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Test spoiler:
If everything I've seen turns out to be true then the whole world is in trouble.

Assault on the Gas Station

Walkthrough - Expert difficulty


You start in your room. Read the note on the table, then collect your equipment from the footlocker. Go down the steps and out into the street. Head south, then go along the street on the left (E) and enter the Gas Station main entrance on the right.

Sneak into the guardpost on the left and pick up a purse (100), a silver coinstack (+12 = 112) and a coin (+20 = 132) from the table. Read the scroll (install a gear at the rear?) and take the two keys from the wall. The grey key opens the double doors, but it looks rather busy and noisy inside. Perhaps there is another way in?

The Back Entrance

Exit the Station and enter the building on the right. Pick up the gearwheel leaning against the machine in the northeast corner and retrieve four fire arrows from the furnace pit. Now walk West, turn left through the arch, rope up above the doorway and collect a moss arrow from the windowsill. Go into the room below, and flip the lever low down in the NE corner.

The steel cover retracts, exposing a gear train with one gearwheel missing. Pop the gearwheel you are carrying onto the axle and the metal door on the right will open. Secret #1!

Creep into this room and steal the purse from the patrolling mech (+100 = 232). Now open the little door high up on the left wall and flip the lever; a panel on the floor opens, exposing a lock and a rotary valve. Pick the lock open and turn the valve, which opens a panel on the South wall and exposes a gear lock. The sleeping guard is wearing the key. Use it on the lock, which raises the covers on two hatchways low down on the East side. Duck into one of them and slide down into the water-filled sump below and pick up three water arrows, five heavy iron balls and a scouting orb. Climb out of the water at the South end. OK, now how can we get out of here?

Roll the scouting orb through the small aperture in the South wall. Aha, a weighbridge - that's a good clue! Roll the heavy iron balls through the aperture to activate the weighbridge and open the rear entrance to the Gas Station.

Inside at last!

Go through, pull the handle on the right (W) to open the door, go out into the corridor and round to the left. Pick up two spice bags from the machine room (+80 = 312), then go left (N) at the T junction. Enter the Main Room at the end - note the Zone Under Construction sign on the right. Hop onto the elevator, operate the lever and ride up to the top. The double doors to the North open into the main entrance hall - that's the busy, noisy area you saw earlier. The Lieutenant is snoozing in a chair. Steal the Ltd's Room gearkey from his waist, then flip the left lever on the West wall to send the elevator down again. Walk over to the other side of the Big Machine and climb the ladder. Up here you can collect three coins from the floor (+60 = 372), a crystal from the toolbox (+25 = 397), three flares and a moss arrow. Read the note, which contains useful information on how to open Blast Door B (the door into the Zone Under Construction).

Climb back down the ladder, walk past the corridor leading to the weighbridge, turn into the next corridor on the right and go up the steps to the Dressing Room - the door opens automatically. The sleeping guard is wearing a purse (+100 = 497), there are three coins on the floor beneath the bench (+60 = 557) and in the lockers you will find a healing potion, two more purses (+200 = 757) and two silver coinstacks (+24 = 781). You will also find the Anti-Gas Mask! It might be a good idea to practice taking it off and putting it on again before you need to do so in a hurry. (The method is described in the mission briefing. One tip: ensure that nothing else is highlighted for frobbing when you click on the mask.)

The Officers' Quarters

Leave the Dressing Room, walk straight ahead (E) and through the door opposite into the Officers' Quarters. Note the guardroom on the left as you enter, but don't try to get in there yet because it is occupied! Continue East to the T junction, go left and then enter the WC on the right. There are two coins in the urinal (+40 = 821) and in the right-hand cubicle you will find the Cpt's Room gearkey. Be careful, because the guard will soon enter to use the facilities. When he does so, scurry back to the guardroom, steal the map from the wall, then lurk in the shadows at the end of the corridor until he is back in his room.

Go back to the T junction, but this time turn right, then left. Go past the Cpt's Room, open the door ahead, go in and operate the switch on the left. Open the other door when you get the green light and go through into the Old Laboratory. Wow!...that must have been a dreadful accident! Pick up a coin (+16 = 837), three assorted gold body parts (+100 =937) and an invisibility potion, then read the book and receive a new objective - swap the red and green gas cylinders and observe the results.

Back outside, use the Cpt's Room gearkey to open his door and go in. There are two coins (+40 = 977) and a statue (+15 = 992) on the shelf, and on the desk there are a silver coinstack (+12 = 1004), a copper coinstack (+5 = 1009) and two flares. Flip the lever on the desk to open the wall case, which contains a moss arrow and five silver coinstacks (+60 = 1069), a Storage Room 1 gearkey and a note to Grimaldi.

Flip the lever under the desk to open the Captain's secret room - Secret #2!

Go in and pick up the tapestry from the floor (+150 = 1219), and a coin (+20 = 1239) and three copper coinstacks (+15 = 1254) from the workbench. There are also three Disintegrate Mines, a book that describes their function and also mentions some timebombs, and an incomplete Homing Node.

Now flip the switch on the small bot's back - Secret #3! This reveals a compartment beneath the workbench containing three gold coinstacks (+75 = 1329), three spice bags (+120 = 1449) and a gem (+100 = 1549).

Leave the Cpt's room and head back towards the WC. Use the Ltd's Room gearkey to open the door on the left, go in and pick up a flute (+50 = 1599) and two statues (+30 = 1629) from the shelf on the left, and the Secret Passage gearkey from the desk. Read the book, then go back out into the corridor and turn left. Storage Room 1 is opposite the WC. Open the door with the appropriate gearkey, go in and pick up three spice bags (+120 = 1749) and a tapestry (+150 = 1899) from the floor. The cardboard boxes contain two healing potions, a gas arrow, a flashbomb and ten flares. Rummage amongst the junk in the chest, and you will find two more flares and the other piece of the homing node. The two pieces automatically combine to form a complete Homing Node.

"Zone Under Construction"

Make your way back to Blast Door B in the Main Room and open it by using the Homing Node on the six-sided ring in the aperture below and left of the "Zone Under Construction" sign. Go in and turn left, where you will see Mario mending the pipes. They need it; you can see a gas leak farther on. Pick up the coin beside his toolbox (+5 = 1904), then don the Anti-Gas Mask, go through the door the other side of the gas leak and turn the rotary valve on the left wall. Good, that's stopped it, so you can remove the mask.

Go through the door in the West wall opposite the site of the leak into another storeroom. In the cardboard boxes are a 5-second grenade, four water arrows and an ornate plate (+150 = 2054); there are two jars (+40 = 2094) behind the boxes.

Leave the storeroom, turn left, then go right and pick open the door in the SE corner. Go in and open the footlocker, which contains a timebomb. This provides you with a new Bonus/Optional objective.

Look behind the clock, and flip the lever. Secret#4!

The painting of Karras slides aside to reveal a safe. Pick it open and collect three gold coinstacks (+75 = 2169), three silver coinstacks (+36 = 2205), a purse +100 = 2305), a gem (+100 = 2405) and a tiara (+125 = 2530). The note says that the Lieutenant has the gearkey to the secret passage, but we have it now! Read Lord Gourdbun's diary, which mentions a lever near the pipes where Mario is working.

A search will locate the lever hidden behind the pipe to the left of the doorway on the way back to Mario's work area. Flip the lever and a hidden door in the wall just past Gordbun's office will open. Secret #5!

Lord Gordbun's Mansion

Open the door beyond with the Secret Passage gearkey and go through. Whoops - let's hope we aren't trapped! Go downstairs first, using the ropes and ladders as required. Down here is Captain Magog's body, a healing fruit (too late for him!), three flares and two water arrows. Make your way back up to the entrance, and then continue on upwards.

When you near the top of the stairs you will see an unlit torch on the wall. Frob it, and an elevator will descend - Secret #5! Ride it up, and collect a healing potion and a disintegrate mine from above the beams.

Come back down and flip the lever on the wall to open the door into the mansion wine cellar. There are nine bottles of wine in the winerack (+450 = 2980) and a gold cup on top of it (+25 = 3005). Carry on to the carpeted area, turn left, pick open the study door and go in. Here you can pick up a Tech Energy Crystal, a candlestick (+50 = 3055), a pair of spectacles (+50 = 3105), some gold dice (+50 = 3155) and a statue (+15 = 3170).

Look under the chest of drawers (lhs) and flip the little lever. Secret #7 - bonus objective complete! The bureau slides sideways to expose a secret compartment containing a second timebomb. Pick the bomb up and obtain another Bonus objective.

Now have a look around the sitting room. Here you can pick up two swords (+250 = 3420), a serpentile torc (+350 = 3770), a ring from the floor on the left of the fireplace (+100 = 3870), a bottle of wine (+50 = 3920), three gold cups (+75 = 3995) and two statues (+30 = 4025). The two standing nobles are wearing purses (+200 = 4225). Lord Gordbun (seated) is wearing the Primal Nodelock B key. (On Normal difficulty this key is worn by one of the Mechs in Lab 1.)

There is nothing of value in the garden, so go back downstairs and "use" the Tech Energy Crystal on the broken mechanism to open the exit door.

The Main Cistern

Retrace your steps back past the Dressing room to the Main Cistern area. Don the Anti-Gas Mask, then go round to the right a short way to a pair of levers. Pull the lever labelled Green (left) to open the upper cistern; gas will escape, incapacitating any guards in the vicinity. Climb into the cistern and look around for three gas mines and an invisibility potion. (The dense gas produces a slow-motion effect and you can jump higher and further than normal. It is better to stay close to the walls and jump sideways rather than across.)

Leave the cistern and operate the lever to close it. You can take your mask off now! Collect the red and green gas cylinders from their holders, swap them over and quickly dive for cover until things calm down. Objective complete!

Lab 1

The doorway on the West side leads into the Lab 1 area. Sneak in and steal the LabKey gear from the guard. Go through the double doors in the West wall, out through the other door, then through the door on the left. Go through the door straight ahead, and open the next door with the LabKey gear. Crack open the safe and collect an invisibility potion, a disintegrate mine and two bags of spice (+200 = 4425). Read the scroll - apparently the missing number is 4. There is a copper coinstack in the box on the table (+5 = 4430). Read and keep the crumpled piece of paper, which is a circuit design diagram - you will need to refer to it later. One of the mechs is wearing a purse (+100 = 4530) - Loot objective complete!

Look closely at the control panel, then flip the small lever left of the Alarm button. The plaque that is revealed states "Lab code *1*5". We know the missing number is 4, so the code must be 4145. Leave the control room, turn right and stop outside the door with the combination lock. Put the Anti-Gas Mask on, and punch in the 4145 code. Go in, cross to the far side, pull the handle to open the metal hatch, and collect the three gas cylinders. Now leave this room and take the mask off.

Return to the big room where you collected the LabKey gear, and into the room in the south-west corner. There are two spice bags (+80 = 4610) on the bench here, and also a third timebomb - you will get another Optional/Bonus objective when you pick it up. There is a gas arrow in the cardboard box, and in the display case are a pair of spectacles (+50 = 4660), a breath potion, an invisibility potion, a speed potion and a frogbeast egg. The latter will probably hatch when you break the glass.

The Cryo Room

The diagram we picked up in Lab 1 referred to the cryo room. This is accessed via the combination lock in the Zone Under Construction near where Mario was working, so make your way back there and look at the number key pad. If the code corresponds to the diagram then the numbers required are 6,2,4,8. Punch them in, then enter and collect the four crystal chunks from the gas machinery (+100 = 4760).

Walk down the steps and get a new objective - Kill the Karras Clones. That sounds a very good idea! Walk back up the steps to the gas machinery and replace the cryo gas cylinders with the red and green gas cylinders you collected from Lab 1. That should do the trick - it doesn't take very long - objective complete!

Lab 2

Return to the main Cistern room and exit via the East doorway. Turn left, read the plaques, then flip the left switch. Anything that disables anything must be good for us! Go back to the main Cistern room, but exit via the South doorway this time; this is Lab 2. Turn right, open the door, and ride the elevator up. Read the note on the table, then open the door and creep in. Whatever you do, don't alert Elrik or he will nip into the alcove at the far end and activate a force field. While he is behind it you will not be able to get the gearkey you require. Shoot a moss arrow (or a water arrow) at the red-topped lever. This disables the red alarm beams, and does Elrik no good at all!

Walk through to the lever, and pull it again to switch the deadly blue beam off. You can now collect the gearkey from Elrik, use it on the gearlock, and collect Primal Nodelock A key from its niche. Go back past the lever, flip it to turn off the alarm beams, and exit. The elevator (Lift) switch is the right hand one on the control panel. Ride the elevator down and leave this room, then go through the Area 411 entrance and straight ahead into the Lab 2 control room. There is some informative reading matter in the cupboard here. Pay particular attention to the Labyrinth Procedure details.

Three of the numbers listed, and only three, add up to 18, ie 5 +4 + 9. The corresponding letters are B, Y and O. If you put them in descending numerical order the result is O, B,Y. Remember that, it will prove to be very useful quite soon.

While you are in the control room, why not pull the Main Procedure Lever and see what that does?

The Labyrinth

Now it's time to sort this Primal Node out. Back in the main Cistern room, exit via the East doorway, turn right, go through the first door and walk along to the next one. Read the notice, then don your Anti-Gas Mask as instructed. Open the door to the labyrinth and go in to the swirling gas clouds.

Remember that the only weapons you can use whilst wearing the mask are the disintegrate mines. At the top of the ramp, look over the rail - you may be able to take out one of the guards from up here. Turn left at the bottom of the ramp, then go right, and right again when you get to the West wall. Pull the lever here labelled G (Gamma). Now go back to the South wall, then East, and left into the middle passage. Go into the first room on the right (this opened up when you pulled lever G) and collect the three masks from the table (+150 = 4910). Pull the lever on the wall; two cardboard boxes appear, one of which contains a statue (+50 = 4960) and the other a spice bag (+40 = 5000). Bonus Objective complete - you have found all of the loot! Pull the lever again to reopen the door.

You now need to find the O (Omega) lever. Leave the alcove and turn right (N). At the wall, turn left (W), then right (N) then right (E) and follow the passageway around a couple of right-angle bends towards the NE corner. Take the first left (W) then turn left (S) again at the next corner and watch the left-hand wall for the lever. Pull it, then turn around and walk back (mainly East) to the T junction and turn left (N). It's only a couple of steps to the NE corner where you should go left (W); the B (Beta) lever is halfway along on the left. Pull it then turn around and walk East. Turn right at the corner, then right again. Take another right at the next corner and you'll arrive at the Y (Epsilon) lever.

If you pull that and return to the NE corner you will see a metal door that was previously concealed.

Push the button to the left of it and go through into the second half of the labyrinth. This is not completely gas-filled, so you can take the mask off. Phew- that's a relief! There are two more levers in here you need to pull; they are in gas-filled alcoves, so don't forget to put the mask back on when you approach them. To get to the first lever, head South then West. The second lever is down in the SE corner. When both have been pulled, a room in the centre will become accessible. Go in and use Primal Nodelock keys A and B on the two lockboxes on the wall. You can now extract the Primal Node itself from the cavity in the central pillar. Objective complete!

Beam me up!

There is a teleport machine on the West wall. Press the middle button (Laboratory) then stand in the tray and operate the machine. You will arrive in a hidden room next to the frogbeast room. From here you can teleport yourself to an area of Lab 2 you couldn't access before. Operate the switch next to the Alarm button to remove the forcefield, and leave this room. So far so good.

The Timebombs

Now to plant those timebombs, and remember that you must escape within 16 minutes of arming the first one!

Go through the Lab 2 control room to the machine room, where you can "use" a timebomb on the centre machine on the East side. Pull the lever on the bomb to start the countdown - Objective complete!

Now go to the main Cistern room, turn right, "use" the second timebomb on the grey machine by the wall and then pull the lever. Objective complete!

Finally, make your way to the Main Room and round to the far side of the Big Machine. "Use" the last timebomb on the "High Voltage" plate and pull the lever. Objective complete!


Now we have to get out in a hurry. Go back to the Officers' Quarters, turn right past the Ltd's room, and go through the next door on the right. Jump down the hole and emerge in the sewers. You get news that the pagans have just started their assault! Make your way South until you exit the gas station.

Mission complete

Freddy Fox and Nightwalker - 26th September 2006