Note: This walkthrough contains hidden "spoilers". To see the text that is concealed by the solid blocks, hold the left mouse button down and drag the cursor across.

Test spoiler: It was not only their razor sharp claws and their fast paws that we had to fear....

Bloody Ruins

Walkthrough - Expert Difficulty


You begin this mission where the last mission in the series left you - standing at the top of the entrance into underground ruins. You still have the broomstick you found in the last mission to replace your broken blackjack so at least you're not defenceless, but you need to find a sword as soon as possible.

Walk around to the far side of the room, open a toolbox and you'll find some broadheads. Now look over the edge into the hole and you'll see beams in a spiral pattern all the way down to the bottom. You need to jump from one to the next to make your way down. I'd suggest saving often so you don't need to restart if you make a false step. From the bottom beam, jump onto one of the barrels to break your fall.

The 1st Dining Room

Walk up the hallway and turn north where it splits. There are 2 vases (+40) in niches in the walls. Turn right into a decrepit dining room and take 3 silver plates (+30 = 70) and a grey bowl (+10 = 80) from the shelves on the south wall. There is a wine bottle (+50 = 130) under the table.

Now head down the corridor in the SE corner and go into the room on the left at the end. In here, you can pick up a gold candlestick (+50 = 180) from the top shelf and 2 sets of coins (+40 = 220) and a silver plate (+10 = 230) from the lower shelf. Check behind the fallen rocks and you'll find a black chest which contains a gold nugget (+100 = 330). Return to the dining room and go into the east room where a man is standing by one wall. Pick up a bunch of water arrows and a healing potion from the shelf, and the silver plate (+10 = 340) from under the candle.

Read the book on the shelf - aha, you have found the Mechanists' records - Objective Complete. You get a new objective: find and take the Mages' experiment book. The other room off the dining room is the kitchen where you can pick up a bowl (+10 = 350) from under the candle and read all the yummy rat recipes. (Yuck!)

The Receptacle

Leave the dining room, turn right (N) and go up some stairs. At the top is a device that is obviously a receptacle for something triangular, but it isn't clear what that might be just yet. You'll be back here later! Walk back south to the far end of the hallway, around the middle column and into the south corridor. Bypass the hallway on the left, as there's nothing of interest down there and turn down the next hallway, on the right. Jump over the jumble of blocks at the end and take a jar (+20 = 370) from beside the tilted statue in the wall niche.

The Sword

Return to the main hallway and turn right. Walk across the room at the end and you'll find a statue holding a sword that you can take - Objective Complete. Wiggle your way through the blocked corridor to the west and look behind the rocks in the north cave for a mask (+50 = 420). Now go down the steps to the edge of the lava, making sure to pick up a jar (+20 = 440) from a wall niche on the way down.

The Stepping Stone Lava

Look on the bottom step for 2 coins (+40 = 480) then hop from rock to rock to the far side. Take another jar (+20 = 500) from a wall niche on the way up the stairs on the far side of the lava then go over to a skeleton slumped in the corner and pick up the bronze bracelet on the floor beside it.

Frob the west door to raise it, and enter a treasure room where you'll find 8 assorted jars (+160 = 660), a green rolled tapestry (+150 = 810), a gold urn (+100 = 910) and 3 crystal goblets (+75 = 985). Now open the 3 chests to add 3 coins (+15 = 1000) to your loot.

Cross to the east door, open it and enter a second treasure room. In recesses in the walls are 2 swords (+100 = 1100), 2 fencing swords (+100 = 1200) and 2 glass dishes (+100 = 1300). On the marble plinth are 3 gems (+300 = 1600), 2 piles of loose coins (+40 = 1640), a necklace (+200 = 1840), 2 gold skulls (+200 = 2040), a tiara (+125 = 2165), a gold candlestick (+50 = 2215), 2 copper coinstacks (+10 = 2225), 1 gold coinstack (+25 = 2250) and a silver coinstack (+12 = 2262).

Jump back across the lava, walk back to the room where you found the sword and go down the east corridor. There's a jar (+20 = 2282) in a wall niche on the right.

The Statue In The Pond

At the end of the hallway, turn left into a room with a statue standing in a small pond of water. There are 2 silver nuggets (+100 = 2382) wedged in between the feet of the statue. Go west into the room with an open empty chest, then through the partially blocked doorway in the north wall into another room. Here you can open a chest to pick up 18 rope arrows.

The Serpent Lava

Leave these rooms and walk south along a corridor that ends above a large lake of lava - a serpent is swimming in it! Use the rope arrows to cross to the platform on the far side. When you get there, turn around and face the lava lake. Look to the left (W) down near the edge of the lava and you'll see a small cave opening. Use a rope arrow to get over to it, go inside and you'll find a stash of fire arrows that might come in useful. Jump back to the platform and walk south along the corridor. (The fireballs in this section can be destroyed with your sword. Just make sure you backstab them.)

In the first room on the left, you'll find a mask (+100 = 2482) and 3 jars (+60 = 2542). In the first room on the right you can pick up a gold candlestick (+50 = 2592), a jar (+20 = 2612) and a gold skull (+20 = 2632). Across from the end of the hallway a golden falcon (+100 = 2732) is sitting in a wall niche. There are 2 jars (+40 = 2772) in niches on each side of the falcon.

The Red Fountain

Walk east, pick open a black chest and you'll get a gold nugget (+100 = 2872) then turn left into a small room with a fountain that's running red - there's a ruby in the water (+50 = 2922). Walk south to the end then turn left (E) up the steps.

The 2nd Dining Room

You'll come to a hallway with some bedrooms on the left and a dining room on the right. In the dining room are 2 gold goblets (+50 = 2972), a dagger (+5 = 2977), a plain dish (+10 = 2987) and a gold wine bottle (+50 = 3037).

In the first bedroom a green rolled tapestry (+150 = 3187) is propped up in one corner. There is a crystal goblet (+25 = 3212) on the counter and a wine bottle (+50 = 3262) tucked in below the left side of the counter. Open the chest to add a flashbomb to your arsenal.

Dinky De la Smallwood must have used the second bedroom because her talking doll is lying on the bed. There's a tiny gold ring (+100 = 3362) on the floor by the head of the bed. There is also a gold candlestick (+50 = 3412) on the counter. Check the shelves above it for a jar (+20 = 3432).

At the end of this hallway turn left. There are a couple of coins (+20 = 3452) on the left of the bookcase. On the right is another bedroom with a globe (+50 = 3502) on one of the bookshelves. East of this bedroom is another one that has a gold candlestick (+50 = 3552) on the shelves.

The "Bookcase"

There's a jar on the floor beside the bookcase at the east end of this hallway. Frob the silver handle that is lying on the floor behind the jar to trigger Secret #1. The "bookcase" is a cupboard in disguise - the front of it opens to reveal potions and flares!

Walk south down the stairs and along the hall towards the basement kitchen. There's an alcove on the right with a skeletal arm lying on the floor. Pick up a tiny gold ring (+100 = 3652) from the floor to the right of it.

In the kitchen, there are some water arrows in the corner to the left of the cabinets, and on the shelves you'll find 3 gold wine bottles (+150 = 3802). Look on the ground behind the rocks in the south room for a spice bag (+40 = 3842). Head all the way back past the "bookcase" and the second dining room, and down the short flight of stairs (W).

The Flame Pedestal

Ahead of you is a flame on a pedestal. Walk straight on past it and up some stairs to a room with a pool of water and a dragonhead on each side. A plaque on the bottom of the pool is inscribed "Fire opens the way to water. Water opens the way to Knowledge." There is a ring (+100 = 3942) to the right of the plaque. Shoot a fire arrow at the centre of the shield on the west wall. It lifts to reveal a lovely big cache of water arrows (fire opens the way to water). Return to the flame pedestal and turn right (S) into a room with a large pool in the middle.

"Water Opens The Way To Knowledge"

Jump in and pick up a necklace (+200 = 4142) from the bottom then climb out - Loot Objective Complete. Go into the room to the west and douse both of the fires on the pedestals here. The archways open up to allow you entrance to a library room. On the central table there are a couple of things to read and also a jar (+20 = 4162) and a green rolled tapestry (+150 = 4312). One black chest holds a silver nugget (+50 = 4362) and the other contains a coin (+5 = 4367).

The Sealed Library

Leave here, go back past the pool and into the room on the east side. Douse both fires, the archways open and you gain entrance to the sealed Library. Turn left (N) and go through the archway and down the stairs. Grab a vase (+50 = 4417) from a wall niche, a green rolled tapestry (+150 = 4567) from beside a bookcase and 2 jars (+40 = 4607) from other wall niches.

Go back up the stairs, cross over to the south side and walk past the archway and round the corner to the last bookcase. Pick up a little ring from the shelf (+100 = 4707) then go back and through the archway. Start down these stairs, picking up a vase (+50 = 4757) from a wall niche, and stop on the first landing.

Frob a book on the bookcase to lift a panel on the wall to your right and you've found Secret #2. Climb into the passageway beyond, pick up a jar (+20 = 4777) and continue into a secret office. Read a book and pick up the gold bracelet from the table. Look on the floor under the table for 2 gold wine bottles (+100 = 4877) then rope arrow up to the rafters to pick up 3 coin piles (+60 = 4937).

Return to the main staircase and continue down, picking up a jar (+20 = 4957) on your way. At the bottom, look in the corner on the right for a couple of coins (+40 = 4997). Enter the main Library, pick up a pile of coins (+20 = 5017) from the ledge of the right hand bookcase on the west wall, then walk over to the book floating in the fire. Douse the fire with a water arrow and pick up the Mages' experiment book - objective complete.

The Laboratory

Go back up to the pool - watch out because a new bunch of adversaries has spawned -then go north out into the hallway and turn left (W) towards the stairs up to the smaller pool where you found the water arrows. Before you get to them turn right (N) and go up these stairs.

Pick up a jar (+20 = 5037) and a bracelet (+50 = 5087) from the wall niche facing you, then turn left (west). Here you'll find a ball and crescent staff (+100 = 5187) in another wall niche. Continue on through the arch at the bottom of the stairs. (It opened when you took the book in the library.) This is the Laboratory where the Mages made their experiments. You can pick up a speed potion and a small silver plate (+10 = 5197) from the shelves in the main room, and a gold falcon (+100 = 5297) and a silver plate (+10 = 5307) from the east room.

Walk through the west archway into a hallway where you should find a green rolled tapestry (+150 = 5457) tucked in on the north side of the bookcase on the east wall and a serpentile torc (+350 = 5807) on one of the shelves.Enter the room opposite this bookcase and locate the lever behind the pile of stone blocks near the rift in the floor. Flip it to open the gate at the end of the room. On your way out, pick up the tiny gold ring (+100 = 5907) from the middle of the rh (SW) butcher's table.

The "Lizard" Caves

Frob the big rock on the west wall - it will move aside and expose a tunnel. Crawl through into some caves. Walk along (you can frob the light mushrooms to darken the tunnels), go up the ramp, continue on and look through the gap on your left. Down below, across a lava lake, you'll see one of the strange creatures that the Mages created with their experiments. Continue along the pathway to an intersection and turn left (W) into a tunnel patrolled by one of these creatures.

Where the path turns left, pick up a tiny gold ring (+100 = 6007) from the ground beside an arm bone. Carry on into a cave with a small lava lake on the left, and head right to emerge into a small cave - there are several of the creatures here. Use broadheads to destroy the light mushrooms and creep into a hole on the north side. Here, you'll find the silver bracelet lying on the floor. There's also a gold candlestick (+50 = 6057) and a silver statue (+15 = 6072).

Return to the intersection with the main path and turn left (W). Follow the pathway until it forks and stay to the left. You'll enter a small cave where Lady Lotti is lying unconscious beside a fire. Read the book nearby, pick her up and go back along the path. At the intersection walk straight ahead (E) and turn right into a cave with a hole in the floor. Below you is a room with a pool in the middle.

The Grandmasters' Rooms

Jump down into the pool and get over into the corner shadows, as a creature will walk in soon. (Don't forget to bring Lady Lotti with you.) Read the scroll lying on the floor beside the pool to get a new objective: free the three eldest Mages from their torment. Use your sword to kill the Mage that patrols into this room and you'll only have 2 more to go.

Leave Lady Lotti by the pool and go through the north archway. Walk down a set of stairs, pick up a vase (+50 = 6122) from the floor in the bottom rh corner and then destroy the Mage pacing through the corridor. Turn right (E) into a small antechamber, take a metal bowl (+10 = 6132) from underneath a candle and open the door into Grandmaster Apollonius' rooms.

Walk through into the bedroom, take the gold candlestick (+50 = 6182) that is floating in the air and locate the small, triangle-shaped plaque mounted on the wall beside the bed. Frob it, then leave his rooms and enter the quarters of Grandmaster Trismegistus which are to your right (N). Take a statue (+15 = 6197) from the top (bottom??) of a set of shelves and climb into the bedroom. Pick up a gold candlestick (+50 = 6247) and frob the triangle on the wall to the right. Return to the hallway and enter the quarters of the last Grandmaster, Cagliostro. Watch out for the fish because they bite! Push the triangle that is mounted on the wall beside the bed, help yourself to the dish (+ 10 = 6257) underneath the candle and leave.

The Magical Pool

Return to the room with the pool - the curtain on the east wall has moved aside to reveal a room with a magical pool. If you drop all three bracelets into the pool they combine into a single artefact, the "Main Entrance Key". Pick it up and bring it with you.

Leave this room and exit through the south archway of the pool room this time. Sneak into the room on the left and get around behind the Mage, then dispose of her. That's makes three: objective complete. Frob the banner on the north wall in this room - you'll find a gas arrow behind it. On a small side table there's a silver plate (+10 = 6267) underneath the candle beside a pile of loose coins (+20 = 6287). There is also a plain metal bowl (+10 = 6297) on the dining table.

The Way Out

Go back to the pool, pick up Lotti and then walk up the stairs to the south. There's a gold wine bottle (+50 = 6347) on the floor in the room on the right at the top. Walk down the east hallway, acquiring a gold statue (+75 = 6422) and a gold urn (+100 = 6522) along the way and turn into the room on the right. Pick up a pair of spectacles (+50 = 6572) and a plate (+10 = 6582) from the table, then frob the skull on top of the bookcase on the east wall. This opens the double doors in the hallway. Take Lotti, go through them and you'll find yourself in the area very close to where you first entered these underground ruins.

Head along the north hallway to the room at the end and "use" the Main Entrance Key on the plaque in the center of the pedestal. The exit door will open. Pick up Lady Lotti, walk through into the fresh air. At last! Cross the clearing and go through the archway. As you walk up the corridor you get a bonus objective, which appears already checked off, saying that you're a true hero for rescuing Lady Lotti. Walk a little farther and the mission will end.

Mission Complete.

Loot: 6582   (The stats say 6607, but 25g is unobtainable in this version.)

Nightwalker and Freddy Fox   -   16th March 2005