King Abedzen's Tomb

a very small Thief 2 fan mission by Yandros

Version 1.0 - 10/30/2015


A hundred miles east of The City, on the coast atop high cliffs, lies an ancient tomb which is one of the last remaining vestiges of the Ruthymian culture which occupied these lands centuries ago. You have long considered going there to plunder its wealth, but due to its age, have generally assumed that any treasure was likely scavenged ages ago.

Then recently, you came across the writings of a Professor Albrecht Hinatharxus, who died nearly 20 years ago and was The City's most respected expert on the Ruthymians. This passage in the article caught your eye:

It appears to have been the custom to build a second, well-hidden treasure chamber in most tombs used for royalty, and King Abedzen should have been no exception. The chamber entrance was typically opened via a clever mechanism disguised with a puzzle. Upon exploring the tomb some 7 years past, however, I could find no trace of it, although I know it was there, probably still full of Ruthymian artifacts.

Even more curious, upon instructions in his last testament, Hinatharxus himself was buried in the graveyard outside of Abedzen's tomb. Perhaps it's time to pay a visit to the good professor, and the old king...


Testing: Tannar, Nightwalker, Random_Taffer, freddyfox


Textures: Eshaktaar, Vigil and Morrgan, Return To Castle Wolfenstein, T2skies, and the EP2

Objects: Daraan, CoSaS, Vigil, R Soul, NamelessVoice, Saturnine, Targa, and the EP2

Voice of Garrett: SlyFoxx

Ambient Music: Steve Roach - Rapt In Darkness, Below Always, Deadwood

Ambient Sounds: Sounddogs