Author: Vaughan "Sluggs" Cooper

Contact info:

Released: 16th January 2008


After breaking into a stately home, you discover a rather odd smell! Trying to ignore it, you continue to look for glittery things...

Unfortunately, the smell is far too strong, and makes you feel all giddy! About to puke, you try to find a bathroom, only there isn't one! Then it hits you... Without a bathroom, how does everyone keep squeaky clean? Answer: They don't! It's now obvious what that terrible smell is...

It's the occupants!

You run back out to the rear of the lake, to think of a plan...

Loading Information:

Use DarkLoader -

Please note:

Due to the huge amounts of fancy graphical eye candy fancies, this mission will make your PC explode!

Something I've just got to mention:

Until the first objective is complete, the loot cannot be taken.

I spent more time making the custom menus, than building the actual mission!

Dromed sucks!

I'm bored!

If you can't be arsed to carry all those bodies to the lake, find and frob the hidden lever, completing the first objective, you Taffer!

The crates can't be broken, so don't worry about treating them with loving care and attention!

The higher the difficulty, the more occupants need washing!

I'm really, really sorry about those stairs, OK?

I nearly got this playtested, but I couldn't be arsed!


Sluggs: Level design/Graphics

Kazoo music:

John Williams: Jaws theme


You may distribute this FM as you wish, providing all files are intact, and no fee is charged, other than postage and packing.

This level is not supported by any games company!