Note: This mission is not so easy, so I suggest to do a save often. The night is starry, and there's the full moon, hence they could easily be aware of you.

Lord Julian's Labyrinth

Walkthrough - Normal difficulty (and sole)

You start from the main doorway (img. 1), keep going on, and you'll find a bifurcation (img. 2). Wait for the guard passing away (img. 3), maybe leaning yourself along the wall (by default with key R).


img. 1 img. 2 img. 3
Img. 1 Img. 2 Img. 3


In the corridor prevoius the bifurcation there are two lionhead fountains (img.4), each one with a water elemental crystal inside. Take them both and carry on, before the guard returns (img. 5).


img. 4 img. 5
Img. 4 Img. 5


It's important that you don't use those two crystals, because they are necessary for the solution of the final problem.

The way to take is the part South toward the bifurcation. When you just taked it, turn to right straightway, where you meet a corridor illuminated by a soil-torch (img. 6). Keep the direction, at the first intersection toward South there will be two guards patrolling the path (img. 7), be extra-careful!


img. 6 img. 7
Img. 6 Img. 7


Turn at the first corridor toward East, and mantain the direction. Warning: from a crossroad will pop up an archer! (img. 8) Find an effective hiding place nearby, without losing the path. It's significant, in this mission, trying to outflank the torches's light halos. Passed two crossroads (img. 9) keep the direction until you'll have the wall facing you.


img. 8 img. 9
Img. 8 Img. 9


At that point carry on to the left, then right, and you'll find yourself in the second bifurcation (img. 10).


img. 10
Img. 10


This time, even if the situation is similar to the beginning, the path is a bit more winding, and there's the risk to end on the claws of some lethal tree-beasts. So, in the bifurcation keep on to South, nut... WARNING!! Now, if you continue straight to the right, the street is checked by a guard! (img. 11)


img. 11
Img. 11


Hmmm... We have to find out the way to surround the guy...

Instead of the first street to the right after the bifurcation, take the second one, keep the direction, and turn to the right: we have cheated him!! :-) (img. 12) At that point turn South, and go forward till the end of the corridor, but be careful of a patrolling guard! (img. 13) If you meet him, let him go away before proceeding. (img. 14)


img. 12 img. 13 img. 14
Img. 12 Img. 13 Img. 14


Enter the street to West where the guard arrived, e prosecute beyond the soil-torch, till you find the wall in front of you. Corner South and after West, following the two torches (img. 15).


img. 15
Img. 15


Head again South, then West, then South again and then West. At that point you'll find a wall-torch settled on the East wall (img. 16). Carry on toward South, but this time at the crossing take East, then South: you will find yourself in a long corridor, that in a direction looks at the City(img. 17), and in the other it extends really widely. The path through the City is signed by two red dwarves, the major nearest the City, and the minor farthest (img. 18), while the other part of the corridor is signed by another red dwarf (img. 19) That's why the sibylline suggestion that said to "use your head" to find the path: it meant to "use the head" in the meaning of looking upward and to orient with the stars!!


img. 16 img. 17 img. 18 img. 19
Img. 16 Img. 17 Img. 18 Img. 19


Once took the East corridor, turn to the first ramification to the left, then turn right. The street is signed by two wall-torches on the North side (img. 20). Keep the direction, and at the junction head North, then East, where there are some soil-torches, and you should ear some crickets chirping. At the crossroad head North, and take the second way to East: at this point follow two long corridors (you'll notice the North Star brighting loudly in the sky [img. 21]), which at their end turn to East, then North, then East again, where you find yourself at the third bifurcation.


img. 20 img. 21
Img. 20 Img. 21


Then continue through the right wing, and take the second southern ramification. Pass the ramification to the left, and keep going straight till find the wall ahead. Look at East and... DAMN!! It seems just that your booty is strictly guarded, and very well enlightened... (img. 22)


img. 22
Img. 22


CURSE! How to go on now?? >-| ............................

Hmmmmm... maybe you can draw the guards somewhere else, but you have no noisemaker arrows behind... Here it's needed to find something other.............. Discovered!! You still have the two water arrows took at the beginning. Maybe dousing some fires you can scare the guards and prepare a way in the dark... YES!! This is the IDEAL solution!! :-D

Approach them without getting caught, and continue, without dousing the torch, to the southern street of the crossroad, being very careful to creep out of the light halo the torch projects. Creeping, not running!

Now you could hear two guards chatting between them... something about their wounds...

You have to outflank the guards, so, to the second cross, head East and keep the direction!

You will be able to see them looking North... (img. 23) Bring yourself near them stealthily, creeping and staying in the shadow beside the eastern wall, till you see both the torch and the camp fire (img. 24).


img. 23 img. 24
Img. 23 Img. 24


ACTION! At that point shoot a water arrow on the torch, dousing it! Some guard will become suspicious for this extinguishment (img. 25). Now come back furtively in direction South, toward the end of the corridor. As soon as you're there, extinguish also the camp fire! Pay attention to aim rightly, because you have only two crystals! Then the guards will enter in agitation, searching for an intruder (img. 26).


img. 25 img. 26
Img. 25 Img. 26


Now it's matter of your skill to avoid being caught and reaching the booty! (img. 27 and 28) (You can hide yourself in the corner at bottom to the right, and lean yourself at the wall with the key R; in this way probably the guards won't see you.)


img. 27 img. 28
Img. 27 Img. 28


Massimiliano Goi - March 31 2009