LOOT LIST - by Klatremus (Garrett difficulty)

Type                    Location & notes                                                                Value  Total


Purse                   On drunk nobleman at pier. (1)                                                     1g     1g


Purse                   On archer outside main gate. (2)                                                   2g     3g


Goblet                  In garden overlooking docks. By fence.                                             5g     8g


Ring                    On cliffs outside tomb entrance. Need 2 crates to mantle up. Easily missed!      100g   108g


Purse                   On strolling nobleman in Lampfire. (3)                                             3g   111g


Stack of Copper Coins   By sleeping guard in hallway outside flat 2A.                                      2g   113g

Plate                   On dresser in flat 2A.                                                             5g   118g

Ring                    On balcony fence. Very hard to see!                                               20g   138g

Lucky Coins             Next to toilet in house across flat 2A. Exit flat 2A through window.               2g   140g


Lucky Coins             Behind closet at Mercedes'.                                                        5g   145g


Statuette               On sensitive pedestal in Arkhyn's tomb. Put skull on pedestal first!              20g   165g

Mask                    On lich. Frob necklace to open chamber.                                            1g   166g

Valuable Sword          On tomb by lich.                                                                   1g   167g

Statuette                                                                                                  1g   168g

Ring                    In right chest. Enter left archway on your way back.                              50g   218g

Necklace                In Arkhyn's tomb.                                                                150g   368g

Valuable Sword                                                                                           150g   518g

Red Diamond             In skull's left eye. Sneak around or kill with 5 holy water arrows.              225g   743g

Red Diamond             This diamond produces it's own loot count in the inventory, but is counter in    200g   943g

Pointed Jar             the end stats all the same. Anyone??                                              10g   953g

Large Jar                                                                                                 10g   963g

Small Jar                                                                                                 10g   973g

Large Blue Diamond x 2                                                                                    87g  1060g                                                                           

Small Blue Diamond x 3                                                                                    75g  1135g

Purple Diamond x 2                                                                                        50g  1185g

Green Diamond                                                                                             25g  1210g

Stack of Copper Coins x10                                                                                190g  1400g

Silver Nugget          On wall when exiting crypt to Murkbell. Frob small rock in corner to reveal exit.  50g  1450g


Lucky Coin             In prison cell across from where your emerge. Usually missed!                       1g  1451g

Holy Lucky Coins       Behind crate in small attic. Look closely!                                         20g  1471g

Lucky Coins            In box on ledge.                                                                   10g  1481g

Lucky Coins            In chest under torch.                                                               2g  1483g

Silver Nugget          In chest in storage-room.                                                          15g  1498g

Stack of Copper Coins  In safe.                                                                           50g  1548g

Lucky Coins            In chest nearest office in hallway.                                                 2g  1550g


Purse                  On strolling noblewoman in Murkbell. (4)                                            3g  1553g


Lucky Coins            In chest in barn.                                                                   2g  1555g


Golden Nugget          In chest beside flight of stairs in main gate                                      50g  1605g




EQUIPMENT LIST - by Klatremus (Garrett difficulty)

Type                     Location & notes


Water Arrow              Western end of river at beginning.


Silver Key               Inside open window at Loren's flat. Used on entry door.

Valuable Old Tome        In Loren's flat by bed. Includes hints to Arkhyn's Tomb.

Old Book of Tales        Includes tale of Arkhyn's Tomb.

Holy Water Vial          On fireplace.

Fire Arrow               In fireplace.

Loaf                     On table.


Broadhead Arrow x 3      On patroling archer by drawbridge. (5)


A Garden Gate Key        On strolling noble woman at docks. Used to unlock garden gate across from main gate. (6)


Water Arrow x 3          In water outside sewer entrance.


Broadhead Arrow x 3      On archer outside main gate. (7)


Moss Arrow               In garden overlooking docks. Among plants.


Apple                    Outside cottage by cliffs.


Water arrow              On cliffs outside tomb entrance. Need 2 crates to mantle up.


Water Arrow              In bathtub in Mercedes' house.


Scroll                   In alley N of Grendel Ct. Tells about Dr. Benjamin's search for the eyes.


Key                      On guard downstairs in house in alley. (8)

Cheese                   By sleeping guard upstairs.

Healing Potion           On guard in flat 2A. (9)

Apple                    On table.


Broadhead Arrow x 3      On archer in alley between flat 2A and house with toilet. You can spot him from the ledge

                         between the two windows. Jump down on top of him from behind and stay in the shadows, this

                         will not alert him. It’s impossible to get back up, so you’ll have to restore. Must be a             

                         glitch from Purah to forget removing this guy. (10)


Key                      On guard in house across flat 2A. Exit flat 2A through window and travel via ledge. Used on

Invisibility Potion      door by toilet. (11) In attic behind crates.


Fire Arrow               On large rock in entrance to Arkhyn's tomb.

Holy Water Vial          On ground near large boulder.

Water Arrow              Among bones in room with 4 doors.

Healing Potion           On floor behind W door.

Silver Crypt Key         On sensitive pedestal behind N door.

Speed Potion             Behind pedestal.

Healing Potion           Beside lich tomb. Frob necklace to open chamber.

Water Arrow              Behind door after entering right archway.

Gold Crypt Key           In left chest. Enter left archway on your way back.

Healing Potion           In front of Arkhyn's tomb.


Dungeon Keys             Beside sleeping gard in prison. Used on prison doors.

Fort Key                 On chair by stairs. Used on fort doors.

Broadhead Arrow          In chest left of 1st set of stairs.

Broadhead Arrow 3 x 2    On archers upstairs. (12 & 13)

Fort Key                 On archer upstairs (same that has arrows). Used on fort doors. (14)

Key                      In niche behind statue in office. Pull lever on floor to reveal. Used on safe.

Scroll                   On office table. Who's this thief they talk about...?

Scroll                   In safe. Cardinal Alcandor's letter to Barton.


Broadhead Arrow x 3      On patroling archer above main gate. (15)

Gas Arrow                In chest beside flight of stairs.


Key to my Rented Room    Upon arrival at the Old Widow Inn.



Loot:         1605 out of 1605

Pickpockets:  14 out of 15 (Picking the 10th pocket leaves you stuck in the alley, hence making it impossible to 

              finish the mission. One way is to pick it as the last thing in the mission, then press 

              ctrl+shift+alt+end, but this is considered cheating!)

Used:         1 Fire Arrow (to open Arkhyn’s Tomb)

Damage Dealt: None

Damage Taken: None








LOOT LIST - by Klatremus (Garrett difficulty)

Type                    Location & notes                                                                Value  Total



Stack of Copper Coins   In box at fishmonger's.                                                           50g    50g


Silver Nugget           In water outside Black Die between pillars.                                       50g   100g


Large Blue Diamond      At the Gleaming Facet.                                                           150g   250g

Green Diamond x 2                                                                                         30g   280g

Blue Diamond x 3                                                                                          45g   325g

Red Diamond                                                                                               25g   350g

Purple Diamond                                                                                            25g   375g

Small Red Diamond x 2                                                                                    200g   575g

Necklace x 2                                                                                             400g   975g

Tiara                                                                                                    125g  1100g

Ring x 3                                                                                                 300g  1400g

Sceptre                                                                                                  200g  1600g


Purse                   On nobleman on Knife Street. (1)                                                   5g  1605g


Goblet                  On balcony fence by Cloaca Court. Use rope arrow on beam above.                   15g  1620g


Lucky Coins             In shed near Cloaca Court.                                                        20g  1640g


Goblet                  In garden across river from forge. Mantle over wall by fence.                     15g  1655g

Golden Plate                                                                                              50g  1705g


Vase                    On fence on Dr. Provost's balcony. Travel via towers W of windmill.              100g  1805g

Goblet                  On table.                                                                         25g  1830g


Rare Coin               In windmill. Mantle up on beams and climb ladder.                                  5g  1835g


Lucky Coins             On window ledge near Towne Hall Clock. Cross clothesline above water.             20g  1855g


Stack of Copper Coins   In Croft's loft.                                                                   5g  1860g


Bag of Goods x 2        In chest and in shelf at psychic's.                                               80g  1940g


Mask x 2                At Watercrest Museum, downstairs                                                  30g  1970g

Golden Nugget                                                                                             50g  2020g

Large Jar                                                                                                 70g  2090g

Small Red Diamond x 2                                                                                    200g  2290g

Necklace                                                                                                 200g  2490g

Large Jar                                                                                                 20g  2510g

Artifact x 3                                                                                              60g  2570g

Small Jar                                                                                                 20g  2590g

Large Vase                                                                                                20g  2610g

Normal Vase                                                                                               50g  2660g

Small Vase x 3                                                                                            30g  2690g

Picture                 3rd floor.                                                                       100g  2790g

Green diamond x 2       In vault on 4th floor. Use ruby lensed eye to see hidden beams.                   50g  2840g

Purple Diamond                                                                                            25g  2865g

Blue Diamond                                                                                              25g  2890g

Ring                                                                                                      50g  2940g

Necklace                                                                                                  50g  2990g

Goblet                                                                                                    25g  3015g

Jar                                                                                                      500g  3515g

Crown                                                                                                    125g  3640g


Goblet                  On window-ledge on westside of St Trinett's.                                      15g  3655g

Fine Wine                                                                                                 50g  3705g

Goblet                  On window-ledge on eastside.                                                      15g  3720g

Purse                   On patroling guard upstairs at St Trinett's. (2)                                  10g  3730g

Vase                    On table.                                                                        100g  3830g

Golden Candlestick x 2  On table downstairs.                                                              50g  3880g

Golden Candlestick      On pulpit.                                                                        25g  3905g

Goblet                                                                                                    40g  3945g

Stack of Copper Coins   In chest in bedroom.                                                               5g  3950g

Golden Candlestick x 3  On shelf.                                                                        150g  4100g


Purse                   In Vilrath's garden. Shoot an arrow on button to enter.                            5g  4105g


Fine Wine               On window-ledge at Meepwood bridge.                                               50g  4155g


Purse                   On mage upstairs at Falstaff. (3)                                                100g  4255g


Glasses                 On Murkbell Station desk.                                                          5g  4260g


Holy Lucky Coins        In chest in canal near cemetery, under                                           100g  4360g



Lucky Coins             In canal on bottom just SW of bridge between psychic and Hollows Lane. HARD!!      5g  4365g


Lucky Coins             At market on ground in NE corner. Very hard to spot!!                             20g  4385g


Ring                    On wagon outside Murkbell Cemetery.                                               10g  4395g



Purse                   On greater vampire at the east end of Hollows Lane. (4)                          100g  4495g


Vase                    On 2nd floor of museum.                                                          100g  4595g


Purse                   On greater vampire at market. (5)                                                100g  4695g


Golden Nugget           Beside sleeping zombie in St. Trinett’s basement.                                100g  4795g


Statue                  On coffin on ledge overlooking stairs down to Alcandor’s throne-room.             15g  4810g


Lucky Coins             Next to harp in caretaker’s manor.                                                20g  4830g

Vase                    By window upstairs.                                                              100g  4930g

Ring                    Beside cradle.                                                                   100g  5030g


Ring                    By large gravestone in middle of cemetery.                                       100g  5130g




EQUIPMENT LIST - by Klatremus (Garrett difficulty)

Type                      Location & notes



Fire Arrow x 3            In your rented room.

Speed Potion x 2

Flash Bomb x 6

Water Arrow x 7

Invisibility Potion


Moss Arrow x 3

Mine                      In chest.


Moss Arrow                In old shed outside Black Die.


Flash Mine                In chest outside gunnies warehouse. Climb up ladder from water.


Ice-Cold Tuna x 2         At fishmonger's.

Tasty Bone


Broadhead Arrow x 3       On patroling archer near Gweldwyn Court. (6)


Vampyre's Eye             In safe upstairs at the Gleaming Facet. Place on 3 in pentagram at Falstaff.


Broadhead Arrow x 3       On archer at Gallan Bridge. (7)


Moss Arrow                In garden S of Peabody's Forge. Mantle over wall by fence.

Fruit                     In garden across river.


Broadhead Arrow x 3       On archer on bridge between two towers W of windmill. (8)

Broadhead Arrow           In chest in E tower.

Museum Invitation         In Dr. Provost's hand.


Holy Water Vial x 2       In windmill.

Ghoul's Eye               Mantle up on beams and climb ladder. Place on 1 in pentagram at Falstaff.


Smelting Factory Key      On guard outside factory. Used on factory doors. (9)

Smelting Factory Key x 2  On guards inside factory. (10 & 11)


Broadhead Arrow 3 x 2     On patroling archers near Gallan Bridge. One archer is very aware, hard to pick! (12 & 13)


Rope Arrow                In chest in tower above market.


Apple                     On stand at market.


Broadhead Arrow 3 x 2     On patroling archers near museum. (14 & 15)


Moss Arrow                In doorway NW of museum.


Ultraviolet Ruby Lensed   In chest in small shed W of museum. Used in museum vault.

 Eye of True Seeing


Moss Arrow x 5            In chest in Croft's loft.


Holy Water Vial           In chest at psychic's.

Invisibility Potion       In shelf.

Speed Potion

Black Lotus Nectar


Jortul's Mummified Head   At Watercrest Museum, downstairs. Place on J in pentagram at Falstaff.

Water Arrow

Fire Arrow

Holy Water Vial           In small crate.

Museum Vault Key          On patroling guard. Used on vault on 4th floor. (16)


Papyrus                   Letter from Mr. Smelt to Dr. Provost.

Broadhead Arrow x 3       On archer on 4th floor. (17)

The Red Arrow             In vault. Use ruby lensed eye to see hidden beams.

The Baerulian Diamond     On 3rd floor. Turn off alarm on 4th first!


Balcony Key               On patroling guard outside St Trinett's. Used on balcony door. (18)

Canal Gate Key            On desk in library downstairs. Used on canal gate.

Water Arrow               In bathtub downstairs.

Spellbook                 In Alcander's bedroom. Tells about the spell of the Zjilich Amulet. Place on 9 in

                          pentagram at Falstaff.

Balcony Key               Used on balcony door.

Broadhead Arrow x 3       On patroling archer outside after alarm. (19)


Broadhead Arrow x 3       On patroling archer on Cathedral Street. (20)


Water Arrow x 24          In Vilrath's garden. Shoot an arrow through gate on button to enter. In ponds.

Holy Water Vial

Eye of the Lich           Drains life! Place on 5 in pentagram at Falstaff.

Moss Arrow x 2            Behind statue.

Moss Arrow x 3            Among plants.


Broadhead Arrow x 3       On archer at Meepwood bridge. (21)

Apple                     On window-ledge at Meepwood bridge.

Meepwood Bridge Key       On guard. Used on Meepwood bridge. (22)


Healing Potion            On mage at Falstaff. (23)

Speed Potion              In chest.

Kharras Drahg             At Falstaff. Frob torch upstairs to remove gate. Watch out for the eye in the sky!

Complete Zjilich Amulet   Appears in middle of pentagram after reading spellbook. Two wizards also appear!

Jortul’s Mummified Head   Pick up after having reassembled the Zjilich Amulet.


Broadhead Arrow x 3       On archer outside Murkbell Station. (24)

Broadhead Arrow x 3       In chest inside station.

Flash Bomb x 4

Office Key                Used on office door.


Water Arrow               In canal by Meepwood Cemetery, in corner.


Water Arrow               In canal SE of market, in corner.


Water Arrow               In chest in canal near Cathedral St.


Moss Arrow                In stairs in old tower by St Trinett's.


Zjilich Amulet            In chest in grotto between two canal gates, just E of Black Die. Use canal gate key from

                          St. Trinett's library. Place on 7 in pentagram at Falstaff.



Mercedes’ Purse           Your room. After having delivered the Cylix, stand by the foot of the bed and take it as

 Containing a Diary       Mercedes appears from the closet. Read it to get bonus objective. (25)

Meepwood Cemetery Keys    Given from Mercedes.


Lt. Grindle’s Safe Key    In office at Murkbell Station. Used on safe.

Fire Arrow x 3            In safe.


Ice-cold tuna             On zombie at fishmonger’s.


A Dead Cat                On zombie near Gallan Bridge. (26)


Holy Water Vial           From Grenadine after given dead cat.


Cathedral Basement Key    Under desk at library at St. Trinett’s.


Fire Arrow                In entrance to room upstairs at caretaker’s manor.



Loot:         5130 out of 5130 (The last 100 is embedded in the wall of the museum vault and is inaccessible)

Pickpockets:  26 out of 26

Used:         1 Broadhead Arrow (to open Vilrath’s Garden gate) & 1 Water Arrow (to open gate at Murkbell Station)

Damage Dealt: None

Damage Taken: None





Calendra’s Legacy - by Purah



LOOT LIST - by Klatremus (Garrett difficulty)

Type                      Location & notes                                                               Value  Total


Purse                     On thief at start. (1)                                                           15g    15g

Purse                     (2)                                                                               5g    20g


Valuable Sword            In pawnshop, downstairs. Need skeleton key or pawnshop key to enter.             75g    95g

Valuable Plate x 2                                                                                         20g   115g

Golden Candlestick                                                                                         50g   165g

Goblet x 4                                                                                                 60g   225g

Hammer                                                                                                     10g   235g

Small Hammer                                                                                                5g   240g

Necklace                                                                                                   50g   290g

Ring                                                                                                       50g   340g

Silver Nugget                                                                                              50g   390g

Stack of Copper Coins     Behind counter.                                                                  25g   415g

Vase                      In niche in stairs.                                                             100g   515g

Jar                       On 2nd floor.                                                                    50g   565g

Lucky Coins                                                                                                20g   585g

Statue                                                                                                     15g   600g

Golden Candlestick                                                                                         50g   650g

Purse                     In secret cache under bed. Pull lever on door frame in closet to reveal.         66g   716g

Golden Candlestick        In attic.                                                                        50g   766g

Lucky Coins               In chest on ledge.                                                               20g   786g


Fine Wine                 Beside campfire by two thieves on plateau S from pawnshop.                       50g   836g


Hammer                    On patroling hammer mage outside Hammer Seminary. (3)                            15g   851g


Stack of Copper Coins     On 2nd floor in warehouse W of Hammer Seminary.                                   5g   856g

Lucky Coins               On beam above top floor. Under moss arrow. Use rope arrow to get up.             20g   876g


Hammer                    On hammer guarding Hammer Seminary. (4)                                          15g   891g

Hammer x 2                Above door.                                                                     102g   993g


Valuable Dagger           On thief E of Hammer Seminary. Picks guard’s pocket, then runs west. (5)        100g  1093g


Ring                      In chest at Gaston the Red’s.                                                   100g  1193g

Stack of Silver Coins                                                                                      12g  1205g

Stack of Copper Coins                                                                                      25g  1230g

Necklace                                                                                                  125g  1355g

Stack of Copper Coins                                                                                       5g  1360g

Red Diamond                                                                                               100g  1460g

Pair of Dice              On table.                                                                        50g  1510g

Bag of Goods                                                                                               40g  1550g

Statue                                                                                                     15g  1565g

Vase                                                                                                      100g  1665g

Valuable Dagger                                                                                            25g  1690g

Fine Wine x 2                                                                                             100g  1790g

Lucky Coins x 3                                                                                            60g  1850g

Goblet x 3                                                                                                 75g  1925g

Stack of Copper Coins x 2                                                                                  10g  1935g

Stack of Copper Coins                                                                                      25g  1960g

Stack of Silver Coins x 2                                                                                  24g  1984g

Valuable Rug              On crate.                                                                       150g  2134g

Golden Candlestick        In bedroom.                                                                      50g  2184g

Purse                     Behind grate behind bed.                                                        200g  2384g

Ruby Crystal Vase         In safe. Spy on Gaston to retrieve combination.                                1300g  3684g

Golden Nugget             In safe in hallway.                                                             200g  3884g

Lucky Coins               Behind barrel beside archer. Very tough to spot!!                                20g  3904g


Statue                    In warehouse in central northern part of the map. Reach via nearby roofs.        75g  3979g

Lucky Coins               On floor between ‘Site O’ and golden plaque. Very hard to spot!!                 20g  3999g


Valuable Dagger           On Hannibal in Grindle & Boggs basement. (6)                                      2g  4001g

Valuable Dagger           On guard outside portal in Keeper’s Complex. (7)                                  2g  4003g

Valuable Dagger x 4       On patroling guards further below. (8, 9, 10 & 11)                                8g  4011g

Goblet                    On table.                                                                        15g  4026g

Valuable Sword            On guard in dining-room. (12)                                                     5g  4031g

Golden Plate x 3          Above fireplace.                                                                150g  4181g

Valuable Dagger           On guard above library. (13)                                                      2g  4183g

Goblet                    In library.                                                                      15g  4198g

Fine Wine                                                                                                  50g  4248g

Valuable Dagger x 2       On guards in living-room. (14 & 15)                                               4g  4252g

Fine Wine                                                                                                  50g  4302g

Vase x 2                                                                                                  200g  4502g

Goblet x 2                                                                                                 30g  4532g

Statue                                                                                                     15g  4547g

Vase x 2                  On ledge.                                                                       200g  4747g

Purse                     In chest in secret room overlooking library. Frob book in living-room to       1000g  5747g


Valuable Dagger x 2       On guards in secret hallway overlooking study-room. (16 & 17)                     4g  5751g

Golden Candlestick x 2    In study-room.                                                                  100g  5851g

Blue Vase x 2             On entrance pillars.                                                            100g  5951g

Fine Wine x 2                                                                                             100g  6051g

Goblet x 2                                                                                                 30g  6081g

Valuable Dagger           On guard outside south grotto gate. (18)                                          2g  6083g

Mask                      On wall in south grotto.                                                         50g  6133g

Silver Nugget x 2         In chasm among skeleton.                                                        100g  6233g

Mask                      On top of W entrance.                                                           100g  6333g

Red Diamons x 2           Above face on pillar in demon-cave.                                             150g  6483g

Golden Candlestick        On table.                                                                        50g  6533g

Necklace                  In chest.                                                                       125g  6658g



EQUIPMENT LIST - by Klatremus (Garrett difficulty)

Type                      Location & notes


Broadhead Arrow x 3       On thief archer at start. (19)

Healing Potion x 2        On hammers at start. (20 & 21)


Flare                     In pawnshop, downstairs.

Speed Potion

Water Arrow

Gas Mine

Flash Bomb

Note from Keeper Orland   On 2nd floor. Tells about the Zjilich amulet now being “safe”.

Gas Arrow x 2             In secret cache under bed. Pull lever inside closet on top of door frame to reveal.

Scouting Orb

Invisibility Potion

Healing Potion

Pawnshop Key              In attic. Can be reached from outside with a rope arrow on beam above window.


Speed Potion              On thief by campfire on plateau S of pawnshop. (22)


Warehouseman Key          On hammer on 2nd floor in warehouse W of Hammer Seminary. Used in this warehouse. (23)

Moss Arrow                On beam above top floor. Use rope arrow to get up.


Gas Arrow                 On ledge on builing N of Hammer Seminary. Reach via roof E of pawnshop or ledge of  

                          warehouse W of hammer Seminary.


Strange Piece of Paper    Near the bridge. Flying scroll that eventually falls to the ground. Tells about fortune

                          of Baron de Zabrus.


Broadhead Arrow 3 x 2     On thief archers patroling outside De Zabrus Textiles. (24 & 25)

Broadhead Arrow 3 x 2     On thief archers inside. (26 & 27)

Broadhead Arrow x 3       In chest.

Deer Leg x 2              On table.

Loaf x 4

Cheese x 2

Apple x 6

Misplaced Key             Used on chest in Gaston’s bedroom.

Gaston the Red’s Diary    In chest in bedroom.

Water Arrow x 2           In armory.

Flash Bomb x 2

Holy Water Vial


Fire Arrow x 2

Moss Arrow x 2

Broadhead Arrow x 10


Unsettling Prayer         On hammer guarding Builder’s Chapel. (28)


Fire Arrow                In warehouse in central northern part of the map. Reach via nearby roofs.

Fire Arrow x 100          Ultimate Easter Egg! Hint: Unlock Site 0.


Water Arrow               In pool at Grindle & Boggs.

Boggs Factory Key         On Hannibal in basement. Used on courtyard door at keeper’s. (29)

Water Arrow               In water behind Hannibal.

South Grotto Gate Key     On interpreter in Keeper’s Complex. Used on gate outside south grotto. (30)

Water Arrow x 2           In sinks in kitchen.

Loaf x 2                  On table.

Deer Leg x 3

Cheese x 4

Apple x 5

Carrot x 5

Cucumber x 4

Loren’s Statue Key        On keeper Loren in living-room. Used on lock behind statue in pawnshop. (31)



Invisibility Potion       In chest in secret room overlooking library. Frob book in living-room to reveal.

Black Lotus Nectar

Gas Arrow

Fire Arrow                Between sofa and large crate.

The Night Jewel           In tower in library. Mantle up from fence. Makes you invisible for 30 seconds. Recharges.

South Grotto Key          Used on gate outside south grotto.

Scroll                    In study-room. Tells about Orland’s wish to increase vigilance.

Papyrus                   Tells about pawnshop profit and near-accident.

Gas Arrow                 In small room overlooking study-room.

Water Arrow x 4           In icy pool in courtyard.

Scroll                    On icy ledge. Baron de Zabrus’ will. Doesn’t appear every time, for unknown reasons.

Holy Water Vial x 10      On table in demon-cave.

Fire Arrow x 9            In pillar.



Loot:         6658 out of 6658

Pickpockets:  31 out of 34 (One is on Mercedes, but unobtainable. The last two pockets I haven’t a clue where is.

              Please e-mail me if you know of these.)

Used:         1 Water Arrow (to douse the fire in living-room at the keeper’s)

Damage Dealt: 30 (to backstab Gaston the Red)

Damage Taken: None




Thanks to Old Man, Anarchic Fox, Nightwalker, Element_5 and of course Purah!


- Klatremus (