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The Builder is terrible, and we must thus harness that to strike fear into the hearts of our enemies.

Hammerite Imperium

The Seven Shades of Mercury


Blue Team Area

You begin the mission on a piece of ice in a canal below a waterfall. Jump into the water and look around for a couple of water arrows. Clamber up onto the piece of ice adjacent to the building then get over onto the ledge. You have no weapons at the moment so you’ll have to ghost the first little bit of the mission.

Walk up the slanting walkway and duck into a shadowy corner to the right in the room at the top. Wait for a guard to walk through on his way down to the canal then scurry up the other passageways until you reach a room with a couple of generators. Pick a moss arrow from the ceiling just before entering and stay right by the door for a bit. A fight will take place between two blue team members and two gold team members – the gold team usually wins.

Turn the wheel on the wall to the right of the entrance to disable an electrical trap in the next hallway then hug the wall to get over into the northeast corner where there’s a switch that turns off the lights. Open the toolbox to collect a noisemaker arrow. You should be able to slip along behind the generator on the south side of the room and get to the hallway without being spotted by whoever wins the fight. If necessary you can lure them away from the doorway with the noisemaker

Walk through the trap you disabled and turn right into a room but do NOT walk to the left of the doorway. There’s a trip wire to the left of the door that sets off a gas trap. (You can use this trap to gas any of the guards in this area. Turn to the right and there’s a panel on the wall. Open it and there’s a switch to turn on the gas. Just make sure you’re not standing too close or you’ll gas yourself too.) Jump over the trip wire, walk along the hall and exit into the corridor. There is another gas trap switch on the left as you exit. Creep quietly into the next room, jump into the water, swim down and get the Blue Team Icon from the bottom of the pool. Objective complete!

Climb out on the far side, climb the ladder, crawl into the large pipe and read a note that’s been left there. Run out of the far end towards the left (don't jump) and hopefully you’ll land on the strip of water above the lower section of the waterfall. (If you are unlucky, it's possible to climb up from the bottom via the "joint" between water and wall.) Walk to the far side and get the rope arrows that are stuck in the wall. (You may need to mantle up onto the edge of the waterfall.) Move over to the centre of the waterfall and ride it back down to the canal. If you stay underwater the undertow may stop you making any progress, so surface as soon as you can. Now follow the same path you took at the beginning to get back to the generator room.

Enter the hallway leading to the gas trap and if you look up you’ll notice a hole in the ceiling a short way along. Use one of the rope arrows you found to climb up into the passageways above. There’s a coin (+20) lying on the floor a little way along to the left. Go back the other way, turning right at the corner, and reach round behind the partially raised gate to pick up a silver nugget (+50 = 70) on the right. Turn around and head to the other end of this short corridor. Climb the ladder, open the hatch at the top and mantle up into the armory. Get your gear from the chest. Objective complete!

Gold Team Area

Go through the NW door, get the vase (+100 = 170) from the table and the gas arrow and gold hammer (+75 = 245) from the chest. Go through the end door and KO the guard who is overlooking the foyer. Return to the armory and go back down the ladder. Turn right at the corner, walk to the far end and turn right again. Follow the passage to the end then climb the ladder to emerge in the Power room. Take the Power Room key from the wall, flip the switch in the wall box to shut off the light, collect the healing potion then go out the door and turn right, then right again. Turn left into the small library room to collect the small diamond (+12 = 257) from the font.

Go diagonally across the hallway and through the wooden door on the right into a lecture theatre. Head through the door on the left into a storeroom. Get a spice bag (+125 = 382) out of the chest then go through the door into the cemetery. (This is the White team area.)

Frob the switch on the back of the left gravestone at the north end to open a secret passageway. This takes you to the walkway above the canal where you started the mission, just before you fell down into the water below.

Pick open the doors on the left and enter the Gold Team area again. Turn right and there’s a nice shadow up against the wall just past the first support. Hide there so you can KO the gold team guards and take their purses (+200 = 582). Continue west up the hallway and into the room on the right. Collect the candlesticks (+100 = 682) from the desk and the goblets (+50 = 732) from the table. Open the west door and reach in to grab the candlestick (+50 = 782) from the desk without being seen by the guard.

Return to the hallway, walk south past the locked door to the Grand Excantium Library (which requires a key you haven't found yet) and enter the next room on right, which is a dormitory. Get the purse (+100 = 882) and the valuable document (+50 = 932) from the desk on the left and the coinstack (+25 = 957) from the other desk. There's a note to the headmaster on this desk and the nearest chest contains a scroll.

Back out in the hallway, continue on around the corner and into the dining room. Gather up the plates and candlesticks (+1100 = 2057) from the table then enter the kitchen. Collect the gold urn (+100 = 2157) from the work surface on the left and also the four plates (+200 = 2357) from the sinks.

Duck into the kitchen fireplace and climb the ladder. Frob the lever to open the bookcase then climb out into second floor library room. This opens out into the examination room where there is a lot to read. Go out of the other door into a hallway and turn left. The Masters' Bathroom is round the corner on the left. Pick up the plate (+100 = 2457) then carry on along the hallway to the Masters' Common room and collect the vase (+100 = 2557) from the table.

Retrace your steps along the hall to the top of the stairs, go left onto the snowy balcony and then walk to the right (E). The archer who patrols the balcony carries a purse (+100 = 2657)

Enter the door with the red upside down hammer symbol beside it. Grab the vase (+100 = 2757) then go into the Observation Lounge and collect the binoculars (+100 = 2857). Read the perplexing notice above the Bursar’s office door then go in and through to the Dean’s office where there are two vases (+100 = 2957) and a scroll.

Return to the snowy balcony, walk north and enter VIP room 1. Get the candlesticks (+100 = 3057) then continue on to VIP room 2 to grab the bottle (+50 = 3107) and the goblet (+15 = 3122).

Continue along the balcony and enter next door on the right which leads into a hallway. A gold team member patrols this hallway and the balcony outside. Steal his note which says that the White Team Icon is in the Restricted Secure Library and the gold Team Icon is hidden in Brother Bangor’s office.

The first room off of the hallway is a bathroom where there’s a water arrow in the tub. The next room is the Magister’s Office where you can grab a pair of spectacles (+150 = 3272) from the desk.

Frob a book to the left of the table lamp and a secret panel will open in the wall. Secret #1! The hidden room contains a healing potion and 2 coin stacks (+50 = 3322).

Next is the Security Office. The lever on the right-hand console turns off the camera in the Restricted Secure Library, which you will come to shortly. The next office is Master Deraveri’s where there’s a globe (+40 = 3362) on the desk.

Next is Father Bangor’s office where there is a necklace (+200 =3562) on the desk. Frob the well concealed lever on the side of the couch near the lamp to open a panel above the desk. Inside are three crowns. Guess which one is the Gold Team Icon? Objective complete! The other two crowns are also valuable (+300 = 3862). In the chests are 9 theodicium mines and triggers plus instructions on how to use them.

The door at the end of the hallway leads to the Masters’ Library. Grab the big gold hammer (+75 = 3937) lying on a desk and leave through the other door. Enter the Restricted Secure Library on the right. Pick open the box on top of the bookshelves to find the White Team Icon (crossed lockpicks). Objective complete!

Return to the balcony through the door opposite the library door and walk south. The first room here is a bedroom with a vase (+100 = 4037) beside the bed.

Continue back to the entrance on the south wall that leads to the stairs. Go down and out into the courtyard. Get the coins (+175 = 4212) and water arrows from the water in the fountain. Return to the hallways, walk round to the north side and exit through the main doors. You are now in the Red Team area. Turn left and walk along until you are abeam the tree. There is coin (+20 = 4232) tucked away in the corner here. Now cross the bridge to the Cathedral and go in.


Do NOT walk straight ahead. If you look closely, you’ll see a trip wire stretched across between two pillars that will set off a gas trap. Go around it, wait in the shadows and get a purse (+100 = 4332) from the archer that patrols nearby. Go back around the trip wire and through the east door.

The first room on the left is a small sitting room. Get two purses (+200 = 4532) from the top of the bookcase then continue along the hallway. The next room on the left is another office and there’s a silver coinstack (+12 = 4544) sitting on the desk. Go through the door at the end of the hall, up a short flight of stairs, turn left, open a door and go up another flight of stairs to a balcony/office. Collect a couple of gold candlesticks (+100 = 4644) then pick open the box sitting on the desk to acquire a gem (+100 = 4744). Go back down the stairs, walk over to the Presbytery altar and pick up two gold candlesticks (+100 = 4844) and a collection plate (+10 = 4854).

Head over to the north side and go through a door into a hallway and into the Office of the Inquisitor at the far end. Pick open the safe here to find some water arrows and the Red Team Icon - Objective complete!

Return to the Presbytery then turn left and go through a doorway and up a winding flight of stairs to a balcony walkway overlooking the Presbytery. Turn left at the corner. This hallway opens out onto an outdoor walkway high on the walls of the church. Turn right, then right again and re-enter the church. Turn right at the first intersection and climb the stairs.


You’re now on the lower level of the tower. The elevator to the upper area is broken so you need to rope arrow up using the beams in the central opening. Pick a couple of moss arrows off of one of the beams on your way up. Be careful as you approach the top as two Purple Team members are in this room. The one on patrol is wearing a slowfall potion. Deal with them (there are some spells in the room which may be of assistance) then pick up a holy water that’s sitting on the floor below the book stand on the east side, read the book then grab a gem (+100 = 4954) from the table on the south side. Continue around to a locked box, pick it open and inside you’ll find the Grand Library Key. Next you’ll come to the desk. Pick up the gold hammer (+75 = 5029) from the box beside it then grab the slowfall potion and the ankh (+500 = 5529).

Go back down the beams or slowfall down the elevator shaft and look for an attic door in the west wall. Pick it open, enter and pick open the footlocker to find a purse (+100 = 5629). Walk to the far end of the attic, go through a doorway and climb down a ladder. Cross a snowy roof and climb down a set of spiral stairs, all the way to the bottom level. Duck in underneath the stairs and open a chest to find some water arrows and a valuable scroll (+50 = 5679).

Deal with the two guards that patrol into the room by the stairs which overlooks the front entry foyer. Grab a valuable scroll (+50 = 5729) and a dagger (+150 = 5879) and then go out the door into the church. Turn left, enter the confessional and pick up a coinstack (+5 = 5884).

Return to the main entrance doors but before you go through, walk just past them and look for some tiny writing on one of the floor tiles. (The outstretched hand in the huge stained glass window above the doors is pointing at it.) Read it, as it’s the first clue to locating the tomb of St. Excantium. Secret #2! You will need to visit the cemetery again.

Now go through the exit doors and outside. Turn left and go all the way around the side of the church and over to a wall above the waterfall where you’ll find a purse (+100 = 5984). Go back past the doors and around the church to another door, stopping to pick up a gold urn (+100 = 6084) in front of a statue along the way.

Inside the door, turn right and at the corner, you’ll be back in the section of the church that you just left. Watch out for the patrolling guards, one of whom is wearing a purse (+100 = 6184). A trap has been rigged over the altar area. The ceiling light fixture falls if you go through the opening in the low wooden "wall" and step on the raised piece of floor. Avoid it by going over the wall and walking around to the altar. Grab a plate and two candlesticks (+150 = 6334) then jump back over the wall. Head north, turn right and when you can, walk south. You’re heading towards the cathedral door that opens out onto the bridge back to the Academy. Just don’t forget about the trip wire stretched in front of it!

Grand Library

Cross back over the bridge and enter the Academy. Turn right and follow the hallway until you come to the Grand Library door on the right. Enter the antechamber, pick up some valuable scrolls (+150 = 6484) from a desk then walk through the next door. This is the other area controlled by the Purple Team.

Turn left, go through a doorway and enter the main Library area. Climb the stairs to the right and read the history book on the stand. Go back down and head around to the stairs down to the lower level, taking care of the archer on your way around. Make sure you grab his purse(+100 = 6584)!

Get the purse (+100 = 6684) from the archer patrolling the lower floor then clear all the valuable scrolls, etc. (+350 = 7034) from the desks. You can also collect up another spell scroll that might come in handy later on. On the desk against the south wall you’ll find a flashmine, some potions and a scroll that is the Purple Team Icon. Objective complete! Now leave the Library, head over to the southeast corner and pay another visit to the graveyard.

Walk along the east side. The first headstone you encounter has a tiny switch behind it. If you frob that, the monument to the north moves aside revealing another entrance to the passageways that lead to the Power Room.

The next headstone along is St. Mari’s. Frob the lever behind it to open a hidden chamber. Secret #3! Go in, pick up the gold torc (+150 = 7184) and read the book. Hmm, this sounds interesting! You now need to locate this keyhole of stone.

Return to the Cathedral via the secret passage in the north wall.

Cathedral Basement

Once you go through the door, go left then right around the trip wire and walk north to the gold plaque in the floor that marks the core of the foundation.

Carry on north then turn left and you will see a metal door. Open it and creep down into the basement area. Regular weapons can't hurt the Silver Team members on guard here because they are wearing special armour so you'll need to use the theodicium mines to get rid of any guards you can’t avoid. (More of the mines can be found in the crypts later on.)

Once you’ve taken out the guard at the bottom of the stairs open the door across the hallway and enter the room beyond where you’ll find some flashbombs in a chest. There’s a huge hole in the floor that leads down to the crypts but even with a slowfall potion you’ll take some damage so ignore it as there’s another way down.

Exit the room, turn left and walk down the hall. Turn into the first room on the left where you’ll find a gold hammer (+75 = 7259) on the pedestal near the bench. Continue along the hallway to the room at the end. The guard standing at the far end by the altar is wearing the Silver Team Icon (gear). Objective complete! You can also grab a gas arrow, a gold plate and 2 candlesticks (+150 = 7409) from the altar before you sneak out.

Walk back along the hallway, past the stairs up to the church and continue east until you emerge into a round room. Put out torches, both on this level and the one below and make your way around to a ramp.

After you go down the second ramp make sure you grab a goblet (+15 = 7424) that’s sitting on top of the coffin directly opposite the base of the ramp. Then go around to the opposite side of the walkway and you’ll find another goblet (+15 = 7439) on top of a coffin. Once you have it, proceed down the next ramp. Before you walk along the corridor at the bottom of that one, climb the ladder on the right to the top and grab another goblet (+15 = 7464). Get back down onto the ramp and walk along the hallway to the room at the far end but DON’T step on any of the patterned squares as they set off gas traps.

Crouch down close to the patterned squares and look up into the hole in the ceiling to locate a wooden beam. Shoot a rope arrow into it and climb up to collect a gas arrow from the spider chest. Secret #4! Climb back down the rope and jump off over to the floor (you’ll have to leave the rope behind as there’s no way to get it without stepping on the tiles).

Gather up the gold urns (+400 =7864) from the various coffins– loot objective complete - then climb down a ladder to the level below. You need to use a theodicium mine on the guard down here. Gather up the jars, etc. (+ 230 = 8094) that are stacked against the wall.

Now pick up the guard and climb into the empty coffin. Drop him in the coffin and the panel on the east wall will open, revealing some caves. Secret #5! Collect a bunch of nuggets (+450 = 8544) from the ice caves then cross to the lava cave, where there is a hole in the opposite wall. If you recall the previous clue about the Tomb it said "…loose an arrow into the keyhole of stone". OK, so shoot an arrow through the hole and you’ll hear something happen. (You can’t see anything because the chamber that has been opened is up on the balconies above the Cathedral.)

Climb back up the ladder and retrace your steps along the walkway. Climb onto the ladder at the base of the ramps but this time climb down to the room below.


This level is the base of the Black team and they have cloaks of invisibility, just like you do. If you pay attention, you can see them when they walk through patches of light. They can be blackjacked, gassed, etc. which makes them easier than the Silver team on the level you just came through.

Head north into a round room but don’t be tempted into the patch of light to pick up some jewellery as there’s a Black team member standing in the shadows in the north end. If you stand and watch, you can see him flickering. Two more guards may pass through this room while you are waiting, so be careful. Sneak around behind the stationary guard and blackjack him then collect up the ring, necklace and bracelet (+140 = 8684) from the floor, grab a silver nugget (+50 = 8734) from the base of the pillar on the right of the west doorway, then leave through the doorway.

Avoid breaking the light beams in this hallway as they trigger gas traps. Enter the room at the far end and after you’re sure the way is clear, pick up the hammer (+50 = 8784) lying on the floor in the middle then continue on out of the south door.

Walk through the room with the hole in the ceiling and along the rest of the hallway (S) into a room with a large statue in the center. Go through the doorway on the south wall and left into a small room with three coffins. Pick up the water arrows and douse the wall torch. A Black Hand that is sitting on the coffin below will become visible. Pick it up and you’ve found the Black Team Icon. Objective complete!

Leave the statue room through the east doorway and you’ll emerge into a room with a waterfall in the middle. Pick up a gold hammer and a vase (+125 = 8909) and also a scroll lying beside a coffin on the far side of the room. Frob the coffin top to move it and pick up more thoedicium mines which you can use on your way out of the basement if necessary. Exit through the north doorway and you’ll arrive back in the room with the ladder to the ramps.

Now you need to go find the tomb of St. Excantium that you opened earlier. Make your way up out of the catacombs and into the basement. Walk straight ahead to the corner, turn right and walk up the stairs. Stop before you reach the top, lean forward and open the door to set of a gas trap. Go through the doorway and you’ll be back on the cathedral main floor.

Tomb of St. Excantium

Turn left on the carpet then right and climb the stairs to the balcony walkways.

Walk west to the first corner, turn left, turn left again and at the end of the walkway, you’ll find the open door to the tomb of St. Excantium. Secret #6. Collect up the goodies inside (+725 = 9634). Bonus objective complete! You have now found all the available loot.

Retrace your steps back downstairs, turn left (past the stairs down to the basement) and walk south to the stairs on the right. Head down them, through the door and back along the passageway. After you walk through the door at the end, exit through the doors on the left, cross the bridge towards the academy. Don’t go in. Instead, turn left and crawl through the secret door in the wall at the far end. You’ll emerge in the graveyard where you need to head to the doorway in the southeast corner.

Mission complete!

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