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Mighty Joe Young - Walkthrough


You begin the mission with your sword and blackjack, three Broadheads, six Water arrows, two Fire arrows, two Rope arrows, two Flashbombs, a Flash Mine and a Health Potion. You will be able to pick up a lot more weaponry during the campaign.

Read the note behind you, then deal with the swordsman. Climb up the ladder and dive into the water tank to find the key - it's not easy to see. Climb out on the South side and go to the upstairs door.Continue clockwise all the way round the ledge to the shutters at the North end. Open the right hand one, lean in and help yourself to a plate (10) and a Water arrow. Go back round to the upstairs door.

Use the Front Door Key to get in. In the room facing you is a Hammerite, a Fire arrow and a Healing Fruit. The opening in the West wall leads down through a metal door to a table with four coin stacks (100 - 110). Now go down the main steps and into the games room to the South. Collect two coin stacks (50 - 160) from the roulette table, and leave through the door to the East. Turn half right, through the metal door, climb up on the generator and collect the Broadheads. Leave via the other door, go left then right, and pick open the door of the baker's shop. There is a purse on the counter (100 - 260). Read the scroll and the plaque in the building to the East. Be warned that the priestess is NOT friendly.

Prison - Upper Floor

Now follow the shadows to the SE archway. Two archers are patrolling here. On the lower floor, go to the room in the SE corner and collect a bottle of Fine Wine (50 - 310), a Gold Nugget from the left hand chest (100 - 410) and Noisemakers from the right hand chest. In the room immediately above are two Gold Plates (100 - 510) and some Broadheads. Read the scroll in the ape's cell.

Prison - Bottom Floor

Go anti-clockwise round the building, read the scroll on the East side. Go carefully into the entrance on the left, and collect a Gas arrow and some Mines. Operate the switch - this opens the cell doors and switches the lights on. The guards and the apes will start fighting each other. You may be able to help the apes by taking out a couple of guards yourself, and/or toggling the switch off and on. If the apes are victorious, all well and good, but otherwise switch the lights off and hide until things go quiet. Then douse the torches, creep down and dispose of the remaining guards. Get into the room on the East side ( take care - there may be guards in here too) and collect the Back Prison Gate key. IMPORTANT - read the Jail Journal on the table - OBJECTIVE CHANGE! Go up the ladder to the room to the South. Pick up four statues (60 - 570) and a Silver Flute (125 - 695). Now retrace your steps and leave the prison the way you came in.

Back Prison

Go West into the open shed with the lanterns outside, and out to the East. Open the Back Prison Gate with the key and walk down; go down the ladder to the left, and continue carefully. MJY is in the cell ahead - objective complete. His friend is about to try to blast the cell door open with an enormous bomb. Jump down, hide behind the cell, listen to the conversation and wait. The explosion may or may not kill one or both of the apes - it may not open the cell door either, but that doesn't matter. Dispose of the archers. Read the scroll in MJY's cell (if you can get to it) and collect two keys from the other building. Unlock the door and go all the way back up to the open shed.

Prince Mikus's

At the entrance to Prince Mikus's (above the shed) are two swordsmen and an archer. There are various ways of dealing with them - a Mine, a Noisemaker and a Gas Arrow can be useful. Find a Noisemaker on the left hand windowsill. and two pagan masks (100 - 795) on the window ledge above the door. Now head NE through the left hand arch to the double doors on the left.

Tombstone Co.

Pick the lock, go in and turn left. Go down the steps, open the door, right, left (lookout for zombies), then right down the ramp and collect two Moss arrows from the workbench. In the other room collect a Gas arrow from the top of the tomb. Come back up, head North and go into the entrance on the right. Climb the stairs to the offices. Read the letter in the small office. Open the box in the main office for a coin stack (25 - 820). Operate the switch on the right side of the other desk. In the secret compartment are fifteen coin stacks (1500 - 2320), a torc (350 - 2670) and a cash journal. Leave the office and continue North to the back door - you have the key.

The Library

Go through quietly - there are three patrolling swordsmen. Go up the ramp to the left, turn left and go through to the right of the steps. There is a Flashbomb in the corner here, and on the windowsill are two canopic jars (40 - 2710). Go in through the door of the white building and pick up four candlesticks (200 - 2910) from the table. Go up the staircase to get the Upstairs key from the altar, together with 2 gold vases (200 - 3110). The book contains some sermons of the prophet John. Now go up to the next level. There are two ways up: either use a Rope arrow, or go back down the stairs and take the elevator. (If you take the elevator, you will have to deal with two more archers.) Go out to the East, up the ramp, open the door with the Upstairs key, go onto the top level of the library and pick up the Talisman of Eternity from the altar - objective complete. Read the scroll, which tells you that the apes have one Talisman and Lady Amalia has another,then go back through the upstairs door and into the tunnel straight ahead.

The Dive

At the first junction there is a Breath Potion on the left. Go right, dive in the water and swim through to the first place you can catch a breath. There is a Silver Nugget on the bottom here (50 - 3160). Continue underwater West, then North. Climb out and pick up the Fire crystal .

Treebeasts, Tunnels and Vines

Now go carefully down the ramp to the treebeast area. There is a Silver Nugget in the SE corner (50 - 3210). Head North, and stop at the opening to dispose of the two spiders, then jump down. In the NE corner are some Broadheads and a chest with a Fire crystal. In the opposite corner find a Water arrow. Mantle up into the tunnel to the West. There are two apebeasts where the tunnel opens out, and a third high above partially concealed by the foliage. Climb up the ridge of rock on the East wall to the right of the tunnel, and work your way round clockwise to a ledge on the West wall. You will meet sewer spiders and a huge spider on the way! Now do a Tarzan act along the vines to the opening. Climb the vine ahead of you and go out along the rock beams to find some Healing Fruits. Come back down the vine and follow the tunnel South to cross the rock bridge. Rope up to the beam. Keep South - slide down, mantle up, edge round the first pinnacle. There is a Noisemaker on the West side. Now jump down the hole in the SE side into the water.

A Noisy Place

Go round the central octagon, into the opening and quietly up the first ladder. In the room here find a Moss arrow, a warning about spiders and a switch which turns the outside lights off. Go to the ladder at the North end of the wooden walkway. The patrolling guard below carries a Health Potion. Head East, then turn right into another tunnel. Turn left at the T junction, up the slope, and hack your way into the Electrical Room.

A Dangerous Area

The first body has a key. Go through the pipe, and get a Fine Wine from the toolbox (50 - 3260); there is a purse on the other body (100-3360). Now go back down the tunnel, past where you came in, and into the room on the right for some Broadheads. Out, left, right, and carefully down to the pool, which contains some Water arrows. There are sewer spiders here and some giant spiders in the next cave. With a little cunning you can drown most of them in this little pool - lure them to the edge, jump in and taunt them! In the huge spiders' cave find a Fruit, a Moss arrow and a Broadhead. Carry on to the end of the tunnel.

The Treehouses

There are three apebeasts on patrol, another in the hut to the left, and a fifth on top of the hut to the right. It's probably easiest to deal with him first (creep round the back of the hut and climb up) and then douse the fires and the nearest torch to the North. In the hut below you, find a Flashbomb and a Rope arrow. Creep round to the North and jump into the water. Swim North, surface, and climb out on the left. The two apebeasts here are slow to react - try to take them both out with one Gas arrow. The Talisman of Force is behind the stone block - objective complete. Back through the water to the treehouses, climb up the vine facing you and jump onto the walkway between the treehouses. In the room on the right are four figurines (60 - 3420) and a Broadhead, and there is a Fruit in the other room.

The Way to The Mansion

Clamber over the roof to the West onto the stone ledge. Go along the ledge and turn right into the tunnel. Keep going until you get to a room with a lot of crates and a Gas Mine on the shelves. Move the crates, and hack through the boards. Cross the wooden bridge. Jump over the middle portion, which is booby-trapped. When you emerge, beware the ape beast up on the ledge. He has a colleague in an opening above the stepping stones to the right. One way to deal with them is to use a Broadhead on the first apebeast, climb up on his ledge, lean left, and shoot a Noisemaker into the opening. When the second apebeast goes to investigate the noise, hit him with a Fire arrow. Climb into the opening, and follow the passage to a room containing a Healing Fruit, which is guarded by a giant spider. Return to the stepping stones and jump across the lava river. Deal with the sewer spiders in the room to the left, than advance to the edge of the next lava flow. Crouch and look up to the left - you can see the lower half of an apebeast. Use another Fire arrow on him (you can find one in the room where the spiders were). Climb the ladder in the spider room, hop onto the ledge, and jump across to where the apebeast was. There is a Healing Fruit here. Jump onto the next ledge to the East, and thence to the next one. Slide down on the North side into the tunnel - you will see the mansion ahead.

Entering the Mansion

There is an archer at the top of the tower, and a swordsman patrolling below. There is another archer on top of the tower to the left, and a stationary swordsman below. A good way to proceed is to douse the torches on the right hand side and then jump down and go through the arch. Jump into the water and go to the right, under the grille and up the ladder. You can push the barrel out of the way to get into the room here. Go through to the other room (beware the archer patrolling the courtyard) and pull the lever to lower the drawbridge. Go back into the room with the barrels and rope up to the ladder. Climb into the guardroom - the guard here carries the Guardhouse Key. On the table are coins (25 - 3445) and a Healing Potion. There are Broadheads in the racks.

Read the log and the notices - note that the Talisman is in the High Chapel. Open the door, climb the ladder on the right and deal with the archer. If you hop out onto the ledge and follow it round to the right you can come up behind the patrolling archer on the balcony outside the Chapel (the famous Hawkeye). Retrace your steps, come back down the ladder and go into the second room where there is a sleeping guard. Unlock the next door with the Guardhouse Key, and collect Mines, Water arrows and Fire arrows. Unlock the next door - there is a Broadhead in the target and a Gold Nugget in the right hand crate (100 - 3545). Go out onto the balcony and up the ladder to the left. Deal with the archer here and hop out onto the ledge. Go round to the left and into the room on the left. Pick up a Gas arrow and Broadheads. As you leave, glance over and look through the Chapel window. Retrace your steps to the Guardhouse and go North across the bridge and into the door.

The Main Building

This is Lady Amalia's bedroom. On the left hand dressing table are a necklace (200 - 3745) and a purse (100 - 3845); there is a Fine Wine on the right hand dressing table (50 - 3895) and two rings on the bedside table (200 - (4095). Operate the switch behind the bureau - it opens a secret door to the right of the bed. Go in, collect the Den Key and read the journal. Leave the bedroom by the other door and go straight through the room with the bookcases into the bathroom. There are two gold cups (50 - 4145), a Fine Wine ((50 - 4195), and a Water arrow by the handbasin. There is also a ring in the bath (100 - 4295).

Leave the bathroom, turn right, deal with the patrolling guard then quietly go South down the steps to the bar. A swordsman and a servant are here. There is a gold plate on the counter (50 - 4345) and two Fine Wines on the shelves (100 - 4445). Pick open the door in the South wall - there is a guard (Curley) on the right. Go through the door to the East, and take the elevator down to pick up a Mine and some Broadheads.

The Den

Now go back past the right hand side of the bar counter and open the door with the Den Key. On the table are a journal and the Vault Key, and on the mantlepiece are four gold vases (400 - 4845). Operate the switch behind the sofa - this opens a secret compartment to the right of the fireplace. Go in, and operate a second switch which opens another secret compartment on the other side. Go in, open the door with the Vault Key and dispose of the sewer spiders. There are four green LC tapestries on the floor (600 - 5445), and on the bench are a Chapel Key, a necklace (200 - 5645), a tiara (125 - 5770), a gem (100 - 5870), a torc (350 - 6220) and seventeen coin stacks (425 - 6645).

The Chapel

Go back to the bar, up the stairs and follow the passage round to the right to the chapel door - unlock it with the Chapel Key and go in. Be careful as you near the end of the corridor - there are several guards about. On the altar find the Talisman of Light (objective complete), the Cemetery Key and some Holy Water. Go back down through the bar. Go through the opening to the right of the fire, open the secret door ahead and dispose of the guard. Use the Cemetery Key to open the cemetery door.

The Cemetery

There is a guard patrolling here; collect Water arrows from the moat around the central tomb and go East down the ramp to the lower level. There is a warden on the right, and in the NE corner facing a line of statues are a Hammerite and a priestess. The Hammerite has the Main Gate Key on his belt. Use the Cemetery Key to open the door in the North wall; go in past the tombs, jump into the water and emerge in a room packed with masks - there are twenty of them (1000 - 7645) - loot objective complete. There is a Water crystal at the bottom of the ladder.

There are two secret doors in the West wall of the lower cemetery. Go in behind the line of statues. Operate the buttons in the recesses here to open them - found secret! Inside the right hand one find four spice bags (160 - 7805). Now go in the left hand one, and pause at the top of the ladder - a Haunt is in the room beneath. Drop a mine down on the right side of the ladder to blow him up when he emerges. Get the Key from his belt, and the Holy Water and Water crystal from his room. Now creep down the side of the steps - they are booby trapped! Open three doors with the Key. There are five jars in the left hand room (100 - 7905) and in the right hand room are five green jars (500 - 8405), four small jars (80 - 8485) and three large ones (60 - 8545). Leave the cemetery and head for the main gate, which is to the West of the two towers where you entered the mansion compound.

The Way to the Temple

Use the Main Gate key and go left up the ramp into the guard post. There is a Fire arrow in the left hand chest and a Gas arrow in the right hand one. Go North down the ramp - there is a swordsman near the arch. Go into the entrance on the left to find an LC tapestry on the windowsill (150 - 8695). Deal with the patrols - one archer and two Hammerites; one of them carries the Switchroom Key. There is also an archer in front of the Switchroom door. Open the door with the key and operate the switch. Go up the ramp - the patrolling swordsman carries a Health Potion.

Climb the ladder in the NE corner, and then climb the ladder on the East wall. If you look West you can see an archer - there is another one in the doorway along the ledge to your left. You can shoot the one to the West, then sneak along the ledge and clobber the other one with your sword. Use your lockpicks on the door, go in and pick up the Tower Key. This opens the door at the other end of the ledge. Go down the ladders to ground level. Head South between the gates, open the door and climb up on the West side of the hut. Break the window, jump in and collect a Flashbomb. Press the button to open the door. Come back out and pick open the East gate to get into the Temple area.

The Temple

Use your lockpicks to get into the small building in the SW corner; collect a mine and read the scroll. Operate the switch on the south wall to open the gate to the Start area. Go in to the building with the glowing lava. You can see the Talisman of Darkness at the far end. It's fairly easy to get it if you use a couple of Rope arrows - objective complete.

Climb up to the roof of the small building and jump across the gap to the ledge to your North. Enter the temple, jump to the centre pedestal and thence to the walkway on the East side. Go North to the Blue alcove, lean in and pick up a Health Potion. Drop the Talisman of Darkness into the flames - a gong should sound to indicate a successful placement. Turn round and walk down to the Green alcove. There are two Health Potions here; do the necessary with the Talisman of Eternity. Back to the centre pedestal and across to the West walkway. The Talisman of Light goes into the Yellow alcove, and the Talisman of Force into the Red one. If you look up above the pedestal now you will see "One Keeper facing down and one standing upright" as prophesied. The main objective is complete.

Jump back to the entrance - be careful, a number of haunts have materialized! You should have plenty of Flashbombs and Fire arrows left over - use them to neutralize the haunts. Then jump down and triumphantly make your way go back to the starting point. Mission Complete!

Freddy Fox - 25th March 2004