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The Thing scuttled across the space between us and leapt for my legs!

Benny's Dead


1. All locked doors, chests, etc. that require keys are noted. Everything else is either unlocked or can be unlocked with your lockpicks.
2. This walkthrough applies to all difficulty levels. In Extra Spicy you are limited to five KOs, so don't use your blackjack unless it is absolutely necessary. However, in Cakewalk and Normal, feel free to bash away!


You begin the mission on the city streets, just outside the Hotel back gate. Sneak past the gate, making sure the guards inside do not spot you, then continue up the street, across a small wooden bridge and then left (E) through an archway. On the far side of the archway, the street divides into two. Take the right (S) turn, go around the corner and walk along. Just past some barrels is a ladder that goes up to a metal walkway. It's a good idea to shoot a moss arrow onto the metal to dampen the sound. Climb up and enter the apartment through the open window. Pick up a gold candlestick (50) from the desk, then open the chest in the next room where you'll find a blue crystal (+25 = 75). Go back to the top of the ladder and look east. You will see that there are two people (a woman and a guard) blocking that street, so when you climb down, turn back the way you came (N) and go through the little archway.

Turn right (E), walk along a short way and pick open the Weapons Shop door on the right. Move quietly in here because the proprietor is in the back room. There are some broadheads in a chest, a healing potion on the table beside it, a scouting orb on the shelves near the door, and some water and moss arrows on the table round the corner close to the counter. Pick up some flares from the counter then open the door to the bedroom. This room is well lit and the shopkeeper is standing on the bed. You can get into the doorway undetected if you walk in quickly just far enough to get into shadow. From there, climb up onto the desk (you may want to use a moss arrow on the floor here), walk across the table (ignore the candle) and onto the bed behind the man. Open the safe and take out a frogbeast egg and a flash mine. Getting the rest of the contents can be difficult. You could use the egg or the flash mine on the man (throw them between the door and the armoire), or knock him out, or try to nudge him aside to allow you to get at the rest of the loot without being spotted. It consists of a silver coinstack (+12 = 87), 2 copper coinstacks (+10 =97) and a spice bag (+40 = 137). If the man is still alert, sneak back across to the dark spot in the doorway, dash out and shut it behind you.

Return to the street, turn right (E), and go to the east side of the tall building with lighted windows at the top. Go up the steps and use your lockpicks on the metal door. Inside, on the floor in the SE corner, you will find a fire arrow and a mine. Climb the ladder and read the book on the table. You'll learn that that this is the Sewerman's room, and that he had a terrifying experience whilst working down in the sewers. He lost the Gate key down below somewhere in his panic to escape, and he has locked every sewer entrance to prevent the Horror from emerging! There is a purse (+100 = 237) sitting on the table and the "Sewer Hatch Key" is on the man's waist.

Leave the building, turn right (S), then left at the corner to enter the large town square. Beware the archer off to your left! Cross to the door on the east side that is flanked by torches. The sign says it's the Mechanist Recruiting Station #113. Best be careful, then! Go in quietly and enter the room on the left (N). Take the two black jars (+40 = 277) sitting on the ledge at the bottom of the bookcase. There's nothing else of value in this building so go back out to the street, turn left, and look up at the building to the west. There are pieces of wood protruding from the edge of the lower section of roof. Put a rope arrow into one, climb up, open the shutters in the roof and climb the ladder down into the room below.

Read the book on the table, which tells you about some creatures called Bogeys that inhabit the sewers. It appears that the woman who is staying here has been studying them. In the room to the west are a necklace (+200 = 477) and a coin (+20 = 497) sitting on the table by the sofa. Return to the street.

The Sewers

There are two ways into the sewers. One of them (recommended) gives you access to flares and an invisibility potion, but you may take a bit of damage. The other way is painless, but you won't get the flares or the potion.

1. The Painless Way

Go back past the Recruiting Station and turn left at the end of the street. Unlock the sewer hatch in the corner with the "Sewer Hatch Key" and climb down the ladder into the sewers. There is a passage in the NW corner of this room. Go down it (W), then south to a flooded room. Go up the eastern ramp and follow the metal gangway round to arrive at a room with a big machine in the middle.

2. The Potion Way

Turn south and then right (W) at the corner. You'll be heading back towards the woman and the guard you saw earlier from the other side, but before you get close enough to be noticed, you will come to an opening on your left. Turn here, go up the ramp and mantle up onto the raised section with the machinery sitting on it. Unlock the sewer hatch with the "Sewer Hatch Key" and climb down into the sewers.

You'll be in a room with another big hatch in the floor - you can open this with the lever nearby. Drop down (ouch!), and in the room to the east you will find some flares and an invisibility potion lying on the ground.

Return to the adjoining room, crawl out through the hole in the north wall and drop down into a watery sewer tunnel. Continue north through a doorway and into a room with a big machine in the middle.

The Sewer Gate Keys

Both routes will have brought you to this room. Leave it via the exit to the west, walk along the passageway and carefully peek into a big round room populated with Bogeys. Don't be fooled by their appearance! They're fast and dangerous, so be cautious. The one to the southwest, standing alone by the pipes, is wearing a light gold "Sewer Gate Key". You need to get it somehow (hint - the invisibility potion may help). Return to the room with the machine in the center and go through the north doorway.

Follow the metal gangway round, and continue to a flooded room with ramps. There is a second flooded room with ramps to the west, and between them is a passage heading north. Creep down there carefully and you'll see a Bogey walking along a beam overhead chucking things into the water. Climb partway down the ladder and get off on the west side onto the ledge above the water. Another Bogey is standing at the end of this hallway, and he is wearing a reddish-gold "Sewer Gate Key". When you have both Sewer Gate keys, jump into the water and swim down to the gate in the east wall. Unlock it with the light gold Sewer Gate Key, then swim into the next room and thence through the tunnel to the east. Unlock the gate at the end with the reddish-gold Sewer Gate Key. Head through and climb up the ladder into a machinery room.

Moth Town Watch Substation 4

Go through the door to the street, turn right, then left, and head east towards the Moth Town Watch Station. Keep an eye out for a patrolling guard wearing a purse (+100 = 597). Go between the statues, turn right, then left past the stocks, left again, and through the door on the right into the Watch Station. Cross to the front desk, read the red book, then go into the office behind, taking care to stay out of sight of the archer on the balcony and the patrolling guard. Go to the desk on the north side of the room and help yourself to 2 gold coinstacks (+50 = 647). Wait for the guard to patrol through the lobby, then follow him upstairs and sneak into Lt. Torrion's office. Push the button on the baseboard in the corner to the left of the armoire to open the safe. Inside it are 3 gold coinstacks (+75 = 722) and a note. Now go to Capt. B. Hill's office next door (B for Benny?), use your lockpicks to open the safe, and collect some water arrows and the "Hotel Key".

Go back downstairs, out the door, turn right, sneak past the guard who is dozing in a chair and go through the wooden door on the right. If you go across the hallway the jail is through the door on the right, but there's not much in there except a note. The door at the east end of the hallway leads to a barracks room where you can pick up a noisemaker arrow, an invisibility potion, a purse (+100 = 822) and a gem (+100 = 922).

Return to the street and turn right (N) then keep going. Watch out for a patrolling archer, and soon you will enter a small square. There is a guard in front of the gate into the Hotel on the west side. MacHinery's Restaurant, which has been closed as a health hazard, is on the east side. The chest on the roof above the Take Out window contains a rope arrow. Open the Take Out window and help yourself to the silver coinstack (+12 = 934) in the cash box. There's no need to go into the restaurant itself, which is full of spiders and rats. The back courtyard is occupied by two Bogeys but there is nothing of value anywhere in this area.

Cross to the Hotel gate, unlock it with the key you found in Capt. Hill's safe and enter the Hotel grounds. At this point, the objective to enter the Hotel will check off.

The Hotel

Beware of the archer on the balcony to your right. There is a flashbomb in the left-hand chest in the room below. Now walk through one of the hotel archways and ride the elevator up to the Mall. Go inside, turn right, frob the grate in the floor then jump down into the vent pipe below. Walk south then take the second turn right. Pick up the crate lying on the floor, go back a couple of paces and turn down the passageway on the left (S). Open the grate in the ceiling at the end, stand on the box and mantle up into the Gift Shop. On the shelves in here are 3 silver statues (+45 = 979) and 2 plates (+20 = 999).

Jump back down into the vent pipe, take your box, go to the corner and turn left. Head down the next passageway, open the grate at the end and climb up into Ariadne's. There are some moss arrows in the chest here. Return to the pipe, walk back towards the grate where you entered and turn left (W). Grab another box here and head down the first passageway. Climb up into the room above but be careful to stay out of the sight of the Watcher. This is Tillinghast's shop and you'll find a blue crystal (+25 = 1024) in the toolbox in the corner. If you like a challenge, try sneaking over to the shelves against the far wall where you can pick up a mine, a flashmine and a couple of scouting orbs.

The grate at the end of the last tunnel leads up into the Money Exchange but you need a code that you haven't yet found, so leave it for now. Climb back up into the Lobby, go carefully through the red curtained doorway on the west wall and up the ramp. Creep round behind the stairs and crawl into the square pipe. Climb the ladder, jump off on either side at the top and follow the pipe to a banner you can slash. You're by the Reception Desk. There is a pair of spectacles (+50 = 1074) in a niche below the counter and a black jar (+20 = 1094) and a silver statue (+15 = 1109) on the shelves on the wall behind.

When the guard is at the far end, take the elevator up to the Lobby. Someone has tossed a couple of coins (+40 = 1149) in the pond here. The bar is through the south door from the Lobby. There is a gold coinstack (+25 = 1174) in a box under the counter, and 2 purple goblets (+30 = 1204), a gold wine bottle (+50 = 1254) and a spice bag (+40 = 1294) on the shelves.

The doors on the west side of the Bar lead out to the lower level of guest rooms. In Room #1, you'll find a silver statue (+15 = 1309) on the mantelpiece and a gold nugget (+100 = 1409) in the chest. Room #2 is empty except for a lazy guard taking a nap in front of the fire, but in Room #3 you can pick up a set of dice (+50 = 1459). The scroll here contains is a list of names and at the top is the number 7314. This is the code to the safe in the Money Exchange so we'll go back there before going up to the next level of rooms.

Return to the Lobby, go down the elevator and back out to the Mall. Climb back down into the pipes through the grate in the NE corner, take the first turn right and go down to the end passageway. Follow it to the end (don't forget to pick up a box) and climb up into the Money Exchange. Enter the code with the keypad on the wall and the big vault door will open.

You will have to shut down or avoid the bot patrolling in here. Climb down to the lower floor, up the ladder on the central column and jump onto the walkway. Open the safes by pushing the buttons on the center column and inside them you'll find 5 bronze coinstacks (+ 25 = 1484), 2 coins (+40 = 1524), a gold statue (+ 75 = 1599) and 3 black jars (+60 = 1659). That's it for in here so go all the way back up to the Bar, up the stairs and out to the upper level of hotel rooms.

Walk around just past the elevator room on the south side, pick up 2 coins (+40 = 1699) and a healing potion from the windowsill, then take the elevator down to the lower level. There are 2 doors in the SE corner. The nearest one is to the Steward's rooms and the other leads into the office of the Recreation Director. Enter the latter and climb the ladder to the upper room. Open the chest to pick up a healing fruit then head out onto the balcony where you'll find a gold wine bottle (+50 = 1749) and a purple goblet (+15 = 1764). Jump over to the Steward's balcony, enter his bedroom and take some water arrows from the chest. Climb down the ladder and read the book on the desk, then use your picklocks on the door. Go out to the right and back through the Bar into the Lobby.

The door to the north leads to the dining room, and thence to the kitchen, where you can pick up 2 spice bags from the shelf above the sink (+80 = 1844). Exit the dining room through the east door and walk along a hallway and through the second door on the left into a small library. There is a gold candlestick (+50 = 1894) on the table. Leave this room, continue along the hallway through the red curtain at the end and go down a small set of steps into a room with a door to the garden.

Go through the doorway at the far side and up some stairs to the servants' quarters. There are 3 copper coinstacks (+15 = 1909) on the table in the second room on the left. Continue south, down the stairs, across and up the steps opposite and through the red curtains into a hallway. Go past the first door, which is locked, and creep into the next - there is a guard inside just past a closed gate. Get past the guard and into the Manager's Suite behind him. There are 4 masks (+200 = 2109), mounted on the wall by the stairs. Upstairs, in the bedroom chest is a reddish gold key and sitting by the sink in the bathroom is a ring (+100 = 2209).

Return to the hallway, turn right and go back to the locked door you passed earlier. Unlock it with the reddish gold key and enter. A guard will come in behind you and attack you. Fight back and kill him. A sequence takes place, you will find out all you wanted to know and more, and then you can walk out. End of mission.

Nightwalker and Freddy Fox   -   10th August 2004