Saturio Returns Home

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Game: Thief 2 (missions for this game)
Author: Robin G. (missions by this author)
Readme file: Yes
Released: 2001.04.27
Size: 5.1MB (5351911 bytes)
Languages: English
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Average Rating: 9.17

8.5The Circle
10.0The Keep of Metal and Gold
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A capsule review:

A very fun mansion mission, with attached crypts and sewers.

Architecture is very nice indeed. Flow through the mission is superb. I played in expert. Initially while you are in an open area you are quite constrained by guards. So you have to take a roundabout path just to get on the other side of a courtyard. Very nice. Then you have several possible paths you can take at nearly every point in the mission. As you clear the place of guards (if you're doing that), open doors and shut off cameras, the mission opens up significantly and you have nearly free roam of the place. I hate having to search for loot while avoiding guards at the same time.

Puzzles are all of the gameplay form, where you have to figure out how to get up somewhere or how to get around some guards, instead of "find the hidden foobar and figure out how to use it".

Really, just a damn good sneaker mission.

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