Elevator (Japanese)

Vital statistics
Game: Thief Gold (missions for this game)
Author: JIS (missions by this author)
Info: The classic version of Elevator Mission.
Readme file: Yes
Released: 2000.12.25
Size: 5.6MB (5946484 bytes)
Languages: Japanese

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6.0The Keep of Metal and Gold


A capsule review:

This mission is a conundrum. On one hand it's a complete pain in the rear. You can't sneak through most of it (even though you have no choice through a good portion of the level). You have almost no resources. You have to do some very un-Thief-y things and lots and lots of killing. If you miss a hidden button somewhere you'll be stuck for hours. And you can't even finish it on expert (so don't bother trying or you'll waste a pile of time). So why play it at all? Well, it's fun. And it's incredibly challenging. And it's huge. I'm talking six hours of huge. It's the marathon of Thief missions. If you want a challenge, give it a try.

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