Cult of the Resurrection


Note: All locked doors, chests, etc. that require keys are noted. Everything else is either open or can be unlocked with your picks.

Notes Regarding This FM:
The difficulty settings correspond to different styles of play, but the mission is essentially the same when playing on all of them.  On Burglar (Normal), you lack your blackjack until you find it in the mission, so there is a lot of sneaking/evading to do.  On Assassin (Hard), you begin with a sword in your equipment, you don't find a blackjack in the mission, and you must kill all the Cult members, which includes even the kitchen servants, so this level is for those who like to go on a rampage. On Thief (Expert), you can't kill anyone except the two cult leaders, Lady Katrina and the Necromancer, but you begin with your sword and your blackjack and the mission is “regular” Thief play.

When you acquire the Sword of St. Edgar, it will replace your regular sword in your inventory.  Drawing the Sword of St. Edgar will result in its glow illuminating you and the area immediately surrounding you (thus eliminating hiding in shadow).

The number and presence of guards change on each difficulty setting, so be careful, as this walkthrough does not identify each guard placement.  While playing Assassin, it is recommended that you kill each as you find him.

Getting In:

As you begin the mission, there's a building on your left that has some loot in it. If you're playing on "Burglar",  you'll have to return later. The door is locked and you have no weapon that will smash open the door at this point. If you are playing on Assassin or Thief you can break in with your sword and get the loot now. Walk east along the street and into the house full of corpses and flies on the right. Open the chest to pick up some broadheads and then leave through the south door. Turn right (W), then left, deal with any guard(s) present, and walk through the archway at the south end of the courtyard. Walk up a ramp and into the cathedral grounds. Turn right and walk to the far wall, then go through the doorway on your left into the base of a tower. Pick up 2 moss arrows that are lying on the ground and continue out the far side.  (If you want another moss arrow, before you go through into the base of the tower, opposite that opening is a hole in the wall.  Go through it, dropping to the ground, and go around the wall to find a moss arrow on the ground.  You can get back up to the exit via a ladder on the left side of the stone wall/ledge, as you’re facing it.  Then continue through the base of the tower.)

Go past a locked door and you'll come to some stairs on your left with a door at the bottom. Pick it open, enter, turn right and get the rope arrow from the storage room, then go through door in the NW corner. Walk through this room and into the next one, then rope arrow up to the room above through the hole in the ceiling. Sneak out of this room and up the stairs. (This can be a bit tricky because there's a patrolling guard who carries a lantern as well as an archer (not present on Thief) that stands at the top of the stairs.)

Go into the bathroom on the left and look in the left hole for a gem, worth 150 g., then pick the locked door at the end of the hallway. Inside, you'll find a pair of spectacles, worth 50g. (200), and a healing potion. Head back downstairs, through the door on the east wall, and walk through the next room and out the other side. In a room upstairs, you'll find a scroll, and downstairs through the south door, you can pick up a diamond, worth 150g. (350), which is lying on the ground beside some broken barrels. The north door leads to a set of spiral stairs down to a lower level. At the bottom, pick open the single door and then go through the double doors and up to the front of the chapel, where there's a gold wine bottle, worth 50g. (400), sitting on the altar. Exit through the southwest door (keep an eye out for a guard that patrols through the hallways and the chapel), pick up some noisemaker arrows from a chest, and continue out the other door. Walk along the hall to the gate on your right. Pick the lockbox on the wall, and then head down the stairs and through the wooden door on your left. Go through the door at the end of the hallway, then around either side of the centre wall, and you'll end up facing and through the next doorway into a hallway. Garrett should say "It looks like I'm on the right track," and you'll have made it inside the Cult hideout. That objective should now be checked off.

The Cult Hideout:

Open the door to your left and take a purse, worth 20g. (420), from the guard.  On the table are 2 copper coinstacks, worth 10g. (430), and a silver coinstack, worth 12g. (442). This guard is difficult to get past without being seen, so go back out to the hallway, turn left, and go down the stairs. Walk through the room with the statues and into a hallway. At the far end, you'll emerge into the central courtyard. Pick up a water arrow from the small pond, then enter the alcove to the south. Go through southwest door and you'll find yourself in the armory. Check the shelf and you'll find your blackjack. At last! (The blackjack is found here only on Burglar. There is no blackjack on Assassin and on Thief, you have your blackjack when you begin the mission.) There are also a couple of moss arrows and some broadheads nearby. Inside the chests, you'll find a rotted head, a skeletal arm, and a decayed torso. Yuck! Kind of gross, but you'll need them later, so don't toss them away. Don't go up the stairs in here yet. Instead, go back out the door, turn right, and enter the door at the far end. Walk along the hallway, open the next door, and enter a barracks. The guards in here are light sleepers, so be very quiet. Snatch 2 mines from the chest on the left then creep over to the other door and peek out.

The Sword:

There's a guard patrolling out here, so decide how you want to deal with him and then get down the stairs in the middle of the room. Go around to the east side of the room, open the sewer hatch in the floor, and climb down the ladder. There's a mine on the counter in the first room but don't try to pick it up. It's armed and will explode if you get too close. In the next room, you'll find a water arrow, some fire arrows, two gold coinstacks, worth 50g. (492); three silver coinstacks, worth 36g. (528); and a necklace, worth 200g. (728), which is inside the small box. The wooden chest holds a purse, worth 80g. (808). Open the sewer hatch, climb down to a cave, and you'll be looking out over a chasm. The Holy Sword of St. Edgar is resting on a pedestal at the far side of the room, but you have to find a way across the gap. Luckily, there are wooden beams on the ceiling, so just use rope arrows to get across to the far side. (On some levels, access to the sword is blocked by an invisible barrier. A fire arrow will destroy it.) Grab the sword and the objective to find it will check off. Return to the central courtyard; go back through the doorway into the armory.


Climb partway up the stairs and wait for the guards to have a conversation. Afterwards, one of them will leave but the other, Captain Thulus, will stay. Wait until his back is turned, then get into the upper room and take a gold key that he is wearing. Use it to unlock the south door and enter his bedroom. Help yourself to 3 gold coinstacks, worth 75g. (883), that are sitting on the desk, and open the wooden chest to pick up some rope arrows. The "Chamber key" is inside the small box on the dresser. That's it for this room, so go back out to the main room and through the other door to the hallway.

Turn left (W) and enter the guardroom. Take care of the guard, open the chest for a water arrow, and go through into the next hallway. To the left is a bathroom which is a convenient place to wait to ambush the archer patrolling this area. Don't forget to grab his purse, which is worth 100g. (983). Open the door at the north end of the hallway with the "Chamber key" and enter Katrina's private suite. In the storage room you can add a rope arrow to your inventory. The bedroom contains a necklace, worth 200g. (1183), a ring, worth 100g. (1283), and two gold candlesticks worth 100g. (1383). You'll find Katrina's diary locked in the black chest. In the sitting room there's a blue goblet, worth 100 g. (1483) and a gold goblet, worth 25g. (1508). There is a secret door in the back of the fireplace (frobbable) that hides a blue gem, worth 60g. (1568). Open the north door and walk down the stairs and through the door at the bottom into a hallway. Check the storage room on the right to pick up a water arrow, then continue through the next door and into another hallway. Straight ahead is Katrina's bathing room, where you'll find the "Chapel" key on a table. If you're playing on Thief, you need to kill Katrina but make it appear to have been an accident. Just knock her out and dump her in her own bathtub. Head through the archway on the south side of the hallway, pick up a moss arrow from the grass, and pick the lockbox on the wall to open the gate.

The Spirit Stone and Constantine:

Go through the door at the end of the hallway, turn right through another door, and then open the door on the left. Through the next door is a chapel of sorts where you will find Constantine's body lying on the altar. As soon as you enter the room, you will receive a new objective to find a way to permanently dispose of Constantine. You will find the Spirit Stone lying on the ground behind the altar, which completes another objective. Pick up Constantine, leave the chapel, and go up the north stairs. Unlock the doors at the top with the "Chapel" key, turn right (S), go through the next door and then through the door on the right. Climb the stairs, walk through three doors, and you'll be in the kitchen, where you can pick up a goblet, worth 15g. (1583), from the sink. Leave through the west door (make sure you still have Constantine with you) and through the end (S) door into a machinery room. There's a small side room with a hole in the floor and if you look down, you'll see lava at the bottom. The perfect place to dispose of Constantine! Drop him down, wait for a few seconds and Garrett will say "Oh, yeah, he's gone," and the objective to get rid of Constantine will complete.

The Necromancer:

Back out in the hallway, go through the door on the right into the dining room, where you can pick up an urn, worth 100g. (1683), then slash the banner to find a hidden compartment where all the good dishes are kept. There are 2 gold plates, worth 100g. (1783), 2 gold goblets, worth 50g. (1833), and 2 purple goblets, worth 30g. (1863). Return to the kitchen and leave by the east door. You'll end up back outside the door into Katrina's rooms. Turn right (S), go back through the guardroom and continue east along the next hallway to a door with a couple of steps outside of it. Enter, then turn right and go into a room with a big statue in the center. This is where you get to use those disgusting body parts you've been lugging around. Read the poem on the plaque, which gives you the clues you need to solve this puzzle. Drop the skeletal arm into the hole surrounded by rocks (hard earth), the torso into the hole with the water, and place the head on the altar. Light the torch on the statue with a fire arrow and go out into the hallway. You'll see the door on the right opening. Head through it and down into Rathis' bedroom. Here you'll find a mask, worth 100g. (1963), sitting on a table and a ring, worth 100g. (2063), inside a chest. In the next room, which appears to be a lab, there's a gold coinstack, worth 50g. (2113), inside a chest and a gas mine (not on Assassin), a speed potion and a healing potion sitting on the shelves.

This paragraph applies ONLY to Assassin and Thief difficulty levels. This section is not accessible on Burglar.
Look on the desk for a button and push it then go back out into the bedroom. A secret door will have opened in the SE corner. Enter, turn left and go through the water-filled doorway at the end. (It’s dark, so draw the Sword of St. Edgar you need light by which to see.) Beyond is a hallway and at the far end, you can see the Necromancer pacing around. Kill him, which is rather easy. He goes down with one backstab. Once that is done, go back out into the bedroom.

Getting Out:

You're almost done. Leave Rathis' rooms and go back out to the walkway around the central courtyard. Turn right (N), go through the guard room, and you'll be facing an elevator. (If you want to collect all the loot on Burglar, you need to go all the way back to the spot where you started the mission and smash open the locked door you couldn't open before. Climb the fallen beams to the upper floor, open the chest, pick up a gold wine bottle, worth 50g. (2163), then return to this spot within Cult hideout.) Ride the elevator up and open the door at the top.

Head down the right-hand (to the NW) tunnel and pick up a mine lying by some bones on the floor. At the end of the tunnel, there's a little house. Inside is a gold statue, worth 75g. (2238). Jump down the well and swim through the tunnel to end mission.


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