Two Fathers Loot List

Note: on Expert level, add 100 to total (Clarence's purse) in fountain courtyard. Expert 6383 Normal and Hard 6283

Thief in abandoned building upstairs-purse on belt-----------------------20 (20)

Toolbox in other abandoned building in mine area silver stack----------12 (32)

Water tunnel in mine near airhole-gold nugget-------------------------100 (132)

Sub-Division area after sinkhole exit

South side(under construction)

Ring in park under slide------------------------------------------------100 (232)

Coins X3 in most easterly construction site under west wing

of the foundation with Wall Builder poem-------------------------------60 (292)

North side of Sub-Division

Benjamin's house

servants quarters-coin on dresser-----------------------------------------5 (297)

kitchen counter wine bottles X2---------------------------------------100 (397)

dining room table gold goblets X10------------------------------------150 (547)

plates X10-------------------------------------50 (597)

wine bottles X2-------------------------------------100 (697)

living room, Regina Scott's purse---------------------------------------100 (797)

west outside yard, Randolph Scott's purse------------------------------100 (897)

Roland Lawford's purse-----------------------------100 (997)

Dr. Jebediah Smith's House

Lower floor-east sitting room: gold vase on coffee table----------------100 (1097)

mask on stand----------------------------50 (1147)

Kitchen: sink goblet (25) and gold plate (50)---------------------------75 (1222)

counter fine wine bottle---------------------------------------50 (1272)

Dining room:decor plate X2 on wall-------------------------------------20 (1292)

fine wine X3 on leaved table------------------------------150 (1442)

purple goblets X4 on leaved table--------------------------60 (1502)

Bathroom: coins on toilet------------------------------------------------80 (1582)

goblet (25) and fine wine (50) on tub----------------------75 (1657)

ring between wall and tub on floor-------------------------100 (1757)

West sitting room:gold vase on coffee table---------------------------100 (1857)

purse behind wall in closet--------------------------100 (1957)

Upstairs bedroom:gold spectacles on bed table-----------------------50 (2007)

Center house (red brick)

Downstairs dining room:decor plates X6 on wall----------------------60 (2067)

Uppermost bedroom: coins on desk-----------------------------------40 (2107)

Upper Mansion

lower cellar locked door at top of long staircase:fine wineX4---------200 (2307)

green wineX4--------20 (2327)

Lower floor west wing:

Captain John's lockbox:purse (400) and coin on desk(20)-----------420 (2747)

Guards quarters:south lockbox silver stack---------------------------12 (2759)

north lockbox copper stack---------------------------5 (2764)

East Wing:

bar and game room:fine wine-----------------------------------------50 (2814)

pool room: on table gold goblets X2---------------------------------50 (2864)

gold ring:look in pool on second step (in water) near the north of the

pool on western side where semi circle starts----------------100 (2964)

Top Floor:East Wing:

east small sitting room:purple goblet X2 on coffee table---------------30 (2994)

same coffee table green wine------------------------------------------5 (2999)

dining room:gold candlesticks X2 on table--------------------------100 (3099)

kitchen pantry:top shelf: spice behind blue vase-----------------------40 (3139)

kitchen: on countertop:sunshine soda (20) and coin (1)--------------21 (3160)

fireplace safe: purse-----------------------------------------100 (3260)

coin--------------------------------------------5 (3265)

two coins--------------------------------------20 (3285)

silver stack X2-------------------------------24 (3309)

copper stack X4-----------------------------20 (3329)

servants quarters: 3 lockboxes each with coin (5)--------------------15 (3344)

West wing:bedroom across from dance hall:tiara on dresser-------200 (3544)

master bedroom: gold candlesticks X2 on night tables-----------100 (3644)

pick up hairbrush and throw it, crouch and look on night table

underneath where the brush was:ring on night table---------------100 (3744)

Collection Room

desk: various sized nuggets X5-----------------------------------250 (3994)

ring---------------------------------------------------------100 (4094)

purse-------------------------------------------------------100 (4194)

little diamonds X7------------------------------------------700 (4894)

south ledge (doorway): mini vases X2----------------------------65 (4959)

gold plates X2--------------------------125 (5084)

north ledge:purple vase------------------------------------------100 (5184)

lost city vase-----------------------------------------20 (5204)

large gems X2---------------------------------------200 (5404)

various coins (9 frobs)--------------------------------140 (5544)

ancient hammer--------------------------------------200 (5744)

jewelled dagger--------------------------------------25 (5769)

bell---------------------------------------------------25 (5794)

east ledge:mask X2---------------------------------------------100 (5894)

tapestry----------------------------------------------150 (6044)

silver stack X2---------------------------------------24 (6068)

gold stack X3-----------------------------------------75 (6143)

west ledge:mask------------------------------------------------80 (6223)

lost city gems X2-----------------------------------30 (6253)

miniature loot statues X2----------------------------30 (6283)

PLUS Clarence's purse on expert---------------------------100 (6383)