The Death of Garrett


Note: All keys required to unlock doors, chests, etc., are noted. Everything else is either unlocked or can be unlocked using your picks.

I. The Caves:

    You start the mission in dire circumstances. You’ve been dumped into some caves and left to die. You have no equipment other than your compass. Read the note lying beside you and you’ll realize that a man named Bok is the one behind your plight. You have to get even by killing him. You also need to find your equipment, but first you have to find away out of these caves without getting killed by the creatures that live here. Head south through the tunnel and into another passageway, where you’ll find a couple of small rocks. These can be used as weapons against the frogbeasts, though it’s difficult. You can throw them, but they have to land right on a frogbeast to explode it. If you turn to the left immediately upon entering this passageway, you enter a cave where you can see a bunch of bones and a partially destroyed wall on the left. Obviously, you’re not the first person who’s been left down here to die!

    Mantle up into the hole on the far (S) wall and follow the passageway to a room with a waterfall pouring down into it. You’ll find a water arrow in the water and a tunnel to swim through behind the waterfall. There are a couple of broadheads lying beside the skeleton in the room at the end. There’s another tunnel entrance here, but you’ll get to the room it leads to eventually. For now, turn around and swim back through the tunnel and up into the room with the waterfall. From here, there’s an easy way out of the caves, but you’ll miss some of the gold, and getting to your weapons can be a bit tougher. If you want to go the easy route, follow the instructions in the next paragraph.  If you prefer to do a bit more exploring, skip the next paragraph and use “The More Complete Route”).

    The Easy Route: Mantle up the rock shelves on the opposite (S) side from the one with the frogbeast on it. (It’s easiest to mantle where there’s a “crease” in the rock.) On the top shelf, you’ll find a plentiful supply of rocks to lob at the frogbeast until you explode him (or you can just shoot him with a broadhead). Once he’s gone, jump across onto the ledge, climb to the hole above, and follow it to the sewers. (There’s another frogbeast in the water, so watch out.) Climb the ladder into a basement storeroom. Pick up the rope arrow lying behind the crates, then climb the stairs, open the shutter-like doors, and exit to the outside.  The window to your left looks into the room where your weapons are, but if you break the glass, you’ll set off an alarm.  Head north instead, to the corner of the Manor, turn left (W), and sneak past both guards to the opposite corner of the Manor.  Turn left (S), and just to your left is a window which you can open.  (You might want to save here.  The window is a bit difficult to get through, and there is a servant you will alert when going through it.)  Go through the window, scaring the servant, and dead ahead is a light switch you can flip for some extra shadows.  Wait for things to calm down, exit the room through the same door the servant fled through, then sneak your way south, then east (avoiding the patrols), and enter the third door on your right.  Leave the door open, but stand well back from it, and you are now in the alternate entrance to the Manor.  To proceed, skip down two paragraphs in this Walkthrough to the paragraph which begins, “Peek out into the hallway ...”

    The More Complete Route: Leave through the tunnel, go back past the skeleton that was walled up, and follow the tunnel past a frogbeast to a room with a pool of water in the floor. (You might want to save here, because the trip through the water can be both long and disorienting, and you might run out of air and start to take damage.) Jump in, swim right to the bottom, pick up a water arrow, then go back up for air. Dive under again and go through a hole on the west wall and up into a cave with a giant mushroom. There’s a skeleton lying on the ground near it, with a broadhead arrow nearby. There’s a moss arrow near the remains of the fire, and a silver nugget worth 100g. tucked in behind the mushroom. Swim back to the hole, climb out and go through the eastern tunnel, which leads you to a room full of spiders. Don’t waste your arrows on them, just run through and out the tunnel to the north. Jump over the water to the ledge on the far side and follow that tunnel to a cave with a boarded up wall section and some big boulders. Throw one of the boulders at the wood section until it breaks away. Behind it is a basement room. Go in and you’re in the Manor.

II. The Manor – Main Floor:

    As you can see from the hole in the floor, this is where you were dropped into the caves. The chests are empty but there are 3 broadheads leaning up against the wall in the corner behind some barrels. Climb the ladder, open the hatch, and climb up into the manor. The first order of business is to find your equipment.

    Peek out into the hallway to make sure the way is clear because there’s a guard who patrols here. Once he’s passed to your left, go out the door, turn right, and proceed down the corridor. Skip all the rooms and walk to the end of the corridor, around the corner, and into the carpeted part of the house. Walk across past the bottom of the stairs on the right and go into the next room, also on the right. You’ll find your lockpicks and sword on a wall display and your blackjack lying on a table. That completes the objective to find these items and will make exploring the manor easier since you can now let the guards take some naps. :)

    You’ll also find 2 purple goblets, worth 30g. (130), 2 purple vases, worth 60g. (190), and a scroll in this room. Read the scroll and you’ll get some new objectives. Now you have to kill Lord Thayer and make it look like Bok’s handiwork. You also have to steal Lord Thayer’s cherished Chalice of Lamont, and you are no longer allowed to kill Bok, as you need him alive to take the blame for His Lordship’s death.

    Go back out into the hallway and wait for a guard to patrol along another hallway that runs to the west, across from the stairs. Take a silver key from him then continue south just a bit to the first door on the right. This takes you into a large dining room. A servant who walks in and out is wearing a red key. Sitting on the dining room table are 2 gold candlesticks worth 40g. (230), 5 gold plates worth 100g. (330), and 5 gold goblets worth 125g. (455). Leave through the door the servant entered by and you’ll find yourself in the kitchen. There’s a gold plate, worth 20g. (475), sitting on the counter, and a water arrow in the sink. The room to the left of this one is the staff dining room, but there’s nothing of value in there. Leave the kitchen through the door opposite the one you used to enter the kitchen and you’ll be in the hallway that was outside the room where you entered the house. (The guard patrolling here is also wearing a red key, which is a duplicate of the kitchen servant’s.) Immediately after exiting the kitchen into this hallway, turn right and go into the room at the west end of the hallway, which is a storage room. There’s a rope arrow sitting on the table in the first section of the room and a locked cabinet in the second section. This unlocks with the red key, and inside you’ll find 3 purple urns worth 150g. (625), 3 gold plates worth 90g. (715), and 3 purple goblets worth 45g. (760).

    Leave this room and walk straight ahead (E) along the hallway. The first room on the right is a servants’ barracks room, but there’s nothing of value in here. (If you open the door to this room, it will vanish.) The next room on the right is the wine room, which unlocks with the red key. Inside, you’ll find 9 bottles of fine wine, worth 180g. (940). The next room is the one you used to enter the Manor, and the one after that is a bathroom. There’s a water arrow in the bathtub water.

    The last room on the right is another servants’ barracks room, where you’ll find a bottle of fine wine, worth 50g. (990), in the chest beyond the sleeping servant (the chest closest to you upon entering the room contains a worthless bottle). The room at the end of this hallway is the Guards’ barracks and it can be kind of tricky. Open the door and put out the torch on the far wall and then walk in quickly. The guard facing the door shouldn’t notice you. He’s wearing a yellow key and there’s a moss arrow on a shelf in the northwest corner of the room. The chest below the shelf unlocks with the yellow key and contains some broadheads. The chest between the beds also unlocks with the yellow key, and it contains a flashbomb.

    Leave the room and walk all the way west along the hallway, around the corner, and out into the carpeted section. Open the door on the right and inside is a sitting room that is lower than the hallway. Pick up a purple goblet, worth 50g. (1040), and then continue down the hallway past another set of stairs up to the upper floor. The first room is the library but there’s nothing of value in here. Go through the first door on the right and out into the garden. On a bench over near the lady, you’ll find a necklace worth 100g. (1090).

II. The Manor – Upper Floor:      

    Shoot a rope arrow into the upper floor balcony and climb up. Wait in the corner for a guard to come through the door on the west side and take a from him. There’s another guard patrolling the hallways inside who also wears the same key. Go through the door, turn right, and go along a hallway past the Wax Museum (interesting, but contains nothing of value) and open the door at the end of the hallway. blue keyBok is walking around inside. Steal his dagger (you can knock him out but don’t kill him) and take a gold coinstack, worth 50g. (1140), from the chest. Walk back down the hallway and continue south. Just around the corner, to the left, there’s a guard standing near a door between two statues. He turns, so you can get in behind him and BJ him when he’s facing the other direction. Unlock the door with the blue key and you’ll see there’s another locked door behind it. Now head west and go into the office, which is at the top of the stairs (on the left).

    Read the book on the desk, which contains several very important clues, then walk back up the hallway and use the blue key to unlock the door across from the one between the statues. This is Lord Thayer’s bedroom and he’s inside. Kill him and then drop Bok’s dagger on his body. You’ve now framed Bok, so that objective ticks off. Sitting on a shelving unit is a purse, worth 100g. (1240), and inside one of the boxes you’ll find a necklace, worth 200g. (1440). Frob the painting on the same wall and it will move aside, exposing a safe behind it. Leave that alone for now. Go through the door into Thayer’s bathroom and pick up a ring, worth 75g. (1515), from the vanity, and take a healing potion from the medicine cabinet. Grab a water arrow from the bathwater, then frob the section of floor tile between the vanity and the toilet. It will slide back and reveal a lever. Flip the lever, return to the hallway, and you’ll see that the inside door between the statues is now open. Go into the room and have a good look at your next obstacle.

    There’s a ring of twirling swords suspended around a key lying on a pedestal. You need that key, but it would be easier to get with 2 rope arrows. Leave the room and head east, go downstairs, turn right, unlock the door at the end of the hallway with the silver key, and go outside. (The guards outside are wearing more silver keys.) Turn right and follow the side of the building around to a basement door. Go down the stairs inside (this is where you would have come up into the Manor if you’d climbed into the sewers from the ledges in the waterfall room in the caves.) Move the boxes in the corner and you’ll find another rope arrow. Return to the sword room and put a rope arrow into the overhead beam on the outside of the swords and then another one so that it falls down to the pedestal where the key is resting. Jump from one rope to the other, get the “Different Silver key,” and then jump back.  

    (Note:  If you don’t want to rope jump, you can take a blue vase from Lord Thayer’s bedroom and keep throwing it at the key on the pedestal until the key flies off within your reach.)

    Cross the hallway and use the Different Silver key to unlock the safe behind the picture. Pull the lever inside and the armoire moves aside, exposing a secret passageway. Pick up one of the blue vases from the shelf and follow the passageway to a locked door (you’ll need to drop the vase to pick the door open). Beyond it is a room with what looks like the Chalice of Lamont in an alcove. Before you touch it, go into the doorway on the far side of the room (opposite from the door through which you entered) and you’ll see a spot where a door will slide out through a groove in the doorway. Drop the blue vase right in front of it so it can’t come out, then pick up the Chalice. You’ll see it’s a fake and only worth 5g. (1520). The ceiling is coming down on you, so go into the passageway that you kept open with the vase and push a button on the wall to shut off the trap.  Continue along the passageway.

    As you approach the end of the passageway, you’ll see the Chalice of Lamont floating in the air. When you get close to it, it will zoom across a huge room to the far side. The floor below is lethal, so now you have to recall something you read in the book in the office. It said something about the Chalice generating a wind strong enough to lift a man. Now you get to test that theory. Save first, because this part is a bit buggy and can take a few tries to work properly. Run to the edge of the platform and jump. Keep both the forward and the jump keys held down and you should sail across the gap to the ledge at the far side. (It may help to look up just as you make the jump, too.) Pick up the Chalice of Lamont, which completes an objective and adds 500g. (2020) to your loot. Use the same method to get back to the far side, then retrace your steps to Thayer’s bedroom.

    There are still a few rooms upstairs that you haven’t been in. Leave the bedroom, turn right and then left. You’ll come to a library on the right. There’s a purple goblet, worth 15g. (2035), on the table.

    The room at the end of the hallway, past the Library, unlocks with the yellow key. (At this point, you have all the loot and you just need to escape, so you can skip this room.  Inside are 2 guards and both of them are wearing yellow keys. There’s a healing potion and a speed potion sitting on the shelves, as well.)  To escape, go downstairs, outside, and over to the front gate. You may have to stand there for a few seconds before the mission will end.


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