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On this page, you can see information about the missions we will be including in the Thief 2 Gold Fan Mission Project.

This mission will be slotted in just after Shipping... and Receiving. It is a cross-city trek set in the City's run-down slums. This mission features a Watch raid on the criminal element of the City and should present a grittier underbelly to Thief 2's clean Victorian-feel City.
Our design philosophy with this mission is to try and create an Anti-Life of the Party. We're making a down and dirty part of town, infested with lowlifes who'd happily knife Garrett in the back to even the playing field. In terms of Official missions, this will tie in with the Thieves Guild to an extent, although gameplay will feel somewhat like Ambush.
Screenshots & Concept Art


This mission features Garrett going undercover at an elite private college for Nobles. It should provide a different kind of experience to the usual Thief fare, set at dusk and bathed in the orange glow of sunset.
We're placing this mission after Trail of Blood and before Life of the Party. One of Viktoria's agents in the college is being blackmailed and Viktoria wants Garrett to solve the problem by disguising himself as a student to gain access. It will function as a test of loyalty for Garrett, which he's not too happy about - but he has his own reasons for doing the mission as well. Gameplay will be reminiscent of Undercover, but set in an oppulent centre for learning rather than an archaic Hammer temple.
Screenshots & Concept Art


Garrett must break into a high security museum, heavily guarded and outfitted with the latest Mechanist security devices.
This mission will appear just after Casing the Joint. While waiting for Gervasius' exhibition to launch, Garrett is side-tracked by a certain relic which would prove extremely dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands. This mission features a similar architectural style to First City Bank and Trust.
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This mission is set in the frozen mountains north of the City and is slotted between Culture Break and Masks. In it, Garrett must journey to the castle of the Necromancers, a secretive and evil offshoot of the Hand Brotherhood. Garrett will confront new undead creatures and evil dark mages in an attempt to stop an ancient evil. Fog and snow will dominate the precarious mountain fortress as Garrett uncovers the sick experiments of these twisted old men. Thief: The Dark Project had the unforgetable Return to the Cathedral. Thief: Deadly Shadows had the incomparable Cradle. Waking the Dead is our chance to add a seriously chilling undead experience to Thief 2.
Screenshots & Concept Art

This mission is unlikely to make it into Thief 2 Gold. The idea behind it was to showcase the decline of the Hammerites. The mission was to be set just before Sabotage at Soulforge and featured Garrett visiting an old Hammerite church to search for Karras' history within the order. Looking Glass planned to have Garrett receive an item that he used to defeat Karras in Soulforge. We have several reasons for dropping the mission - firstly, the pace of the game is slowed right down by a seemingly unnecessary side track just before the climax. Secondly, Sabotage at Soulforge works brilliantly as it is, and to fit Fallen Hammers in we would have to significantly change Soulforge to jam the new mission in. We are still brainstorming around this mission, and if we can find a way to include it without downgrading the whole experience, we will do.


We will also be making a few changes to the existing Official Missions. The missions Casing the Joint and Masks in particular have numerous problems which we intend to iron out. There is also a different version of the mission Framed, which may or may not make it into the pack. We may also make minor changes to the official missions to better integrate the new missions into the storyline. Rest assured we won't make any major design changes. Our constant goal is to keep everything as close to canon as possible.