Bloodsport - Secrets List

By Nightwalker



  1. Turn the wall torch in the "Water" room to open a secret door to the tunnels.
  2. Follow the tunnel from the secret door above to a lever on the wall that opens a hatch into the room you climb down into from the tunnel behind your jail cell.
  3. Frob a fish in the freezer to open a secret door to the tunnels.
  4. Walk down the hallway from the box offices, turn down the first hallway and look for a switch in the third alcove on the left. It opens a secret door on the next hallway that leads to the tunnels with spiders and haunts.
  5. The first room you enter from the secret door opened by secret #3 has a floor hatch that leads into an office.
  6. In the tunnels accessed by secret #3, go past the spider and rats to the area the haunts patrol. Find an alcove in the wall with a ladder in it. Climb to the top and flip a lever to open a door onto the beams above the entrance to the box offices.
  7. Push the painting on the center column in the Lesser Liege’s office to move it and expose a button. Push the button to open a hatch on the other side of the column. (It looks black, but if you lean just right, you can pick up a box from the black area.)
  8. Go into the fireplace in the Grand Liege’s kitchen and you’ll find a button. Go over to the other corner of the kitchen and down the hatch. Go through and mantle up into the next opening. In here, you’ll find a small button in the corner that was previously hidden by a cover.
  9. Push the second button mentioned in secret #8 to open a door into the part of the tunnels patrolled by haunts.
  10. In the Lesser Liege’s living quarters, look under the desk for a lever. It opens a hatch in the bedroom ceiling.