MOC2 Walkthrough

You begin the game in the town of Mossy Glade. You start in the Town Square with a lovely water fountain before you and the entrance to Mossy Glade from your home city behind you. (If this is not what you see, go and load the fm Mansion of Chaos because what you are playing is apparently something else.) After exploring the square and reading all the nearby signs, you will find that there is only one direction you can go and it is through the brick hall with two market signs hanging over it. Continue walking past a gate until you reach a stone hallway.

Secret: turn left at this hallway and walk to the end. Look behind the last stone arch, and you will find a switch. Hit the switch and follow the grassy tunnel connected to the Town Square. The gate that was there before is now gone and you may pass through. You are now in the Foofie HQ! Feel free to roam around and have fun exploring. I’ll let you discover all its little secrets on your own. Exploration of this area is not essential to beating the game, so I’m not going to cover it.

At the stone hallway turn right this time, and you will enter a large open area containing a few buildings and the front of the mansion. Use a moss arrow on the metal plate to avoid drawing the attention of the guards as you enter this area. Before you do anything else, turn to your immediate left and climb atop the door for a little surprise. It’s a bit tricky to mantle up there, but quite possible all the same. Now walk to the stone building to the right of the hallway and unlock the door with your lock-picks. Congratulations! You are now in the town hall. Give yourself a pat on the back, then walk to the end of the table and read through the book you find there. A compelling read, isn’t it? Don’t miss the sack of gold on top of the nearby shelf. Now sneak over to the castle moat and jump on in. Keep swimming and avoid catching the attention of the guards at the front. Mantle up inside the large metal room and just keep walking. (Watch out for a few pests along the way.) When you reach the dead body of the former mayor, read the nearby scroll. Now take the key from the mayor’s belt, he has no use for it anyhow. Grab the deer leg on your way out (just a small snack to take with you on the go). Go down the stairs and swim through the sewers. Pull the switch you find that opens a secret door and you will emerge in the Town Square water fountain.

Return to the area near the town hall and use the key to enter the building next-door, which is the mayor’s house. The door is on the side, so you might want to sneak around the back. Explore the church there if you want, but we’ll get back to that later (ooooh, the anticipation!). Once you’re in the house, grab the key on the desk and head back out. In the corner of the wall by the pool outside you will see a locked gate. It happens to lead to the graveyard, which is where you are headed. Unlock it with your shinny new key and continue on. Creep around the undead and search behind gravestones for loot. Then find the hole in the far-left corner and jump down. YAHOOOO! Boy that was fun. Good thing there was water below, or it could have been rather painful. Continue on down the caves and climb up a hanging vine, then jump to walk past the tombs. Go left or right to the nearby rooms if you want some loot. After you’ve robbed the undead blind continue walking straight. There are two tunnels leading left and right to a few cave dwellers and some more loot. You will make a small right turn, then mantle up to a walkway and you will find yourself in the cave’s largest chamber. Hop across the appropriate platforms and swing on the appropriate vines until you reach the end where there will be a large metal door leading to a small courtyard filled with statues. Read the note by the statues, deal with the guards, and lock-pick the door in the far-right corner to enter the basement.

Getting through the basement isn’t all that hard. Make sure to visit the servants rooms located beside the first room that has pillars. Then follow the hallway, keeping in mind the patrolling guards, until you arrive at a staircase. Follow the staircase and you will now be inside the mansion. Explore the mansion halls, pools, kitchen, training room, bathrooms, master bedroom, and anything else I might have missed.

If you are playing on the expert difficulty, this is a good time to kill Baneson. He is Monroe’s servant, the mayor’s assassin. He’s also the one who gave you a surprise visit during the night and stole The Eye from you. Quite a busy fellow, isn’t he? Open the door, right before of the red-carpeted stairs and follow it to a little patio area. Watch out for the patrolling guard in the walkway above you (by the way, he has a purse on him for the taking). Along the same wall you entered the patio, there is another door. Open it and you will find a hall leading to a round room with the open sky above it. There are a few guards around here, so watch out. (First, you might want to take care of the guards patrolling up and down the stone hallway.) At the end of this hallway is a switch that opens Baneson’s room for you. Now go kill Baneson. He’s a ratman disguised as a thief, you can’t miss him. He’s rather fast, so your best fighting skills are needed. When you’ve finished him off, go in his room, take his jewel, and read his note. Then return to the mansion.

After exploring the mansion, pass through the two metal doors at the top of the red-carpeted stairs (notice the interesting carpet...very natural). This is where the real fun starts. Before you pass through that lovely red portal, turn to the right and explore the weird twisted hallway. Be wary of traps. You have my permission to keep anything you find there. When you’re done exploring the hallway, return to the room with the portal. The door on the left of the portal leads to a locked door and you needn’t worry about that at the moment. Now walk through the portal. Once you’re past the portal, you will notice a few things: first, there are some beasts in front of you that might try to kill you if you make them aware of your presence (a minor detail really), and second, there are three doors before you. The one on the left leads to the halls of water. The one on the right leads to the halls of fire. The one in the middle leads nowhere, and it is just for show. Just kidding. It’s actually a shortcut; all of the pathways behind all three doors eventually connect together. I will describe each of them below.

The water hall leads you to a pillar of water, which is constantly flowing up. Jump into it and swim forward until you are on top of a half-pipe. Jump down the pipe connected to it and swim down the hole inside the large tub at the bottom. You will emerge above another pipe. You may grab some loot from a skeleton in the nearby water tunnels. Then walk towards the pyramidal water flowing up next to the arched structure. Watch out for the patrolling fire elemental because he’s probably not going to give you a high five when he sees you (and even if he did, it might hurt a bit). Once you’re on top of the structure, read the book you see, then proceed through the tunnels and jump across the ledges, continuing on your path. You will enter a cave area and then a metal room. Drop down to the tiled halls and explore around until you end up in a room with large metal half-pipe and water pouring from the walls.

If you take the right door from the room with the portal, you will find yourself in a hall with a strange lit-window texture. Chaotic, isn’t it? Follow the halls to the lava caves. Keep an eye open for fire elementals while you carefully hop across rocks, avoiding a nice hot lava bath. You will soon be in a large room with a tall rock cylinder in the center. Follow the ramp to your right. As you climb up the cylinder, make sure to check out the two clefts on the wall. When you reach the top, climb down the cylinder ledge by ledge. Then jump onto the tunnel and follow it until you see another book. Read the book. I bet you’re learning to love this guy, Monroe, aren’t you? He doesn’t happen to resemble anyone you know, does he? Now jump over the lava in the room with the stalagmites and stalactites. Wander through the halls below and try to stay away from any gargoyles shooting flames from their mouths or unhappy ape-rat-whatever-you-call-them-beasts (all common sights in this warped mansion). You will eventually enter a room with a large metal half-pipe and water pouring from the walls.

If you take the middle door you will come to a cylindrical room with stairs going down. Here you will find an upside down area that will lead you to the tiled halls connected to the halls of water and fire. Make sure to explore the halls well, so that you don’t miss anything. Please ignore any strange looking walls for the moment. Once you reach the flooded room with the metal half pipe, continue down a circular tunnel to a room surrounded with glass. Climb the ladder in this room to see...a space area! Now would be a great time to drop your jaw and say “Ooooooooooh! Ahhhhhhhh!” Hop across the platforms, once again looking out for any threatening beasts. Soon, you will come to a round room with a book in it. Read the book—you’ll notice how it gives you a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside. Continue to the right and jump down the descending platforms. (Actually, if you prefer, it proves fun to just run straight down them, but don’t run past the last step or you’re in for a long drop to the bottom of nothingness.)

Now walk through the purple hall and down the little drop. Don’t worry, you’ll find a way back up. Follow the sparkly star magic stuff (caution, a ratbeast patrols this area) to a room with many symbols on the walls. Do you know what they stand for? I’ll let you ponder for a while. Now turn to your right and follow the long spiral staircase up and up and up. Lo and behold, it’s The Eye! Well at least it looks somewhat like The Eye. In fact it’s a modified eye; looks like Monroe is planning on using it for something, and I hate to disappoint you, but he’s not trying to open up a candy shop. Now run and get the eye. Well, what are you waiting for? What do you mean you can’t reach it? Never fear, you will have your sweaty little palms around it soon enough. Continue on down another long spiral staircase (trust me, this is the last one).

Now walk through the stone hallways to the garden. Here you will see a lovely water fountain along with some plant life and a rare species of...apebeast? Yes, that’s right, they are here for your viewing pleasure, so please don’t disturb them. Pass by the deep pool. Follow the tunnels behind the pool and you will find yourself in a forest. This is where a few travelers have been lost, so you want to pay attention or you might end up running in circles. When you enter the first area with a tree, walk around to the back of the tree, get inside, and mantle your way to the top. From here, it’s easy. Just follow the branches that don’t lead to dead ends and you will end up in a room with many glowing mushrooms scattered over the ground. Drop down into the water here and follow the only passage you can take until you get to...the room with the eye again. But this time, you are higher and can jump down the floating rings to claim your prize. You might want to save the game here because there is a chance of missing the jumps and hurting yourself or having to start over. After you get the eye, retrace your steps back to the room with the mushrooms and climb up to the opening on the other side. From here, continue walking along the branches and they will eventually lead you to our next area.

If you are playing on hard or expert, you will want to stop in the last of the three areas that have large trees in them and search on the ground for a passage that leads to a several tiled halls inhabited by spiders that can’t walk very well. Don’t ask me what’s wrong with them, but they may have eaten one too many glowing shrooms. In this area you will find the firestone (no relation to the Firestone (TM) tire company). In this area there is also a * cough, cough * secret password that you will need to tell Sharga in order to find the really juicy secrets not spoken of in this walkthrough.

After following along the branches to exit the forest, you will see a sign, a large blue stream of electricity flowing nearby, and your best friends: the apebeasts (personally I think they look like ratmen, but what do I know?) Read the sign and walk up the invisible ramp over the water; it is highlighted by electricity streams on the sides. Please take a dip in the pool if you are feeling very hot—after all, we’ve come a long way and you must be exhausted. It’s a wonder how many pools you find in this mission. At least you know Monroe isn’t afraid of a good bath.

Now continue to the blue room. You may feel inclined to pull that large switch you see, but first, read the sign. It tells you not to pull it. Now you have a dilemma. Are you going to pull it or not? Who do you trust, the one who wrote this sign or your own instincts? Don’t look at me! Fortunately for you, there’s a save button. You can use it if you’re insecure, but there’s really no need to because you will be teleported to a very safe place where you will begin the second part of your quest. If you don’t believe me (and I don’t see why you wouldn’t since I’ve never tricked you before) then go ahead and save it, or read ahead...cheater!

After pulling the large lever, you will find yourself in a familiar place: in front of the church on a mossy ledge. To your side is a switch. Pull it. Now look at the church and you will notice that a light has turned on to the right of it. Hop down from the ledge and walk toward the light. You will also see that a secret door has opened. Walk through it, grab the scroll, and hit the switch you find there. Read the scroll and you will discover that the Keepers are trying to help you, but you don’t really need their help, right? Wrong. You do need their help if you wish to destroy Monroe, and you definitely do. So now that you have hit this switch, go toward the graveyard. You will see another secret passageway and a light showing you the way. These keepers sure are handy with their secret passages, aren’t they? Now duck through the passage, climb the ladder and head for the new note and switch. Read it and pull it. (No, pull the switch, not the note. There you go.) You can explore this area and you will find a path to the balcony where the archers are keeping guard in front of the castle.

Climb down and jump back down the hole into the caves. Make your way to the very end of the largest cavern. On the last ledge in front of the hall leading to the courtyard, you can descend down the wall (as the note tells you). Once you’re down there, avoid the craymen as you approach the opposite wall to reach a small opening. Pass through it and you will find another big lever. Remember what happened last time you pulled a big lever? Pull this one and you will be teleported to a round room with an eye shape on the wall. Here you will see another switch. Pull it and exit through the secret door that should have opened. If it did not open an exit door, you are stuck in this room for all eternity, so for your sake I hope the switch worked.

Follow the small hallway to a ladder and climb up it to get back to the large cavern. Then exit the caves and travel through the basement to a small, lit passageway that wasn’t there the first time through. Climb through the passageway and up the metal pipe to find another switch and note. You know the drill. Pull the switch read the note, or vise versa. Then take a long walk all the way to the halls of water (scroll up if you forgot how to get there). Once you are there, look for a wall made of glass that you might have seen before. It should be open now, and you will find a chest behind it. Lockpick the chest and you will now have a key. Now travel over to the halls of fire and you will see a door made of red stone. Unlock that door with the key you just found. Here is one last key (it’s almost over—no more switches, no more keys, so just relax).

Now go back to the area with the red portal and find the locked door with the warning sign next to it. Unlock it with your newest key. In the next room you will find many items you have seen throughout your quests, but they look somewhat different. It seems Monroe has been studying you...(what a sicko!). Actually, he’s interested in you for a different reason. He want’s you to join that will happen any time soon! Now go on to the next room and unlock the door with one of the keys in your possession. Do you see that sword floating in the center of the next room? Traps are protecting it, so you might want to be a little cautious and not just obey your impulse to run up and take the sword. Climb up on the ledges along the wall without touching the ground to get the sword. Once you have it, notice how the fire in the room disappears. That’s because this is a sword of holy fire. Try using it on an enemy and you will see what I mean. Go to the next room and take the gold off the shelf, then laugh at the little joke after you read the sign. You’re not laughing? Anyhow, look around and you will find an unusual object. Touch it and you will be back to the purple room with the big lever, but this time, a new door has opened, and you may continue on your quest for Monroe’s hiding place.

Soon you will see a sign and two paths. Save the game before taking the left path just for fun (you will die from the fall). Now reload and take the right path (you will not die from the fall unless you dropped a mine down there before you jumped, in which case you are likely be hurt and in need of some serious mental help). Climb out of the water, and behold, you are in some sort of cathedral—but it gets better. Climb to the top of the platform and then down the ladder you go. Watch your step because the tile below is a bit unyielding. Once you are down you will see that you are in a cool hallway. Read the book on the table and take one of the hallways to the side (in fact, take both since each leads back to the hallway). In one you will see a continuous line of apebeasts marching in and out of portals and in the other, bugbeasts. Watch them march and march and march. Then exit and continue down the main hall to a large cathedral area.

Step into the cathedral. Go on now, don’t be shy. All those craymen you see are faced away from you (no doubt they find the walls more interesting than each other), so it is quite possible to sneak by without getting their attention, or you could just run across. In the next room there are apebeasts, all facing the walls again (they know a good stained glass window when they see one). And again, you can sneak by carefully or run by and take their minds off the stained glass. Once you reach the far wall, turn right to enter a hall and walk up the stairs. Then crouch down and creep along the ledge. It’s a very small ledge, so the slightest little mistake can cause you to fall right into the apebeast’s arms. If you ran past them at the bottom instead of sneaking by, they will be taunting you, jeering and waiting for you to slip. But don’t worry, if you fall they will only kill you and stick you on a rotisserie grill for their dinner. But if you manage to reach the opposite side of the wall, climb into the small opening and continue up the stairs. You now can jump from platform to platform (another opportunity to miss and become a meat pancake). Once you get to the large window at the end, follow the small tunnel and you will emerge into the first cathedral room. Jump across the ledges that are on the four pillars until you reach the very last pillar where there will be another tunnel.

Climb the ladder you find at the end of the tunnel. It will take you to the top of the tower. Read the book you find here. It looks like this long journey is nearly at an end. Crawl through the broken window to another starry area. What’s this you see on the ground? It seems Monroe has shed his human form. Are you too late? Will the sword you found be powerful enough to kill him? There’s only one way to find out. Approach the face of the beast. Now climb in the mouth (my what big teeth you have) and jump down the throat. Light a match. The monster will sneeze and blow you and your father out of its mouth...wait a second, sorry, wrong story. You will fall into a pool of liquid inside the monster’s stomach. And guess who’s waiting for you? No, not the muffin man, you taffer! It’s Monroe. He looks a lot like the trickster, doesn’t he? Well, just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, Constantine is Monroe’s brother. Now comes the most satisfying part of the entire quest. Sneak up to Monroe and give him a good hard whap with the sword (actually the sword is so powerful that all you have to do is touch him with a quick slash). Then heave a big sigh of relief as he keels over dramatically and squirms around on the floor. Boy that felt good, didn’t it? You’ve saved the world from evil once again. Congratulations, my friend. I hope you enjoyed the game. If you missed anything, you have a teleport right in front of you leading back to the flooded room.