Geller's Pride

Vital statistics
Game: Thief 1 (missions for this game)
Author: Jani Saarijärvi (Spitter) (homepage) (missions by this author)
Readme file: Yes
Released: 2001.05.21
Size: 5.8MB (6135608 bytes)
Languages: English
Walkthrough: Yes
Lootlist: Yes
Discussion: Forum (TTLG, Eng) - Forum (, Ger)

Relevant news items
2004.07.19 - Updated. Added a walkthrough for another classic mission courtesy of Ponterbee.
2003.07.23 - Updated. Added a lootlist by Nightwalker.

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Average Rating: 8.75

8.75My Personal Rating


A capsule review:

A very solid Bafford-type mission, with some associated streets and sewers and such.

Everything is constructed with care, although the city streets aren't as detailed as some missions. I would have loved some windows to sneak into and such, but there's at least one place not associated with the central mansion that you can steal from. I'm a big city mission fan, so I'm happy when I get even a little bit of city to play in.

There are other added goodies: some devious puzzles, several good bits of reading, multiple ways to get into the central mansion (including one really nice one that's not seen very often), an interesting alarm system, and a new conversation.

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