Inverted Manse, The (v1.1)

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Game: Thief 2 (missions for this game)
Author: David Riegel (Sledge) (missions by this author)
Readme file: Yes
Released: 2001.04.22
Size: 20.8MB (21880685 bytes)
Languages: English
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11The Circle
9The Keep of Metal and Gold
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A capsule review:

OK, this is just a great mission. You really should play it. Why? Well, the design is first rate. The architecture is beautiful. Everything has been lovingly crafted. Nice little details have been tossed in everywhere, like beautiful distant buildings and a city down a mountainside (with inhabitants) that you can't even get to, just there for something to look at. Textures are beautiful. Lighting is beautiful.

Oh, the gameplay? Well, you get three missions in one. Each level has different goals, a different starting place, and a different set of available areas. I found it good enough to play three times, which is something I rarely do with such a huge backlog of missions to play.

You get a great briefing and little inserted scenes throughout the mission where ghostly figures show you bits of just what went on. Sure, it gets a little old after the third time (unless you really like playing missions repeatedly, I guess) but I can say that the experience was rewarding each time.

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