Version 2

Trust No One”

Author : Terry “Ricebug” DeLaney

Contact Info :

Release Date: June 2008

This mission uses Greenhorn’s excellent models.

Strife was a game released in May 1996, by Velocity Development and Rogue Entertainment. It was built on a heavily modified DooM® engine. One of the unusual features of the game was that the player could travel between levels (there were 34 total).

Welcome to the Thief 2 conversion of Strife. This was actually my first attempt at DromEd. However, due to the complexity of the level and my total ignorance of DromEd, it was scrapped. Although I have attempted to re-create the original initial mission, the storyline has been revamped. This will (I hope) become a campaign, where more of the levels are introduced and the story unfolds. This is why you will see areas sealed off for future missions.

To see a YouTube video of the original Strife, go to

To read GameSpot’s original review of Strife, go to;review

Difficulty Settings

On Normal, you have notes strung throughout the mission to help you find your way. Some AI are missing, there is less loot to hunt down, and extra powerups are available.


The blackjack is included in the player’s inventory on Normal. On Hard and Expert, you’ll find it in different places.

It is possible to “complete” the final objective before getting all the loot. However, you won’t be able to end the mission.

Playing Information

Game : Thief 2

Mission Title : Strife

Version : 2

File Name : miss21.mis

Difficulty Settings : Yes (AI, loot, powerups)

Equipment Store : No

Map : Yes

Auto Map : No

New Graphics : Yes

New Sounds : No

Multi-Language Support : English and French

Briefing : Yes

Size : 14.5 Mb

Difficulty Level Info: Normal, Hard, Expert

Quality Control

phil237, gunsmoke, Silent_Warrior, SneakyJack, yondanbrad, thief0, Hotlyx, pavlovscat, nickie, SirFreddieM, Gloria Creep

French Translation

Philippe Marin

Custom Objects

Greenhorn, Vigil, Nameless Voice

Custom Textures

Eshaktaar, Lemog, Majic, Nameless Voice

Custom Skybox

3Delyvisions (

Strife Editor


Copyright © June 2008 by Terry DeLaney

Permission is granted to freely play and distribute this level. Emails were sent to the original makers of Strife, asking for use of their textures and maps. Neither Velocity Development nor Rogue Entertainment responded after several attempts.

This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios or Eidos Interactive.