3ds2bin is a conversion utility developed by Nameless Voice. It is used to convert .3ds files into .bin files. Customizable user interface (SS2 fans will like that). It's really easy to use, I'm hooked, where was this tool 2 years ago? It could have saved me days or weeks by now, great job man.

Updated to Version 2.7 02-12-05

3ds2bin Skins

This obviously customizes the look of 3ds2bin's interface. Also created by Nameless Voice.

Bright 183

Bright 183 is a texture conversion/compression tool. It uses a DOS prompt to convert 24 bit .BMP files into 8 bit .PCX files. It is the best tool I have found for getting textures to work correctly in Thief. Written by Erik de Neve.

Free the Objects

Contains DOS prompt tools: BintoE, Eto3ds, RTGto3DS. These are very useful for extracting objects and AI's from Thief. By Shadowspawn.

Mesh Fix

Created by Shadowspawn, meshfix converts TI meshes to the T2 format. It also allows illumination on AI meshes, now we can have ghosts with glowing eyes, ect...


Created by Shadowspawn, meshscale is an easy way to change the scale of AI's. Want a giant spider? here you go...

Motion Edit vrs. 2.0.1

Weyoun created this utility to edit the original Thief motions. Currently works on humaniods only.

Motion Database Editor

By Shadowspawn, can be used with Motion Edit to create NEW motions for Thief.

General Motions Database

Database containing all Thief motions.

N3ds2e and BSP

N3ds2e will convert your .3ds file into an .e file.
BSP will convert your .E file into a .BIN file, or in the case of AI's, into .BIN and .CAl files.

Thief_Adobe pallette

256 colors of Thief. Use with Adobe Photoshop.

Carleton font

Thief's native font. Also used on this site.