WalkThrough for: TO WHOM THE BELL TOLLS by DarthsLair

Garrett is scouting about searching for a few trinkets and decides to visit GrimLot Cemetery. Maybe alittle treasure? He jumps through the roof of one of the Tombs and

climbs down his ladder only to find nothing of value in the Tomb. He exits the Tomb to find alittle loot(a nugget must have been pushed out of the ground by the plant) and

to the left of that a moss crystal plant. Proceeding to the Care Takers Building he walks in and discovers a body lying on the floor ,and near the body a bottle of Zomberry

Poison, and a suicide note. Osario, an ex-novice and the best of friends with Morris and Johnathan(Keepers of the Bell) who's bodies were not shown in the Wake, nor

were there any Caskets. Seems to be something wrong here....Garrett thinks. Garrett picks up Osario's Diary and exits, and straight ahead is a Water Cystern full of

Water crystals and Osario's lost ring.(from dipping the bucket in to water the numerous plants in the Cemetery. Garrett proceeds to an open Grave and upon reading it

he confirms that Osario had dug his own grave and intended to bury himself, but could not make it. The Zomberry Poison Juice worked too quickly.

Garrett enters the grave and follows the tunnel( probably dug by Osario when he needed to find more information about the demise of his two closest friends.) which

ends in the “Keepers of the Bell” Cemetery. A Novice is awaiting any guests who would come to pay their respects to the four Bell Keepers buried there. He has a

Key to the Gate, or you can pick the Key Pad to enter The Vondrake Library. (a thorough search of the Bell Keeper Cemetery will reveal some interesting clues, and

some useful tools will also be found.)

Douse the torches in the Foyer and shoot a couple of Moss Arrows, so as to stay quiet, and read the books on the tables in the foyer. Proceed to the double doors and

stay back in the shadows and wait for an opportune time to Smack Jack the Hammer Guard. Make sure the other two guards do not see you. Once in the Library, and

after you have knocked out the Door guard, and the Patrolling guard closest to you, douse out the torch above one of the tables next to the wall leading to the lower floor. Be careful that

the Upper Floor Hammer does not look down and see the Door guard still lying in the Light, so douse out the torch under the upper stairs. You will see a Fire Alarm

Bell on the Ceiling in this part of the Library. This where some of the Key books are kept. " The Keepers of the Bell" book is your primary target here, for without it you

cannot solve and proceed to the Bell Tower. Now that you have this key book, it is necessary to collect all three of the Bell Keys to access the Bell Tower. Once you

have entered the bell tower you will find more clues, and information about the events that took place.

If you read one of the books on the tables near where you entered the Library from the Foyer, then you heard tell of old Air Vents in the Cathedral of Poliuse. Climb

down the ladder in the corner of the bell tower and your next objective is to find the Tomb of Mage Poliuse and Mage Vondrake and to Steal Polisuse's Sword called

The Dead Maker”. Proceed down the ladder and you'll find the small air shafts to your left and right. Stay quiet and when you reach the Air Shaft Grills you'll see a

red throw switch on the floor. The Switches in both air vents control the Hammer Banners to rise up to allow you to pick up both Golden Skull Keys(which will allow

you access to The Tomb which is under the Stairs near The Bell Room) and the Key off the Belt of Priest Chalizar which you will need to access his private quarters. His Quarters are

located on the Dining Room floor.(# 2 Elevator Button) You probably heard a spider above your head in the Bell Tower. Use a rope arrow to obtain a purse of gold sitting on a wooden beam.

If you read Majuse's Book of Confessions in the Bell Tower, then you now have the Objective to find him and Destroy him. If you picked the Lock on Osario's and

the Bell Keepers old room, and read Osario's Journal, then you now have the Objective to find out what you can about Priest Chalizar. You have the Key to his

quarters now and in his Quarters behind the Banner you will find his reasoning in the book in his wall safe. The Book called: “Book of nasty secrets”.

From here go to Poliuse’s Tomb. It’s on the same floor that the elevator stops on # 3. Head through the door back through the Bell Room(where the harp is) and to the left or straight, then

You will find it near and under the stairs where the two empty pedestals are standing. Place

One skull on each Pedestal by highlighting the pedestal and pressing ctrl button(the button you configured as your” use” button. The hidden door will open and inside the Tomb you

Will find The Dead Maker Sword on Vondrakes Sarcophagus along with Vondrakes Dagger.

On the Poliuse Sarcophagus you will find only golden bones. On the middle Sarcophagus you

Will find the key to the Cathedral Corridor, and a Big Book. Read the Book.

If you run into Majuse, and you feel like destroying him, then this is certainly an opportune time

To do it, or he might just kill you. Your choice! After he is Slain, he will leave a scroll where you

Killed him. Also a new Objective will appear in your Objectives Window. Now you must destroy

His Master….DRAGUL. Proceed up two floors past the Purple Tile wall and down all the way and

Then to the right. You will see the door and a Statue to the Left. The Plaque reads: The Cathedral is in Session. A Key must be obtained from Priest Chalizar.

Theres a guard patrolling the Corridor and he carry’s the only key to Keeper Chantrel’s Office.

If you want to remain unseen by the Hammerites then it wise not to attempt to walk up the Cathedral Stairway. You now have the key to the Keeper’s Office. On the table near the Book

Shelf you’ll find a Book with some Pointers to the Alarm Bell mounted on the Ceiling in the Main

Library. It mentions the Slain one…referring to Dragul. Once destroyed by Poliuse.

To the far corner is a Healing Font. Frob it and a Ceiling Door will open, and a New Objective

Will instruct you to Steal Johnathan’s Rosary. You’ll find a Key to the Pit in the Treasure Chest.

If you have frobbed the Healing Font, then the Best way into the Cathedral is through the trap door In the ceiling.

To find “The Pit”(Draguls Lair) you must take the Elevator all the down to the Engineering Room and then step out of the Elevator leaving the door open. Push elevator button # 2. The elevator

Will rise. Use the key to the Pit on the Lock Box to the left of the Elevator Doorway. The floor

Will open up allowing access to the pit via a ladder. Step towards the Ladder as if you are stepping in the hole and then look up if you find yourself sliding to quickly then look up and you

Will slow down. The Ladder is old, and has’nt been used for decades. When you arrive at the

Bottom of the stairs, you will find another door. The Pit key also fits this door. Becareful and let

Dragul Pass by the door before you open it, or he will hear and see you.

You are in Dragul’s Lair now and you must destroy him. You’ll find plenty of power-ups and you

Also have your” Defender Sword” which does have some magical properties to help you defeat him. Spoiler: The flashbombs will be useful to blind him long enough to use Holy Water on him.

When you have killed him he will disappear leaving you a scroll. A personal message to you.

Head back through The Unknown grave and the tunnel leading you back to” Grim Lot Cemetary”.

Go to the door on the other side of the fenced graves, and enter the tomb through the door.

Head for the Hole in the roof and the Mission will end if you’ve accomplished all of your Objectives.


Some notes: Majuse is easy to destroy using the “Defender Sword” in Garrett’s Inventory.

Dragul is difficult to destroy, as he was once destroyed by Poliuse, and of course came back

Stronger than before. Evil is not always easy to destroy, but Garrett is the only one capable

Of destroying him in this mission.

The Location of the Bells: Bedroom of Cedric the Cook, Dining/Gaming Room fireplace Mantle,

And off the Engineering Room and down in the Storage Room under the crate next to the box

Of Hammers.

Have fun, and Good Luck!