Title : Gussie’s Dream

File Name : Gussie’s Dream.zip

Author : The Dude (Philip Shepherd)

Contact info : origami_phyllis@yahoo.co.uk

Date of release : February 29th 2004

Version : 1.0



Whilst spending a weekend with Aunt Agatha, Gussie Fink-Nottle has fallen head over

heels in love with the fey Madeline Bassett. However, Bertie Wooster is also staying

with the aging relative and Gussie is highly suspicious of Bertie’s motives since until

very recently Bertie and Madeline were engaged to be married.

The household has now retired to bed but despite Anatole’s best efforts Gussie is

having a bad night and is embroiled in a worrysome dream…


Play Information:

Game : Thief 2: The Metal Age

Level Name : Gussie’s Dream

File name : miss20.mis, Idea.gam

Difficulty Settings : Tinky-Winky, Big Drinky, Bit Stinky

Equipment store : No

Map/Automap : No

New graphics : Yes (Dedx)

New sounds : Yes

New conversations : No

New models : Yes (Dedx)

EAX Support : Yes

Multi language support : Nein/ Non.

Briefing : Do you often suffer short term memory loss?

Objectives : See in-game.



Base : From scratch

Build Time : I have no life. Dromed has sucked it out of me.

Map Size : 8 x 40 x 40 x 40 cubes.


Loading Information:

Runs from Dark Loader. Leave the file ZIPPED - DO NOT UNZIP this file,

but put the whole "Posh Assault Course.zip" file into your Thief 2 mission folder

then in Darkloader setup, point to thisfolder, and the mission should show up

in the Darkloader main screen.


Playing Tips (And Apologies):

Difficulty Level: It is always problematic setting the difficulty level in a mission,

especially as I wanted to make this a challenge. I hope players do not find it too

frustating and persevere. By the time I had an opportunity to beta-test the mission

I was sick to death of it and could not bring myself to make any major changes so

I’m afraid it will remain as it is warts and all. My best advice is to save often!

Apologies to those who find the level frustrating.

Jumps: Some of the jumps in the mission are pretty nasty, but they are all needless

to say possible. Keeping your finger on the forward button seems to sometimes help

Gussie gain purchase. If you keep failing then maybe a new tack is required.

Apologies for this.

Bouncy Ropes: You may encounter “bouncy rope” syndrome during the misssion. I

know Idid (and my keyboard bears the scars). There is no known cure for this, however

keeping your finger on the forward button sometimes seems to help you gain purchase.

Blame Thief for this one.

N.B You can save suspended on a rope arrow but may need to press forward to stay on

it as the level reloads.

Moving Platforms: Moving platforms feature in this level and can be a mite tricky. Ensure

that you are on them before saving or attempting to jump from them. If you do not hear a

satisfying metallic sound when you land on one then I recommend you try again, especially

if you need to jump any distance from it. The best time to jump from a moving platform is in

the split second it changes direction. If you jump while it is moving Gussie has the same

forward momentum that the platform does which usually results in a nasty fall and a painful


I blame Thief for this one too.

Undead: I hate undead (and would never include them without adequate means to dispatch

them in a totally gratuitous fashion – that is a hint).

Objectives: The idiot who designed this level forgot to give the player the ability to move

back and forth between areas. Thus once you have left an area by fulfilling the main

objective there is no way back. To prevent PC’s being hurled out of windows in frustation

I have made the extra objectives on the two harder difficulty setiings optional. I am abject.

Secrets: The secrets in this level might be a little tricky to find. I have tried to place little

clues as to their location in each applicable area. Remember that everything has a purpose.

I am still abject.

End: The mission does end correctly……. Oh yes it does!

Gamma Setting: For best results play this mission in the dark with th gamma set just below

half way.

Picked Pocket Count WTF?: Don’t ask me. Me no understandy either.



Thanks to everyone who helped create the Thief universe and keeps it alive today. You all

had a hand in creating this mission . Thanks especially to Komag for his tutorial (without

which this mission would not exist – so you can blame him!) and for hosting this contest

and to all those who answered my endless qustions on the forums, you know who you are….

Well actually you don’t at the moment do you. D’Oh!


Copyright Information:

This level is ©2004 by The Dude (Philip Shepherd). Anyone who distributes this level without my permission

will be shot. I will hunt you down like a dog.

This level was not made by and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios or Eidos


Roll on Thief 3.