The Summit


Inspired by and featuring the music of Patrick O'Hearn

A Thief 2 Fan Mission created for Komag's 5th Small FM Contest

Author: Yandros (Russ) (

Release Date: Feburary 29th, 2004

Version: 1.0

So tall, silent against the sky

Up through the clouds, where eagles fly

Wind and rain beat down on one so strong

They cut but never change what stood so long

I am in the ground, I am in the air

I am all, I live in the hearts of men

I am the call to greatness not all can hear

I awaken the creator in those who dare

And the day will come when we all must die

And enter the mountainside

Tall as a mountain

I’m gonna tear through the sky

Life’s for the taking

Like a man is a mountainside

Greatness waits for those who try

What they teach you is all inside

Mountains” ~ Manowar

Hints and Tips:

Master the use of your grappling hook.

Access it via arrow slot #8 (normally rope arrow). It can be retrieved

and reused, just like a rope arrow.

Important: It will stick to any stone surface, but NOT to snow or ice

(which are too soft and too brittle, respectively).

Don't start at Everest (Expert) difficulty.

Although many FM players are in the habit of starting at Expert and

not replaying, the Iron Man objective at this difficulty level will prove

frustrating to most players until they are at least somewhat familiar

with the terrain. I suggest even seasoned Thief players begin at

Mountain (medium) difficulty, and replay at Everest if they wish to

tackle it with the Iron Man objective.

Enable fog and weather.

The fog and snow add tremendously to the immersion in this mission.

I urge everyone with hardware which supports these features to enable

them before starting.

Objectives and Difficulties:


1. Make it to the summit.

Molehill has a shorter route to the summit - some areas are inaccessible.

Grappling Hooks: 4 Healing potions: 2


1. Make it to the summit.

In Mountain, all areas are accessible.

Grappling Hooks: 3 Healing potions: 1


1. Make it to the summit.

2. Iron Man: Don't load a saved game.

In Everest, all areas are accessible, and you cannot load a saved game.

Grappling Hooks: 2 Healing potions: 1

Thanks & Credits:


Grappling Hook - Schwaa (J. Knez)

Dwarf – Rob Hicks, skin altered by the author


LostCityX - ported from T1G by Rob Hicks


Main Menu - Altered States by Sepultura

Objectives and Loading - Panning The Sands by Patrick O'Hearn

Lower Mountain ambient - Northwest Passage by Patrick O'Hearn

Upper Mountain ambient - Approaching Summit by Patrick O'Hearn


Nightwalker, Dark Arrow, Peter Smith

Contest hosting



Everyone at The Editor’s Guild… but especially Nameless Voice for

the triggers on load tutorial, and Polygon for showing me how to

make the replacement full-screen menu so easily.

Copyright Information

This mission is ©2004 by Yandros (Russ)

This level was not made by and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios

or Eidos Interactive.