Thief Tools
Thief 2 Objects List v3.0 complete NEW!!! (3.8M) Now at version 3. Need a certain object in your fm? fed up of choosing an item, portalizing, waiting for minutes just to find out it looks wrong! Then Thief 2 Objects List v3 is for you! with it's dromed style tree hierarchy.
Thief Book Wizard Create Books, Titles.str, Missflag.str, Newgame.str and Goals.str for your thief fm's quickly and easily with this little 58k utility. If you have any problems with this you MUST download the vb5 runtimes. Or see below.
ThiefEdit Thief Media Edit allows you to browse through each major 'crf' file and view /listen to the resources.
DarkLoader 4.1 (NEW) The latest version of this great software to allow you to play Fan Missions. Now at v4.1 with mp3 support.
Meshscale Resize your object meshes, giant AI etc.



BintoE - converts Thief, Thief2, and SS2 .bin files into .e. Eto3DS - converts .E files to .3ds. RTGto3DS converts RTG to 3DS. Made by Shadowspawn and Colourless

BasicStartMission (61k) Dromed2 Only


This should save you 5-20 mins depending upon your experience with dromed. And you won't need to worry about the scripts! Just load it in as you would a mission.

Dromed2 Menu set 5 (3k)


Menu set 5 for dromed2, added commands to make life simpler, just overwrite the menu.cfg. (Backup original 1st)

XVI32 Free Hex Editor NEW!


A FREE Hex Editor for you to open up those AI bin files and see which .gif your AI uses. If you use an NT based OS (NT, Win2K, XP) you can add to the Send To menu. Just rightclick your bin and send to XVI32.
Bright183 (61k) Use this to make a common palette for your thief textures. Instructions provided, Some DOS knowledge needed.

Other Stuff
Thief2 NoCD patch   (Offsite) Play T2 without the CD
Psp Day1 (9k) Have you got PaintShop Pro 6 evaluation version? Gone past day 30? Not anymore! Use my handy utility to get you back to day 1. I wrote this util to clean my registry after PSP was uninstalled. This program does NOT alter PSP 6 in any way.
Loader (6k) Create your own bootable FM cd's with my handy cd booter (instructions provided- any probs drop me an email)
Unsafedisk v1.5 (13k) Just patched Thief 2 to 1.18 and it doesn't work ?, I have the Premier Collection version and found out this little problem. Just use this little prog to unsafedisk the .icd file. IT Works!!!
Unsafedisk v2.05 (13k) Another version of the above (Safedisk Tutorial)
Calligula Font (23k) Nice thief font
Carleton Font (28k) ditto
Unduplicate Script (40k)

Remove Duplicated objects from your Thief 2 FM's. Instructions

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