Tears of Blood

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Game: Thief 1 (missions for this game)
Author: Sperry (missions by this author)
Readme file: Yes
Released: 2000.07.20
Size: 6.3MB (6618530 bytes)
Languages: English
Lootlist: Yes
Discussion: Forum (TTLG, Eng)

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2009.04.10 - Updated. Added a lootlist by Anders "jiansonz" Johansson.

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A capsule review:

I have to admit I'm a sucker for Jailbreak-type missions. You start with nothing and gradually acquire the tools you need to make it out.

This one does it right. You start in a dark, depressing cell and you work your way upwards to sunlight. Since you start with nothing, you have to sneak through some tight situations. Eventually you get enough stuff to come back and knock some heads. There's plenty of good exploring to be had as well. Recommended.

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