EVENTS IN HIGHROCK - by Pershin Sergey V. "mad god"



LOOT LIST - by Klatremus (Impossible difficulty)

Type                    Location & notes                                                                Value  Total


Goblet x 2              In house NE in fountain-area. On table. Break glass with rock from fountain and   30g    30g

Fine Wine               enter by shooting a rope arrow in beam. On top of closet.                         50g    80g


Necklace                On display dummy in Tailor's Shop. Pull lever behind counter to reveal.          200g   280g

Purse                                                                                                    100g   380g

Ring                                                                                                     100g   480g


Diamond                 On window ledge east in Downtown-area.                                           100g   580g


Golden Candlestick      In bedroom in house Downtown.                                                     50g   630g

Stack of Copper Coins   In chest.                                                                         25g   655g

Gold Plate              In sink in kitchen.                                                               50g   705g

Torc                    In compartment in billiard room. Use red ball to hit one white ball in each      350g  1055g

Goblet x 2              hole, this will open secret compartment. On table in dining room.                 50g  1105g


Chalice                 On window ledge in small hammer temple.                                           50g  1155g


Stack of Copper Coins   On table in guards' bedroom across river N of small hammer temple. Need to rope   25g  1180g

                        arrow up from narrow ledge. Usually missed!                                      

Necklace                In blue chest.                                                                   200g  1380g


Fine Wine               On shelf in Drunken Goose Pub.                                                    50g  1430g

Purse                   In safe. Key is located under doormat upstairs.                                  100g  1530g


Ring                    In well in North District.                                                       100g  1630g


Goblet                  On top of door overhang NE of Museum-sign in North District.                      25g  1655g



Purse                   On sleeping torturer W of grand temple. (1)                                      100g  1755g

Purse                   On shelf in basement-chamber.                                                    100g  1855g

Ring                                                                                                     100g  1955g

Necklace                                                                                                 200g  2155g


Goblet                  On white balcony S in Temple District.                                            15g  2170g


Stack of Copper Coins   On table upstairs in house SE in Temple                                           25g  2195g

Stack of Silver Coins   District.                                                                         12g  2207g


Ring                    In chest in wealthy appartment SW of Cunny's. Need rope arrow.                   100g  2307g


Golden Vase             On balcony overhanging river SE from small hammer temple. BARELY accessible!!    100g  2407g

Goblet                  Worst pieces of loot to find in the entire mission. Stack 4 crates on roof        25g  2432g

                        directly N from this building and jump onto balcony while hugging the wall.



Valuable Papyrus        In Cunny's shop. Hide behind pillar and wait for thief. When he steals the jar,  100g  2532g

                        Cunny will chase him. Grab everything while he’s gone. Hurry!

Stack of Silver Coins x2                                                                                  24g  2556g

Purse                                                                                                    100g  2656g

Statuette                                                                                                 50g  2706g

Pointed Jar                                                                                               20g  2726g

Large Jar                                                                                                 20g  2746g

Small Jar                                                                                                 40g  2786g


Green Vase              Top of closet in 1st southern bedroom in Grand Temple.                            50g  2836g


Stack of Copper Coins   In chest in 2nd bedroom.                                                           5g  2841g

Ring                    In chest in 2nd northern bedroom.                                                100g  2941g

Golden Hammer           On window ledge in altar-room.                                                    25g  2966g


Silver Nugget           In burricks cave in start of tunnel system.                                       50g  3016g


Silver Nugget           In cave system right after T-junction. On a                                       50g  3066g

                        wall behind two small spiders.


Silver Nugget           In wall above lava river in cave system, between lake and mage’s castle. Jump on  50g  3116g

                        ledge, turn around, then use a rope arrow on grass. Hard to see!                 


Vase                    On cupboard in eastern room in mages castle.                                     100g  3216g

Stack of Silver Coins   In blue chest.                                                                    12g  3228g


Goblet                  On cupboard in western room in mages castle.                                      50g  3278g


Goblet x 2              On table in mage room.                                                            30g  3308g

Golden Candlestick x 2                                                                                   100g  3408g

Fine Wine                                                                                                 50g  3458g

Tiara                   Behind blue tapestry. Cut down tapestry then mantle up.                          125g  3583g



EQUIPMENT LIST - by Klatremus (Impossible difficulty)

Type                      Location & notes


Sword                     Your room. On chair by bed.

Blackjack                 In shelf.

Square-toothed lockpick   On bed.

Triangle-toothed lockpick On table.

Magic Lucky Coins         In secret compartment behind shelf. Pull lever under table to reveal. Use on

                          beggar to to receive horn.


Scroll                    Given when locating Switcher. Gives new objective when read.

Key                       On table in Switcher's house. Used on gate to Switcher-area.


Healing Potion            On patroling guard in Downtown-area. (2)


Key                       In box on top of closet in house Downtown. Break windows then lean in to grab. Used on

Apple                     front door. On table in dining room.


Warehouse Key             On table in upstairs room in warehouse. Break window then lean in to grab. Reach via

                          nearby roof or wagon underneath window.

Flash Bomb x 2            In secret room downstairs. Shoot explosive barrels with fire arrow to reveal.

Fire Arrow x 5                                                         

Mine x 2


Speed Potion              In chest in house N in Downtown-area. Reach via balcony. Need rope arrow.

Key                       On table. Used on front door.


Moss Arrow x 7            Indoor garden room in eastern end of River's End District. Need crate to reach hard-to-see

                          ladder beside ledge. Break glass and jump at an angle to reach room.


Holy Water Vial           Behind altar in small hammer temple.

Holy Water Vial           In chest in hammer bedroom by temple. Break glass in temple or swim canal to reach garden.

Temple key                On top of bookshelf upstairs. Used on grand temple's front doors.


Key                       In guards' bedroom across river N of hammer temple. In pocket of sleeping guard. Unlocks

                   chest in same room. (3)


Key                       Under doormat upstairs in Drunken Goose Pub. Used on safe on 1st floor.


Mysterious Horn           Coughing beggar in North District. Use to obtain horn-objective.


Speed Potion              On patroling guard in North District. (4)


Key                       Under cupboard in torturer's flat. Used on door to torture-chamber in basement.

Papyrus                   In chest in bedroom. Tells about chamber and key.


Moss Arrow x 4            In chest upstairs in house SE in Temple District.


Fire Arrow x 3            In hidden weapon's room in Temple District. Entrance E of small round tower in this area.

Mine x 2

Water Arrow x 5

Broadhead Arrow x 15


Rope Arrow x 7            In shed in NE part of Clock Tower-area.


Healing Potion            On patroling guard by Town Gate. (5)


Loaf                      On table in poor man's house. Achieve entry by helping man from clock tower back to his

Cheese                    his house just south of there.


Water Arrow x 6           Behind crates up ladder from room E of Town Gate.


Warehouse Letter          Behind counter in Cunny's shop. Read to obtain warehouse-objective.


Holy Water Vial           In chest in 1st northern bedroom in Grand Temple.


Scroll x 2                Behind statues in 1st horn-room. Chests in 2nd room appears when read.


Hourglass of Time         In leftmost chest in 2nd horn-room.


Moss Arrow x 2            Among plants beside stone at lake. On the side with the raft.

Pole                      Guarded by green spider by lake. Used to raft across lake.


Apple x 3                 In bowl on table in mage room.



Loot:         3583 out of 3583

Pickpockets:  5 out of 6 (The 6th could possibly be the purse on the tailor's display dummy)



Thanks to Jiansonz, Nightwalker, HannaGertie and 242!


- Klatremus (