The Keep of Metal and Gold A great site for ALL your FM needs!
The Circle Another great thief site Tons of FM's! and Thief stuff.
Thief Underground Forum A New Thief Forum
TTLG Forums The Through The Looking Glass Thief Forums. A great resource for Thief
Eidos Thief Forum A nice friendly forum for Thief fans
Cheap Thief Mission Downloads FM City!!! You can find nearly every FM ever made here!
Garrett's Notebook Thief 2 Walkthrough
BaddCog's Website Great Thief site & 3D Resources.
Shadow Thief's Site ShadowThief
RicknMel's Site Home of RicknMel
Dromed Central Knowledgebase for Thief level editing using Dromed
ION Forums A New forum. Thief 3 forum
Native Art Design Apache's site. Now contains a Thief 1/G fm archive
Sluggs Website A small collection of his own fm's and utilities.