11.17.2011 Revision-Final v1.2 -05/21/2013 -Revisionv1.3 5/28/2013


Title : Cataclysmic Revelations

Filename : Cataclysmic_Rev_FinalV1.3

Author : DarthsLair

Contact info : darthslair@rocketmail.com

Date of release : Nov. 17, 2011

Version Final v1.2 : Original Version with Intro Movie-Revised for update. Revision v1.2 Date:May 21st,2013-Revision v.1.3 May/28/2013


* Play Information *

Game : Thief 2 The Metal Age

Level Names : Cataclysmic Revelations

File names : miss20.mis

Difficulty Settings : Yes. Beginner, Adept, Master

Equipment store : No.

Map/Automap : Yes.

New graphics : Yes.

New sounds : Yes.

New conversations : Yes.

New models : Yes.

EAX Support : No.

Multi language support : No. English

Briefing : Yes.

* Construction *

Base: From Miss11mis The Haunted Cathedral Thief Gold

Build Time: Many bottles of headache medicine, not including gallons of Jack Daniel's.( 1000 hours or 4 months work.) Many fits thrown, when Dromed turns into Dromzilla.

INCLUDED IN THIS ZIP: Walkthrough/Lootlist provided by Ricebug, [gen.osm.and convict.osm for backups] The Gen.osm is current for those who have an outdated one, or one

that is corrupt. Same with the convict.osm. The Convict.osm controls Victory Scripts that enable the objectives to be checked off.

Revision May 21st 2013: Version 1.18 T2, limited this mission for object id's, so New Dark enabled a hefty revision. Prior to the revision, object id space was used to the maximmum in V.1.18 Included in this revision is Well over 1000 objects added including more Ai, some secrets,and a new starting area. Final Revision Difficulty Adjustment. May 28th,2012 Rev1.3 Added some powerups in the other world. Lowered hitpoints on some ai, and added more secrets, and one more area for player. Made playing less tedious on Hard and Expert Levels.


STORY: The World has changed. The Earth and it's People are Crying out for answers. The Keepers usually unseen unless they choose to be seen have placed glyphs throughout

the lands. The Glyphs not unseen by Garrett, steal his curiosity. The Hammerites have increased their activities, and for some unknown reasons have established themselves once

again, in the "The Haunted Cathedral" Now Excorcised, the Hammers have gathered to do "Thy Builders Work" The Cathedral and it's Shrines, hold memory of Saint Yora, Saint Jenel,

Saint Tennor, and Saint Vale. The Victorious Saints who continually fight the evil in the World.

Meteor's and Comet's are frequenting the night skies. The Moon has turned red ,and rumbles of earthquakes stir great fear into the hearts of men. Last night at the

Taffer's Tavern, Fingers the Fingerman spoke a little too loudly, mentioning something about something "suspicious" at the old institution. Garrett's keen sense drives him further,

as he remembered the nightmare that once existed inside those walls. " Hammers moving back into that place?" Garrett sets out to find out why the Hammer's have moved back in,

and intends to discover also what the Keepers are doing, and possibly learn what they know. No time like the present, because there may not be much time left ! And, like always, the

rent must be paid.

Playing Info:Some objectives are optional, as the mission is split into 2 separate worlds. Instead of having to give up because of incomplete objectives, because of it's enormous size, I thought

it best this way. The feeling of lonliness is intentional,without alot of material comfort in Version 1.18, but due to some reports, some players thought it wasn't full enough for exploration. So, with about 100 hours of rework, I believe it is improved for experience and game play.


* Loading Information *

Get the latest version of Darkloader and run it. DO NOT UNZIP THIS FILE!!

May not run with Windows Vista and Garrettloader.

* Copyright Information *

DarthsLair November, 2011 Dec.20,2011 Revised edtion copyright May 21, 2013.

* Special Thanks * To the great beta testers who have made this possible: Nickie, Tannar, bob_doe_nz, PrJames, Gloria Creep,ffox,Pedro(Cardia1),kittykat,Ravenhook

* Special Thanks * To Nickie, and PrJames, and Tannar for editing the readables. Thanks for the beta testing forums: Dussander, Tannar-Shalebridge Cradel Forums.

Special Thanks to model makers: Yandros, Zontik, Raetsel, Hrothgar, Nielsen74, OttoJ55, Eshaktaar, Targa, R Soul, Christine, Nameless Voice, Dark Arrow, Sluggs.

Christine, Redface,LarryG,Cosas,and the team. Von Eins,Althalus,Omer "G'len" Golan,Rob Hicks and J.Knez(Schwaa),Alun Bestor, DarkMax,Bronze Griffin, Metal Dawn,


Special Thanks to:Shadow Sneaker, Sephy, "A. Tolonen- Unguarded Reliquary". "Zil (organ music) fromThe Hammerite Imperium", Dario D.,Ozzy O. (a short clip) Sound Myst,

Eric Brosius , (the angels by Olivier Messiaen,Trinity Church Boston), Digital Nightfall, Taonside, Dussander. All of these great composers made up the Ambient Music.

Special Thanks to: Thiefmissions.com, and Ttlg for their wonderful sites.

Special Thanks to the Voice Actors:SlyFoxx as Garrett. Yandros, Pedro, Don Adams, Edudrekib ,DLW6 don@willadsenfamily.org. MasterThief3, These fine actors are the stars of the show.

Technical Information: Script used: NvScript.osm First version has 3 custom made videos: Introduction, Success, and Death. All .avi movies made with Indeo codec: IV50

Known Issues: Framerate may be low in some areas, but a modern machine should handle it with no problems. Has not been tested on Windows98, or Windows2000.

In part of the second half of the mission the player will have to cycle through the weapons, as some of them cannot be assigned keys or numbers.

This mission is at it's limits, but the pal count is only 151.(Old 1.18) It is equivalent to 2 Original Missions placed in 1 mission file. It is huge ! Have fun, as it was made for fun only !


This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios or

Eidos Interactive. You are free to distribute, but do not change any mission

data for redistribution without my written consent. Enjoy!!! This mission

was intended to be for fun only. The author does not assume any liability

in misuse. Ha! Ha! Enjoy, Taffer!