A Thief Nonetheless - Loot List (secrets included)


NE Gate Guard's Purse 60 (60)

NW Gate Guard's Purse 100 (160)


Coat Room

-money box 43 (203)

-coin on floor behind chair 5 (208)

(if playing on expert level, find upstairs

key in slot under countertop)


Top of toilet

-coin (2X5) 10 (218)

-coins (2X20) 40 (258)

-forb switch behind left edge of

toilet (SECRET!) to move display case

-purse under case 100 (358)

Upstairs Area

Figalily's bedroom

-copper coin stack on top of armoire 5 (363)

-vase on plant stand 100 (463)

-silver coin stack in hope chest 12 (475)

Bed tables

-glasses 50 (525)

-goblet 15 (540)

-fine wine 50 (590)

-frob switch behind bottom right edge

of dresser (SECRET!) to open painting

Behind Painting

-tiara 125 (715)

-safe key

-large diamond (3X100) 300 (1015)

-necklace 500 (1515)

Room just outside of Figalily's Bedroom

-frob switch behind top left edge of short

armoire (SECRET!)..enter behind armoire

-use key on right safe Amphora of Marat

-pick left safe for a purse 600 (2115)

West Room at top of Staircase

-frob switch behind top right edge of

short armoire (SECRET!), proceed down

tunnel and frob switch(es).

-grab rope arrow on floor leaning against

right edge of control panel

Back Downstairs

North Entrance look up and rope arrow

tiny beam

-East footlocker contains statue 60 (2175)

-West footlocker contains statue 60 (2235)

South Entrance (gallery proper)

-painting (4X20) 80 (2315)

-statue (3X100) 300 (2615)

In wall cabinet Statue of Cartusianus

That's everything!