. Move the boxes up against the wall and you’ll find a speed potion tucked in a hole.

Head west across the bridge to the wooden door at the end, which unlocks with the “Bridge” key, go through, turn right, and walk along behind a building. Walk around it until you’re facing a wall to the west. Follow along the wall until you come to a street sloping downhill. Stop here: To your left, a guard stands in a corner in the dark, and two lantern-bearing patrolling guards will enter this area up the slope to your right. The stationary guard has a purse (+100g. = 3242).  If you BJ him, don’t leave the body here or the patrol will discover the body and go on alert. Facing the downward slope, mantle up on the wall just a little ways to the right of the entryway, then climb up the steep, bluish roof and walk down the other side, angling to your right. You don’t want to drop down into the courtyard, but walk across another, less steep bluish roof to a flat rooftop. Here you’ll find Secret #11, which is a purse (+100g. = 3342). Make your way back across the rooftops to the street, jump down and walk along the street that heads west, down to the square with a fountain in the middle. The guard standing over by the boarded-up entrance is wearing the “Storeroom” key. Grab it and go across to a door in a small building to the west, which unlocks with this key. Proceed through this building, which is a storage area, and out the far side onto the docks.

The Ship:

Go to the south end of the ship and rope arrow up onto the back deck. (An alternate way to board the ship is to rope arrow up onto the high end of the ship (N). The biggest drawback with this, even though it’s much easier to get your rope arrows in the right place and climb up, is that this deck is bright, even when the torches are all out, so it’s difficult to avoid the archers.) Rope arrow up onto the top of the cabin, pick open the hatchway, and drop down through it into the Map room. Slash the map on the table to expose a small, closed hatch (remember the locations of the hatches mentioned, as you’ll need to find them again soon), then pick up the “Ship’s Master key”  from the table. (Expert: The ship’s crewmen are not bluecoats, so you can blackjack them if you like.)

Use the “Ship’s Master” key to unlock one of the doors and cross the ship to the cabin opposite this one. Open the chests, which hold a purse (+100g. = 3442) and a speed potion. Head down the ramp (in under the back of the ramp, you’ll notice another small, closed hatch set into the floor) to the lower deck, walk the length of the ship, and climb down a ladder into the hold.  At the north end, on the west side, there’s a container full of water that has another small, closed hatch on the bottom. Shoot a rope arrow into each of the two decks above the opening in the ceiling as you’re soon going to have to get from this deck to the upper one very quickly next time you come through here. Climb up the rope arrows to the main deck; go up one of north ramps and over to the Captain’s cabin. Let yourself in with the “Ship’s Master” key and check the east wall to find a button, low on the wall near a plant stand, but don’t push it yet.

Now read the scroll you found down in the torture room area that has the information about the ship’s locks. You have to press five buttons, quickly, in this order:
        1. The Captain’s quarters;
        2. Below the crew sleeping quarters, in under the ramp;
        3. On the table, under the sea chart, in the Map room;
        4. In the water container on the Cargo deck;
        5. At the back of the main deck, by the telescope.

The button in the Captain’s quarters is exposed, and pushing each button opens a cover over the next button in the sequence. They only stay open a very short time, so speed is important, which is why you need the rope arrows to get up to the main deck from the cargo hold as quickly as possible. If you miss getting to one of the hatches in time and it closes, you must restart the sequence again from the beginning.

Push all the buttons in the proper order then go back to the Captain’s quarters and now there will be a small hole in the ceiling over the center table. There is a wheel peg in there, though it can be difficult to see. Grab it and take it over to the ship’s wheel on the wall. Put the peg in place and turn the wheel. This opens a smuggler’s compartment in the hull underneath the ship.

The Navigation Globe:

Before you dive down check it out, go back across the ship and stop outside the Map room cabin. Use rope arrows to climb up into the rigging and into the crow’s nest that is perched up on top of one of the masts, retrieving at least one rope arrow on the way so you are sure to have one in your inventory.  (Before you start climbing the rigging, it is a very good idea to save your game. Also, if you’re not particularly surefooted, crouching will help in your ascent, as will drawing your sword, which makes you move a bit more slowly.)  In the crow’s nest, you’ll find the Navigation Globe in a blue chest.

Once you have it, climb down the ladder from the crow’s nest, hop down onto the crossbeam of the mast and jump off into the water. Swim up under the ship and into the smuggler’s compartment. Rope arrow up into the second level and collect the goodies lying around, which consist of 2 blue gems (=30g. = 3472), 3 silver nuggets (+300g. = 3772), 3 gold nuggets (+300g. = 4072) and 2 green Lost City rolled tapestries (+300g. = 4372). Open the chest last and you’ll find the “Horn of Quintus,”. When playing on Hard, the mission will end. 

Expert: This is not the end of the mission for you. Return to the docks, go back through the storeroom and out into the city streets. Head south past the fountain then turn east and go up the stairs. (Make sure the lantern guards are not heading your way first, of course.) At the top, turn right (S) and walk until you’re facing a low wall. Mantle up onto the wall, turn left (E) and follow it to a slightly higher wall. Mantle up onto it and walk south a short distance. Across from you there’s an open window in a building that you can jump into. (Getting in can be a bit tricky, so Save before you try. I found it easiest to crouch, then walk off the ledge and into the window opening.) Once inside, check the floor in the northeast corner of the room. You’ll see a hole that you can climb down through. Have a look around the room here and you’ll find a well. Jump in, swim north to the far end, then climb out. Open the north door and the mission will end as you walk through it.  

Hard: 4372/4372           11/11 Secrets (Stats will show 10/11)
Expert: 3977/3977         11/11 Secrets (Stats will show 10/11)

Nightwalker and ThiefKiller - October, 2004
Many thanks to ffox for helping to locate the last bit of missing loot.