### Proov ("test" in english) ###

a fan mission for System Shock 2
        by Mihkel Tsäko (aka. Zombe)

This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios, Eidos Interactive or Electronic Arts or whatnot. You may NOT sell, rent or othervise make profit from it. I won't be liable for anything related to this FanMission.

1. Installation
2. How to uninstall
3. Introduction (read before you play it)
4. History of this FM
5. Credits

1. Installation

* If you have SS2MM (System Shock 2 Mod Manager) installed then just double-click on the mod file (if you haven't done that already) and it will be added to SS2MM mods list. You select it in SS2MM mods list (FM Proov 1.0) and click Activate. Done.
* If you don't have SS2MM nor are willing to get it then the following will help:
First you need to make SS2 mod friendly (if you have already done that - proceed to next step):
  1. Create a new folder in your Shock2 base directory called res.
  2. Move all files of type .crf from your Shock2 base directory into your new res folder.
  3. Open up the file install.cfg in your Shock2 base directory. Change the resname_base line to point to your new res folder. (Example: If the line looked like this "resname_base C:\ss2+E:\shock" then the changed line would look like this: "resname_base C:\ss2\res+E:\shock")
Next step: Back up the files earth.mis, shock2.gam, cutscenes/cs3.avi (and probably also some more that could overlap with some other mod).
Now rename fan missions archive from .ss2mod to .rar.
Open the .rar archive (you need winrar for it) and extract the mod folders content into Shock2 base directory.
Now open the cutscenes folder in Shock2 base directory and copy the shuttle3.avi to cs3.avi.

2. How to uninstall
* If you used SS2MM (System Shock 2 Mod Manager) to install this mod then run SS2MM and select this mod (FM Proov 1.0) from the mods list and click DeActivate. Done.
* If you didn't use SS2MM to install this mod then the following will help:
Delete the files earth.mis, shock2.gam, cutscenes/cs3.avi, song/intro.snc in Shock2 base directory.
Restore the backups you made for those files.

3. Introduction (read before you play it)

### Introduction for the situation you will find yourself:
You closed yourself into the little storage room to escape your death as a group of assassins entered the level. The storage room happened to be for food - good place to wait for rescue. A bit cold tho, so you had to sabotage the cooling system - which in turm means that the food here won't be eatable for too long. You should escape this place - and you would if you would have a weapon nearby. The nearest place you know should have lots of weapons is in maintenance sector, but you don't have a key for it. So, you choosed to wait for rescue ... and wait ... and wait ... until you realize that there is noone coming. Time to unlock the door and take your chances outside ...
### Gamma levels: The recommended gamma level for this FM you get when in the games gamma seting slider is positioned so that only one circle of the background image is visible (the inner dark gray circle should be nearly invisible).
### Difficulty levels are implemented as following:
Easy: more ammo than you ever need; most of troublesome enemies removed; everything easy to find;
Normal: lots of ammo; should be easy enough;
Hard: you need to be good or have some foreknowledge; more monsters; less ammo; more hidden objects;
Impossible: definitely not impossible; but you definitely need foreknowledge - don't try this on first run;

4. History of this FM

This was my first effort to do something with dromed. It was never planned to be a REAL level - just a place to familiarize myself with the editor. As a test level - you might quess - i made all mistakes possible while messing with this level: not reloading the level after playtest (hope that all funny and not-so-funny bugs introduced by it are fixed now); badly overlaping sound rooms; having the world 0:0:0 point in middle of a accessible room; deleting the objects that got spawned there (screwed all the textures); ill placing enemies (often totally fatal - hope that it's fixed now); doing "vertically challenging" parts in level that ss2 is not set-up to handle (fixed now); playing with color to understand the idiotic hue/sat thing; trying to use unexpected textures and fix their look-out with colored lights (kind of worked sometimes) ... and so on ... In some point in middle of screwing the test level i thought i make a real level out of it - and tried (read screwed) and tried until the level was a big punch of errors. So i droped it ...
Recently when i looked around in my ss2 folders i found it again and also found that most (but not all) of the mistakes can be fixed and a working level would be possible - and here it is :)

5. Credits

Zombe: <= that's the guy to blame.

G'len: some nice new models (monitors).

Zygptera: QA and some badly needed help with some dromed/level issues.

Remember to salt the fries!