“Wicked Webs We Weave”

1st GOAL: Just proceed to the Presidents Office. From the Courtyard where you start in game. From the Big Main Gate go left until you come to your first Balcony on the Right. Rope Arrow up, enter, go to your left and you will see the double doors and the Plaque to the right of the door.

2nd GOAL : Snoop around in the Presidents Office. Go to the Gold Waste Paper Basket and pick up the Crumpled Letter:”Letter to Associates” Read the Letter!

The 1st GOAL: is now Cancelled.

3rd GOAL: Place the “Voice Recorder” on the Presidents Desk. When you place it on His Desk the Spectalcles will be in the Gold Paper Tray on the corner of His desk.

4th GOAL: Place the Presidents Spectacles in the Vault. When they are deposited in the Vault Goal 4 is Complete.

5th GOAL: Find the Combination to the Vault. The “Letter to Associates mentions Maltop. He is Patrolling in the Great Hall. Snatch his Scroll and read it. Go to the Hall of Records and read the unrolled scroll on the table. It gives you additional clues. (actual spoiler here for the Combo Numbers.

6th GOAL: The Frame is Complete. Return to the Presidents Office and hide up on the Beam. From the Vault once you have deposited the Spectacles (just on the floor in the Vault is fine) go south from the Vault, past the Guard Station on your left, and past the Great Dome on your right. You will see a Ramp and a Door to your Left. Go thru the door and all the way upstairs on the CatWalk and you will see the Gold Framed Window. Jump thru it or walk around back to the Presidents Office.

7th GOAL: Don’t let the President See you! Don’t attack Him. If he sees you, or if you attack Him the Mission will FAIL. When you are up on the Beam above his desk, the 6th GOAL will Complete. Watch the President and he will open a Secret Statue door exposing a compartment in the Floor. When the President leaves the Room you can jump down and Frob the switch behind the Statue. Read the Crumpled Letter:”Letter to Hired Thieves” This will give you the next objective.

8th GOAL: Get the Treasure Book, before the Roof Top Thieves do. Now you can go up thru the Big Dome by rope arrowing to the Beam, and frobbing the Giant Statue on top of it, or you can go back to the Balcony close to the Presidents Office, go Right and when you come to the Large Crates (2) Mantle up and climb to the Roof. Stay fairly close to the Dome, and a good place to watch is on Top of Dome.

The Presidents Hired Thieves will blast the Blocks away from the Old Air Vent.

If you watch long enough the Thieves will take care of each other and Egor the Monster Spider who dwells in the Air Vent. If the Bowman is still standing, wait for him to resume his stance and Black Jack him. Go into the Vent and frob the switch about half way down and on the Ceiling of the Vent. Go inside, stand up and turn around. The Treasure Book is on the Shelf. Read the Treasure Book and on the Last two pages ,Henry will clue you on where to go to find the Secret Room to locate the Golden Key.

9th GOAL: Find the Golden Treasure Key. Go back out to the Roof thru the Vent and get your Compass out Head South East, following the Long Long building structure on your left. Go to the corner of this structure and go left. Mantle up the Large Octagonal Roof Structure and jump down. You will see a PortCullis in the Window, and a switch to Frob to the right of the Window inside. Go to your left,

And your are now in the outer security room. Go into the Security room and go straight back to the wall. You will find a “Master Alarm Shutoff” switch. This will disable the 22 security cameras in the Mission, and get rid of the added noise they make.( This is your option, as it is fun to sneak around them.)

From the Security Room go back out and walk past the GrandFather Clock and you will come to a door on your left. This takes you into the “Hall of Statues” Midway into the “Hall of Statues” is “Clue Two” on the shiny plaque on the Pillar. This is one of the Plaques necessary to solve the Combination to the Vault. Keep walking North by NorthWest and thru the next small room and to the Hallway. There will be a Plaque on your right saying:” To Security Office” Go to the next Hall and go Right, and Right again around the Corner and you will see the Grand Father Clock mentioned in the “Treasure Book” and also you will see the Two Paintings described in the “Treasure Book” along with the Navigation Globe in the Corner.

Frob the Clock, and walk into the small office on your right. Go into the Secret Room where Henry died, and a New Objective will appear.

10th GOAL: Find out who the Dead Man was. Frob the Scroll, and read about him, and what he wants you do. Find Dew Drop for his Daughter. Completes Goal 10.

11th GOAL: Find Dew Drop as the Last Request of the Dead Man. Frob the Golden Key and this Completes the 9th GOAl, and a New Objective appears: Make a wax impression of the Golden Key. Simply go to the Basement to the Powered Wax Machine Room, and then go from there.

12th GOAL: Make a Wax Impression of the Golden Key. Once you do Goal 12 is Complete.

13th GOAL: Return the Golden Key to the Dead Mans Room. Once you do Goal 13 is Complete.

When you have found Dew Drop Dolly Goal 11 completes.

Now to find Dew Drop Dolly we leave the secret room and proceed back to the Main Hall go South, and then Right and then left, you will walk past a small glass window,

And then enter into a larger room. Go straight, and you will come to the Main StairWay which will take you to all floors. There is a small pond at the base of the stairs. Now take the stairs to the 2nd Floor and go straight (West) go into the small room and go left and past the Security Camera and out into the HallWay. Follow the HallWay all the way down and it dead ends. Go left and follow around the Marble Hollow, and past another Security Camera Looking at you thru a window in the office of an executive. Walk past that and go straight, and you will see the Harp.

Frob the Harp and a Secret Door will slide open. From the Harp go West to the wall, and look down on your right. You will hear a tiny spider in there, but don’t worry, as he is harmless to you. Pick up the Doll. The 11th GOAL is now Complete.

Trish, the Child Ghost, and Henry’s Daughter will appear. Watch her and she will walk over to the small table next to the couch and leave you a scroll. She tells you to place the Doll on her Gravestone, and that her Father buried a Big Red Ruby in her grave. She also leaves you with the only key to the Presidents Chateau.(Estate) Located behind the PortCullis in the Courtyard where you started the Game.

After you have read the Child’s Scroll, a New Objective will appear: Aquire the Ruby Key to complete your quest.

14th GOAL: Aquire the Ruby Key to complet your quest. Just go back to the balcony that originally lead to the Presidents Office, go left and back to the CourtYard. Go thru the Presidents PortCullis, enter his estate, and you will see the Sacred Cemetary behind the Iron Fence. Go into The Presidents House and on the Desk you will find the Key to the “Dark Lairs Passage”

To Aquire the Ruby, show your doll in inventory while Hilighting the Grave Stone, and press your keyboard ctrl button, and the Ghost Child is happy you have met her request by placing Her Doll on the Grave Stone. The Ruby appears at the Base of the Grave Marker. This completes Goal 14.

15th GOAL: Find the Passage to the Dark Lair. The door is to your right as you exit the Sacred Cemetary. If you have completed your loot goals and the Ruby Key goal the mission will end, and it is a good idea to save after obtaining the Ruby Key, as Sometimes the Haunt with that big nasty Hammer will kill you, because he is Guarding the Passage. Nine out of Ten, the Mission will Successfully complete before He Kills you. If by chance he kills you and you die, with Mission Incomplete, reload to your last save. There are plenty of Power ups, and Health Potions.

The Don’t do Objectives, like don’t be seen, don’t kill ect, are completed in the Passage to the Lair.

Just a final Note: If you happen to be un-Thiefy in the Presidents room and are spotted by the Robot, it is a good idea to reload to the last save, as if the Big Window in His Office is Broken, the President may be alarmed by it and the Mission will Fail. You cant allow the Person you are framing to know that anything is occurring.

Combination to the Vault Spoiler

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