Has put the Hammer and Mechanists weapons in Garrett's reach. Thanks man.
Dark Arrow

Creator of the two headed Ogre.

Thief needed a Teddy bear, Dhin got it done.

The man that fattened up the gaurds, see if they can catch you on a face full of donuts. Some cool objects, but Eshaktaar's Fan Missions are where he really shines, top notch gameplay.

G'len has got some cool System shock models now available. If your mission needs something futuristic or you mod for SS2, check out his page.

The gardener of the group.
Nameless Voice

Nameless Voice is the founder of the Nameless Tower. Not only does he make some awesome objects, he has some great tutorials for Dromed, Morrowind mods and Dromed utilities. Technical wiz, the only reason the drop down menus work on this site, thanks NV.

Go check out his website here. There are quite a few objects that haven't been uploaded here yet, plus he's got all of Sluggs stuff, I'm behind on that too.


You might've heard of this guy, head honcho at Thief Underground. 3D modeler, all around a taffin' good fellow. If you're looking for Thief FM's or any other Thief media, including forums, swing by The underground and see what's going on.

That's me. I enjoy making Thief Fan Missions, custom objects, and websites. More of my artwork can be found at the Studio of Schwaa. I use 3D Studio Max for modeling and Photoshop for texturing. I'd like to work in the industry some day so if you have a job opening feel free to contact me :)
Currently modelling for CoSaS and finishing up my series Relic.
Outside of my computer hobbies I like to mountain bike, snowboard and work on my BMW. I'm also an amatuer photographer (who isn't).

I'm 47, married, happy as possible. I'm a software engineer, working for a cool company in R.I. I telecommute most of the time.
I live in Vermont, because I can go outside and hike, run, ski, Cross country ski, and snowshoe. I am a gourmet cook (amateur) and enjoy good beer (especially my own homebrews), fine wine, and good single malt scotches.
To my wife's dismay, I spend a lot of my spare time doing Thief related things. (3d models, new tools, and building FMs. I even play Thief sometimes).
For modeling, I use Truespace 5.1. For final skinning I use LithUnwrap and Deep UV.

Shadowspawn's Thief Pages


Quickly becoming the master of Anim8or, sluggs is starting to release quite a few new objs...
Randall Taylor

Baker of pies. If you're hungry... I hear he's got a Fan Mission in the works...
R Soul



Makes lights so he can watch you from the shadows.

Yametha has been busy modelling for CoSaS, unfortunately that stuff is under wraps for now. Some very good stuff though, you will be impressed once Mission X is released.

Vigil's been redoing original Thief objects with better textures and is a very talented texture artist. Check out his site for Objects and texture packs.The Well Equipped Thief

International man of mystery, not much is known about von.Eins. I believe he is german. He is the original custom 3d modeler for Thief.