Two Fathers

walkthrough from beginning to out of the caves

Tip on Mantling- Mantling and jumping in the caves can be frustrating, but with a bit of practice it can become easier. One trick that helps when mantling

these odd shapes is to walk up as closely to the edge you are mantling as you

possibly can, than backing up a half step. It also helps to get the horizon level in your line of site. If you are mantling a shape that has some point jutting out somewhere, oddly enough that is the often the most easy place to face the jump. If you don't back up a half step, you will just bounce backwards, and usually fall. For running jumps, don't look down, look straight ahead at your jump area. Quicksave frequently, but make sure you are not stuck in a brush first, by hopping and listening for solid foot falls.

Don't quicksave in water.

Start- you will fall down a sewer manhole. Turn and face east to

run down the passage. At the grating look right (facing south). In the dark at the end of the five foot tunnel is a ladder. Climb it and hop out through the sewer cover.

(Note: see loot list for loot in this area. Also, equipment is upstairs of NW building)

Behind the NW building is the entrance of the caves. Head W to end, follow turn S to connecting tunnel heading SW. Follow it to the lit area with spiders head W to connecting tunnel that heads N with a small water pool. Quicksaving here is advised before jumping in the water.

The water is basically a series of water pillars one after another in a row, heading basically due north. Near the top of bottom of each pillar is the short connecting tunnels between these pillars. Use your compass and make sure you are always heading basically N.

Dive to the bottom of the first pillar, through the short tunnel to the next pillar, head up.

At the top of this pillar is another short tunnel to the next pillar. Head down the pillar, at the bottom is another connecting tunnel to the next pillar.

The next pillar has a breathing hole at the top except on expert. On expert you'd better skip this pillar and head for the red lit barnacle, pass it heading NE and you'll see the exit of the water tunnels. (Note: there is a loot nugget near the top of the pillar with the air hole) You can quicksave once you're out of the water on expert and go back to get it. You have just enough air to get it and make it back.

Once you are out of the water, you'll see a NW entrance (left) and a NE entrance (right) to more caves. You want the one to the right, where you can see there are pillars.

Mantle the short pillar, than the medium pillar, than the tallest of the three. Face N, not W. Mantle the next step which is at eye level, and then again to the step above your head.

Head up the tunnel in a WNW direction with a slight turn half way so you're going NNW. You'll pass some spiders.

When you get to the area with the Johnny and Garrett note, face almost perfectly E, you'll see three columns with a long drop. Hop them and continue E to the end of the tunnel and turn south, up a slope to an area with three connecting tunnels. The S one, (with the light crystal overhead) is the one you want.

Go westerly to the large cavern area. Hop on the column. Still facing W, you'll see a large column in the center you can hop on. Once you're on top of the center column, face almost perfectly N to the see the ledge on which you hop next. Then hop again to the ledge overhead, and drop down into the tunnel you are facing.

Walk through the tunnel until you drop about a foot in a small cave area, turn left and do a hairpin turn. You are facing two openings (one is partly blocked by a rock). Choose the one without the rock, to the left. You are now facing the cavern again, and can see the central column. To your right (almost perfectly S) is another column. Hop on it. Standing on that column, face S.

To your right (W) you can see another tunnel. Drop down into it and head toward the light crystal at the end of that tunnel. Half way up, there is another tunnel to your left. Take it to the bottom, where you see the next column on which you must hop. Hop on it.

Again, you can see the main cavern. Look right and face SW. Drop down into the tunnel in front of you, and walk up a few feet to a small cave area with a light crystal overhead.

To the left is another connecting tunnel. Follow it heading almost SE, up, where it turns to the left. Follow it up heading NE. When you get to a cave area in which you can stand, there is a tunnel let reddish facing NW. The next hole as you turn to your right is the one you want to take. (You may hear crickets by now.)

Head through it due E until you come to a cave area with a light mushroom and a rock sitting in a tunnel heading south, and another hole with dirt walls to the E. Go into the dirt area. Climb to the top of a 4 or 5 foot high pile of dirt. Look up, and rope arrow the wood boards above your head, climb and jump out of the sinkole.